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How to Make Money on Facebook in 2024?

Are you willing to kick-start your profit-making journey on Facebook? Get more earnings from this thriving and most-liked social media platform for your business! Then you can finish your research on money-making here! 

It’s getting difficult to earn profit from Facebook due to its large size; it’s challenging to stay on top! 

This blog post will quench your money-making thirst on how to make money on Facebook. Here, the 8 major strategies to promote and monetarily guide your Facebook account are presented in this blog post. 

Have you ever witnessed a drastic transformation in Facebook monetization in recent days? The recent survey of Business of Apps shows an increased annual revenue of 15.6% in 2023. The reports also showed a 28% increase in ad impressions by audiences. 

Know the 8 successful strategies to make money on Facebook in 2024!

How to Make Money on Facebook: 8 Effective Strategies

How to Make Money on Facebook

Are you looking for ways or strategies on how to make money on Facebook? This blog post is your ultimate guide! You should follow some specific ways to generate a considerable amount of profit from your Facebook account. 

This blog post will guide you on how collaboration with brands, engaging video creation with in-stream ads, selling products on Facebook Marketplace, content monetization, Joining the Facebook page, adding a paid subscription to the Facebook Page, and others help you to earn money! 

Have you heard of the term’ work hard, make money?’! But in today’s digital world, working smartly on Facebook can get you more money! You have to strictly follow some strategies, Facebook guidelines, and rules to get the answer to your query on ‘How to make money on Facebook?’. 

Let’s go through this blog post and find your answers now!

Table of Contents

Strategy 1: Start collaborating with brands

Facebook Brand Collabration

This is the best and top-picked strategy for social media users on their mostly asked questions on how to make money on Facebook and get profit through brand collaboration. Sprout Coffee Co. collaborated with Dave’s Donut to attract followers to the fresh and alluring content of both brands. 

This paid collaboration on Facebook enables these two brands to collaborate on engaging content that matches the demands of both their niche audiences, and viewers could click on every piece of content to get more necessary information about the brands.

Step 1: Establish a strong Facebook profile

Firstly, you have to make a Facebook profile or creator account with highly optimized and engaging content, a clear Facebook bio, and professional images reflecting the demographics of your audiences as well as your own expertise. 

Step 2: Recognize popular and relevant brands

Then, you have to search for brands that best suit your niche audience. You must seek businesses or brands that have a successful history of influencer collaborations and robust social media ad campaigns running. 

Step 3: Design catchy proposals

You must plan and design catchy proposals to attract the big and popular brands to get sponsored partnerships. This proposal should convey your value proposition, future collaboration planning, and concepts, as well as potential audience reach. Reflect on your USPs and how the brands can get additional bonuses or profit from just collaborating with you!

Step 4: Negotiate with Facebook contracts and terms

In the end, you must negotiate with your brand partner via email or direct messenger. You must convey your expectations from your brand partners, such as deliverables, duration, compensations, and terms.

You must be open to fulfilling the demands of the brand while following the Branded Content Policy by Facebook. You have to follow the freshly made Branded content policy by Facebook. 

This is the best Facebook Page Monetization process with engaging and loyal audiences that post informative and relevant content that a large number of brands find less risky. 

Strategy 2: Creating engaging videos with in-stream ads

videos with in stream ads

You can consider this as another effective strategy for Facebook users to resolve their doubts about how to make money on Facebook and get monetary benefits by creating in-stream ads with videos. 

In-stream ads grab the attention of viewers and are a top pick for Facebook creators as well as brands with a large base of followers. 

You must follow the guidelines and Facebook eligibility criteria to run in-stream ads, such as a minimum one-minute video, and being an Influencer or creator, your follower page count must cross 10,000. 

If you are a startup brand and want to run in-stream ads, follow these criteria or guidelines to make money on Facebook!

