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Laravel is a powerful MVC PHP framework, highly preferred by developers who need a simple yet highly functional toolkit to design state of the art web applications. This course is a great starting point for those who want to master this framework and make a career in designing web applications with Laravel. You will learn Laravel from scratch and build your own applications.

Our team of certified experts have designed our Laravel Course in Kolkata content and syllabus based on current requirements from the industry. This enables them to be an Industry-Ready Professional, capable of handling majority of the real-world scenarios. W3webschool also offer tailored made Laravel PHP Training courses for Corporates.

Key Highlights of Our Laravel Course in Kolkata

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Laravel Introduction and Architecture

Learning Objective:
Get introduced to Laravel and its architecture.

Intro to LaravelContainerFacadesFlexibilityRobustness

Get started with Laravel

Learning Objective:

Learn to install and set up Laravel and Homestead.

Setting up HomesteadSetting up composer and PHP on your local machine for faster WorkflowsUsing .env for your local buildUsing sequel pro and connecting to local and remote databasesSetting up your first application in HomesteadSetting up Gulp and Elixir


Set up Homestead, composer, PHP, Gulp, Elixir.

Composer Packages

Learning Objective: 

Learn about some of the day-to-day workflows of setting up Laravel to use composer and many of the packages for use in our PHP applications.

Working with the composer install command and avoiding the Composer updateDownloading and installing Guzzle using ComposerMaking a providerUsing the Façade patternUsing private packages


Work with composer, download and install Guzzle using Composer


Learning Objective: 

Learn to test your routes, API based routes, and name them.

Building an API / JSON based route for searchingTesting your route in PHP UnitBuilding a view based routeTesting your view based route in PHP UnitCreating named routes


Build API based route for searching and test the routes.

Building Views and Adding Style

Learning Objective:   

Walk through setting up Blade files, installing a theme, making an authentication page, and more.   

Organizing your Blade filesInstalling a WrapBootStrap themeMaking your authentication pagesImplementing an error message templateBuilding your main search pageAdding static pages


Install themes and build your main search page.

Working with Data

Learning Objective:   

Learn about the common workflows and other tips and tricks around Laravel and data or state, which include files.

Setting up users and running migrationsAltering a migrationUsing factories for migrations and testsUsing a generator to scaffold your user wishlist areaSeeding so you can see how your app looksAdding a file upload to user profileValidating file uploadSaving files to S3


Set up users and alter migration. Also, save files to S3

Authentication, Security, and Subscriptions

Learning Objective:   

Learn about the day-to-day workflows that are needed to protect your site, manage subscriptions, and administer users.

Using policies and guard to protect user pagesAdding feature flags to hide features from usersImplementing Socialite to allow users to login with FacebookAdding custom middleware to protect the user admin areaUsing Laravel to set up a subscription siteCreating an interface for the user to manage subscriptionsCreating an admin interface for subscriptions


Create an interface for the user to manage subscriptions. Also, create an admin interface for subscriptions.

Testing and Debugging Your Application

Learning Objective:   

Learn the concepts of what to test, how to get started, mocking, and more.

Generating testUsing tests to think through your code TDT (Test Driven Thinking)Using VCR for API testingGetting your code onto GitHubUsing Travis to run tests with every pushLaunching Gulp watch into your workflowUsing Mockery to test your controllersTroubleshooting your application


Test, debug and troubleshoot application in order to deploy.

Adding Advanced Features

Learning Objective:   

Learn about Artisan commands and how to use them. Also, learn about setting up notification e-mails so that we can notify users when new comics come in and more.

Building an Artisan commandCreating scheduler to notify users of new comicsSetting up e-mail noticesAdding clean URLs for the users profile pageUsing pusher for live notificationsAdding a blog area to update users on new features


Set up notification emails to notify users.


Learning Objective:   

Go over some key steps to getting your application to deploy.

Setting up Forge, AWS, and CodeDeploySetting up Travis to auto deploy when all is passingWorking with your .env fileTesting your application on production with BehatMaking a composer package out of our client


Set up environment for deployment.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting BasicsTypes of Hosting PackagesRegistering domainsUsing Control PanelCreating Emails in cPanelUsing FTP Client

Learning Methodology

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