Privacy Policy

The statement of privacy of  W3webschool (the “Training Institute & Company”) reveals the privacy practices/privacy policy of the website situated at, IT related services and training, and any other services offered by W3webschool.

This privacy policy of W3webschool describes how we gather, utilize, manage as well as protect any information that all our website users give us while utilizing our website. We are dedicated and highly committed to ensure our users that their privacy is safe and secured with us. Whether you become our students or clients and correspond with us by way of e-mail or subscribe our newsletter, then we will keep safe our users personal details of your organization and/or themselves.

Though, often we ask our users to provides some important information, so that we can identify them when they use our website(s). We assure our users that their information are kept secure and safe in accordance with the privacy statement. In some cases, we W3webschool may have to alter or change the privacy policy sometimes by changing the details of this page.

Individual Information W3webschool Collect

  • Individual information we collect or gather are given below:
  • Individual name and/or contact details, often email address for providing services
  • Often asked for personal information and other information that is/are relevant to the services or training.

We may gather non-personal information:

The non-personal information we collect from our users are given below, but are not limited to:

  • Name of the browser
  • Name of the operating system
  • Name of the ISP (Internet Service Provider) Or,
  • Some other important information for providing better services

Use of Cookies

W3 Web School’s website may use “web browser cookies” to improve as well as rearrange better user experiences. Website visitor’s web browser may stock cookies on their local computer for keeping and tracking the important browsing records, necessary data or information. Visitors or users of website of W3 Web School may or may not be set their web browsers not to stock web browser cookies or even they can also set alerts in the time cookies are being stocked and whether it is done, some of the website features or functionalities may or may not work smoothly.

What We (W3 Web School) Do With the Data

We W3 Web School only collect data or information from your side to learn our exact users’ requirements and to provide them better or best services. Apart from that, there are also other reasons for which we gather data or information for the purpose better security and keep the internal records in a proper way.

Way to Manage Your Personal Details

Users can manage or restrict their use or collection of personal data or information in the ways described here:

  1. Users can click on the link ‘Unsubscribe’ at the bottom of the email. They can also click the button from the mailing lists.
  2. If you have agreed to us to using your personal data, information or details for the sake of direct marketing, you can easily unregistered or unsubscribe email us at  whenever you change your mind.
  3. We W3 Web School never ever exchange, distribute, alter, rent, lease, trade or whatsoever our users information/data/personal details to the 3rd parties if we do not get written permission/consent from our users, or unless we are in need by the rules/laws to do so. But often we use users information/details to provide them promotional details about the 3rd parties, if we think it may interest you.
  4. If as a user, you see or find any information, data or details we have got from your side, about you is inappropriate/incomplete/incorrect, you can directly get in touch with us as soon as possible at We will make correction all the incomplete/inappropriate/incorrect details about you or your identification.

Links to Other Websites

Our website(s) may have linked with other websites for providing important or relevant information, products or services, but if you click on that/those links to leave our website, then you should know that we W3 Web School do not have control over other websites. So, we do not have any control or authority to protect and privacy of the details that you provide while browsing or surfing by way of those websites. Those websites are not come under our privacy policy statement. Thus, you should visit their privacy policy page if you have any question.