Step 1: Create top-quality video content 

You must design and develop high-quality and relevant videos that match your potential viewer’s demands and interests. You should be more focused on the content that is the latest and trending to your targeted audience to boost their engagement and make more money on Facebook.

You must make sure that your videos are going to convey the message about your brand!

Step 2: Enable Streaming Ad-Monetization

You can now register for the Facebook Ad-monetization program and allow in-stream ads on your informative and relevant Facebook videos. You must guarantee that your video content follows the quality criteria and ad policies of Facebook for ad placement!

Step 3: Video performance optimization

You must make your videos short and crisp which can easily grab the attention of your potential audiences. The videos must be 1 to 3 minutes in length. You must explore and plan the various ad formats like product reviews, detailed tutorials, and entertaining factors or engage the audience. 

Step 4: Video promoting and monetization

Finally, you have to share your catchy videos on various social media platforms, including Facebook, to boost your online presence and grab the attention of potential viewers. Encourage and inspire your audience to comment, like, and share your videos to increase the rate of engagement along with boosting ad revenue.

You must track the ad performance continuously by modifying ad targeting and content strategies to boost the opportunities for Video Monetization on Facebook.

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Strategy 3: Run paid events & workshops online

paid online events payment flow 2

You can also run paid workshops and events on social media platforms to earn profit from Facebook. If you are interested in engaging with your followers, you can run paid workshops and live events that your target audiences experience from the conform of their homes.

Jasper’s Market hosts a live event, “Jasper’s Cooking Class,” to reach new and interested followers by joining various social media events and workshops. It has boosted the rate of engagement among audiences who reside in different locations and can experience this live workshop from their home.

Step 1: Plan and design attractive events

Firstly, you must look for niche or relevant content that matches your targeted viewers and design captivating events and workshops around the topic. Plan and craft engaging and catchy actions and content to add importance to the experience of your audience.

Step 2: Setting up Facebook events 

You can then set up paid Facebook events to promote your online workshops as well as events. You can now add the latest details like time schedule, bio, date, event setup, enrolling information, and description to grab the attention of your target attendees of events.

Step 3: Registration management and ticket selling

You can use Facebook’s event management tools to run event joining procedures and sell event tickets via the social media platform directly. You can also offer special and exclusive discounts and coupon codes to grab the attention of audiences. 

This will eventually boost the number of attendees and registration rates of events. This will solve the most frequently asked query on how to make money on Facebook thoroughly!

Step 4: Hosting profitable and alluring events

You can finally offer top-quality and engaging content at the time of your digital event and workshop, which enhances the expectations of workshop attendees. You must inspire the participants as well as their engagement to promote the idea of a community on Facebook.

You can also take advantage of the upselling chances while you are in the live event to maximize profit like delivering bonus resources or merch matched to the event topic. 

Strategy 4: Sell products or services on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace

You can also use the successful strategy of selling services and products on Facebook Marketplace to make money on Facebook. You can sell a huge range of products or services on Facebook Marketplace by relying on your location. 

You can use this social media platform to earn profit very easily without meeting any specific guidelines to be eligible as a seller. 

Step 1: Setting up a seller account on Facebook

You can first set up a Facebook seller account to add this to the Marketplace feature. Add images and informative details of your services and products to grab the attention of targeted niche or buyers.

Step 2: Item listing

After this, you must go to the “create new listing” page and then follow some simple steps to do item listing. You can now enable the feature of ‘sell something’ on Facebook Marketplace to make item listings for your services and products. 

Add relevant and target keywords to your as well as price to make the listing easily accessible.

Step 3: Transaction and inquiries management 

Now, you must respond accurately to queries from potential buyers and offer extra information if needed. You must negotiate the prices with the potential buyer and then finalize the ultimate transaction safely via Facebook Marketplace.

Step 4: Listing promotion 

Now you have to share and promote your Facebook Marketplace listing on your own Facebook page, in various Facebook groups or you can also promote on different social media channels to boost online visibility. 

You can increase the power of listing with Facebook’s paid advertising for a huge amount of audience reach.

