Social Media Marketing Course In Kolkata

Learn a Social Media Marketing Course In Kolkata to generate a massive audience to target and create awareness of the products and brands via social networks. Boost brand awareness, acquire quality leads and repeat sales with this online and offline social media marketing course in Kolkata.

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Top Social Media Marketing Course In Kolkata

Instructor - Ankit Singh, Shaheel Khan
Social Media Marketing Course In Kolkata
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Do you want to work on social media platforms and design effective marketing strategies there? Are you looking for a course that help you with the concepts of brand awareness, ad campaigns, business budget, quality leads, and website traffic boosing? W3 Web School’s Social Media Marketing Course in Kolkata is perfect for you!
Start your marketing journey and learn social media marketing skills with W3 Web School’s advanced courses.

What is SMM or Social Media Marketing?

SMM or Social Media Marketing refers to applying major social media platforms to engage with audiences to boost sales and brand awareness and drive website traffic.

This Social Media Marketing Course in Kolkata will assist you in building high confidence in social media marketing. Boost your confidence and skills in the domain of social media marketing through the experience of live client projects.

Master the art of social media marketing, such as online reputation management, web analytics, content marketing, influencer marketing and strategy building. Uplift your social media marketing skills and do what 1500+ learners have done already. Register for the social media marketing course on W3 Web School now!

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Career Opportunities In Social Media Marketing Course In Kolkata

You will master a lot of significant skills through this course. You can get various career options after completing the social media marketing course from W3 Web School!

Social Media Marketing Manager: Planning and developing social media marketing strategies, collaborating with business partners, boosting social media engagement over various channels, advertising on social media, content management, creating marketing campaigns and more!

Social Media Specialist: Creating and executing social media strategies, developing and sharing engaging content, business page optimization, user-generated content moderation, social data analysis, and departmental collaboration.

PPC Executive: Campaign creation, designing and management, keyword research, PPC strategy planning and execution, report delivery and management, engaging advert copy preparation, KPI analysis, landing page creation and target audience segmentation.

Brand Manager: Market research, data trend analysis, advising multiple teams on effective branding strategies, collaboration with the marketing team, ensuring brand alignment, budget management, managing collaboration with business stakeholders.

Social Media Marketing Course Fee In Kolkata

Course Duration: The duration of W3 Web School’s Social Media Marketing Course is approximately 2 months.

Course Fee: This 2-month social media course by W3 Web School is 15,000/-. You can get the easy EMI payment option here with a low course fee structure. This accessible payment facility is available by joining our specially crafted Social Media Marketing Course in Kolkata.

Want to avail the opportunity of assured job assistance? Feeling confused about choosing the most suitable job role for your career success? W3 Web School’s Social media marketing course in Kolkata offers you a great chance to choose between various job opportunities!
Our 100% job assistance program offers you guidance in interview and resume preparation, arranging mock interview sessions, and forwarding your CV to employers. Our dedicated job assistance team is always available there 24*7 to support you with solving your queries and doubts!

Resume Building: We have a highly qualified placement team that guides you through resume preparation, so that employers are attracted to your shining social media marketing skills mentioned in your CV.

Interview Preparation: At W3 Web School, we deliver the classes of interview preparation in our job assistance program once you finish your social media marketing course in Kolkata. This helps you to pitch your skill sets in front of top employers.

Mock Interviews: Our job assistance program also organizes mock interview sessions exclusively for you to help you with your real one!

Send Your CVs to Recruiters: Our placement assistance team forwards your resume to popular employers like Passionate Futurist, Paperlink Softwares Private Limited, Cogent Hub, Code Clouds, Associated Resourse Company and More!

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The Social media marketing salaries in Kolkata rely heavily on a few significant factors, including knowledge level and years of experience, instead of simply professional accreditations.

For Freshers: A social media marker can get up to 15,000 to 18,000 per month in Kolkata as a fresher.