Step 5: Offer exclusive customer support

You must guarantee the immediate delivery of solutions or address any problems from purchasing safely to form trust and inspire repeat business.

Strategy 5: Content Monetization

Content Monetization

Content monetization is another effective way through which you can make money on Facebook. 

You must follow some vital steps to earn profit by using these content monetization techniques on Facebook.

Step 1: Form a loyal follower base

You first develop various engaging and informative content that suits the demands and preferences of the audience. Stability is the vital key to grab and keep the attention of audiences on Facebook. 

Step 2: Discover various Facebook monetization options

You must continue your search on the features of Facebook Monetization like fan subscriptions, ad breaks, and brand collaborations.

Later, you must decide which feature of monetization is best for your niche audience and content.

Step 3: Follow and meet the eligibility criteria 

You must follow the eligibility criteria for Facebook content monetization which involve engagement rate, follower as well as viewer count, strictly following Facebook community regulations.

Step 4: Enable the features of monetization

You must enable features like ad breaks on videos, set up fan subscriptions for engaging content, and seek various opportunities for brand collaborations or sponsored posts. 

You can now track your profit and modify content strategy accordingly to boost the chances of monetization.

Strategy 6: Create or Join Facebook groups

Create FB group

You can also create or join various Facebook groups to make money on Facebook. You can add lots of creative posts related to businesses on Facebook groups and attract niche audiences to make money from this social media platform. 

Step 1: Niche identification

Firstly, you have to decide the content theme or topic for your group depending on the tastes, choices, and interests of your niche audience. 

Step 2: Group creation 

Now, you have to create a Facebook Group with an appealing bio, description, or name. You must invite more people, such as followers, friends, or shared contacts, to join your Facebook group. You must inspire them to invite more people to this Facebook group and start their money-making journey through this!

Step 3: Offer value or USPs

You must post various relatable content and resources to your Facebook group and try to engage the group members. You must maintain a sense of community and harmony within this Facebook group through this community engagement. 

You must keep your group active by making your niche audience engaged and highly engrossed in the group. 

Step 4: Group Monetization

You must know all the options for Facebook monetization like affiliate marketing, selling digital products, and other services relevant to your group niche. 

You must be transparent and honest about the shareable content. You must avoid any spammy work and take action against the members who do spammy work with limitless promotional content!

Strategy 7: Join affiliate marketing & promote affiliate products

Facebook Scheduling

Nowadays users of Facebook are offered the opportunity to make money by joining affiliate programs or promoting affiliate products. 

Are you looking to earn some extra amount of money through using this specific social media platform? This is one of the most amazing in which people can earn money from the comfort of their homes!

Step 1: Identify and pick your target niche

Firstly, you choose a particular niche with your Facebook audience and your interests and preferences. You can choose from trending topics such as fitness, food blogging, cooking, baking, fashion, and technology. 

Step 2: Join an affiliate partnership or program

Next, you must sign up for a reputable and popular affiliate network related to your selected niche. Keep your search going and choose affiliate partnerships with premium quality services or products, high rates of commissions, and valid systems of performance as well as profit monitoring.

Step 3: Promoting affiliate products

You must guarantee to create catchy and appealing content on your page or profile that reflects the additional perks of the affiliate products. You must consider using impressive content, visuals as well as personal suggestions to inspire the rate of conversions and profitable clicks.

Step 4: Strategically share the affiliate links 

Add and share your affiliate links to your Facebook videos, captions, and posts naturally. You must avoid an excessive promotional approach to your niche audience.

You can monitor the performance of your affiliate links and modify your money-making strategy accordingly. 

Strategy 8: Adding paid subscription to Facebook Page

Facebook Subscription Groups

Are you willing to generate a persistent revenue stream monthly via fan subscriptions? Want to inspire loyal followers to pay a monthly subscription fee to your Facebook page? This Facebook paid subscription option is the perfect choice for you on how to make money on Facebook!

This popular strategy is used by brands or creators that have large and loyal followers to monetize their Facebook page. 

You can find more features like the availability of fan subscriptions depending on invitation. Also, fan subscriptions will unlock once they reach 10K+ followers or 250 return viewers or they have already crossed 180,000 minutes. 

Step 1: Content assessment

Will your content be capable of making your niche audience pay monthly subscription fees? 

At first, you must decide whether your Facebook page delivers informative and engaging content according to your niche audience or not! Check your niche audience and the USP of your deliverables thoroughly.

Step 2: Subscription activation

If you are eligible to activate your paid subscriber feature on your Facebook page, you are good to go! 

Go directly to your ‘monetization’ tab on your Facebook page and strictly adhere to the necessary prompts to set up the pricing and tiers of subscription.

Step 3: Designing creative and relevant content

Plan and design creative as well as relevant content that your paid subscribers can get in return for their subscription value! This might add easy access to BTS videos, social coupons, and deals, exclusive in-streams and live streams, as well as customized chats.

Step 4: Subscription promotion

You can now promote your Facebook page’s paid subscriptions via Facebook ads, other social media platforms, or organic posts. You must reflect upon the additional perks of paid subscriptions and inspire followers to join and access your exclusive content.

If you turn around, you can find a diverse range of ways to make money on Facebook! The most vital thing is to start early, do actions in small amounts, and boost your money-making journey gradually. You must try these above-mentioned 8 tactics to accelerate your money-making journey on Facebook for the best results!

How to Make Money on Facebook FAQs

  1. Can I make money on Facebook?
  2. Yes, of course! You can earn money on Facebook via various processes such as sponsored and paid ads, joining an affiliate marketing partnership or program, selling products via joining or creating a Facebook group, and more.
  3. Is it easy to make money on Facebook?
  4. Yes, in today’s booming digital world, it is very easy to earn money on Facebook. If you have deliverables like engaging and relevant content to attract the attention of your niche audience to invest their money through paid subscriptions or buy things through clicking affiliate links, then it’s quite easier for you. This requires a huge amount of consistency and effort. 
  5. How much can I get paid for 1000 views on Facebook?
  6. Facebook pays approximately $0.01 to $0.02 for 1000 views and this varies depending on various factors like ad rates, demographics of audiences, and many other factors.
  7. How many followers do I need to have to earn money on Facebook?
  8. You must have crossed 10,000+ followers on Facebook to make money on Facebook to adhere to the regulations of Facebook monetization.
  9. Can I get paid for reels on Facebook?
  10. Yes, you can get paid for Facebook reels. You can make money up to $35,000 monthly for the successful Facebook reels. If you have more than 1000 views in 30 days as a content creator, you can get this type of additional profitable benefit from Facebook.
  11. Can I get paid for likes on Facebook?
  12. Yes, likes can also be paid on Facebook if people like your content after they see your ad within 28 days of ad clicking and publishing. 
  13. Which social media channels pay the highest?
  14. Facebook comes after social media channels like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitter when it comes to paying creators the highest value or money for their engaging and relevant content.
  15. How will I monetize Facebook groups and events?
  16. You can monetize Facebook events and groups by delivering engaging and sponsored content, brand collaboration, and paid sponsorship fees within groups.
  17. What are the most successful and popular ways to earn money on Facebook?
  18. Some of the most successful and popular ways to make money on Facebook include collaboration with brands, creating engaging videos with in-stream ads, running paid events & workshops online, selling products or services on Facebook Marketplace, monetizing content, creating or joining Facebook groups, joining an affiliate marketing & promote affiliate products, adding a paid subscription to Facebook Page, and more!
  19. What are the eligibility criteria for Facebook Monetization?
  20. You must follow 3 major eligibility criteria for making money on Facebook, and those are: 
  • Collaborate with Facebook Monetization policy
  • Facebook community standards
  • Content Monetization policy


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