Experienced: After having experience of 2 to 3 months in handling and marketing via social media platforms, one can earn up to 4L to 6L per annum.
Our 100% placement support team helped our students to get placed at big companies like Purpleno Inc., Cogent Hub, Digital Piloto and others! You can check our student testimonials below.

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Why Choose W3 Web School’s Social Media Marketing Course in Kolkata?

The finest institute delivering the best Social media marketing course in Kolkata is W3 Web School! Find out the facts why you should choose our academy over other social media marketing institutes in Kolkata!

Advanced Course Module

We cover the latest and updated trends of social media marketing in our advanced course module, allowing you to shine bright in the job market.

Certified Experts

Our dedicated and certified experts in social media marketing help you gain top-quality education and job-ready skill development.

100% Job Assistance Program

At W3 Web School, our job assistance program helps you find the most suitable job once you complete your social media marketing course.

24 Hours Student Support

Get as much help as you want from your student support team whenever you need it, whether it's nighttime or daytime! W3 Web School's 24/7 support team is there for you always.

99% Practical training

Boost your hands-on experience with our 99% practical training sessions on live client projects so you can learn the intricacies of practical-world problems.

1:1 Coaching

Get individualized mentoring and guidance from your certified experts to assist you in a flourishing social media marketing career.

Availability of Weekend Batches

Join our exclusive weekend classes if you have a busy schedule or you are a working professional and busy during the weekdays!

Hybrid Mode Classes

You can experience our hybrid mode classes at your convenience for improved learning flexibility in your career journey.

0% EMI Instalment Payment Facility

You can pay for the course in easy and 0% EMI payment mode, which makes our course fees reasonable and budget-friendly for all!

3+ Real-client Projects

Our dedicated team offers you the opportunity to work on 3+ real client projects to get hands-on experience and boost your resume as a social media marketer!

Social Media Marketing Course in Kolkata Highlights

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Explore Our Social Media Marketing Course in Kolkata Modules

  Overview Top Social Media Platform

  Social Media Optimization

  What is Social Media Optimization?

  Why Social Media Need Small Business

  Audience, Engagement, Reach

  News Feed, Timeline, Post

  Social Media Newsfeed Algorithm

  Facebook Profile Vs Business Page

  How to Create a Facebook Business Page

  Understand Facebook Business Categories

  How to Set Target Audience

  Create an Effective Page Timeline

  Set You Call to Action Button

  How to effectively fill your business information

  How to Set Country and Age Restriction

  Event Page

  Offer Post

  How to Create and Participate in-Facebook Groups

  How to Effectively Update Your in Page Timeline

  Timing for Update Status of Business

  Publishing Tools

  Report – Insight

 How to create a Facebook ad account

  Understanding Facebook Ad Account

  What is the Campaign Objective

  How to select the Right Budget for your business

  Bid Strategies

  How to Find the Right Audience on Facebook.

  Targeting Examples for Different Industries – Real Estate, Education, Ecommerce, etc

  What is Ad Placement?

  What is Identity?

  Ad Creatives

  Understanding Custom Audience

  What is Pixel?

  How to Install Pixel

  URL Parameters

  How to bill for Facebook Ads

  Measure your Ads

  How to remarketing on Facebook help your business

  Track engagement

  Ad types

  Campaign Measurement

  Conversion Tracking

  Tracking Paid Users

  Creating Customized Reports


  Know How to Create an Instagram Business Account.

  Learn about your customers with Instagram insights.

  How to create a successful Instagram post?

  Reels post.

  Photo post.

  Carousel post.

  Use relevant tags.

  Hashtag Research.


  Know how to create Instagram Ads – Photo Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads, Collection Ads, Lead Generation Ads.

  Know how to Increase your Sales potentially with Instagram Ads.

  Know how to Create Instagram Story Ads Instagram Reels Ads.

  Know how to use the carousel Ads and Collection Ads to sell more products.

  Know how to use Lead Generation ads to collect thousands of customers for your business.


  How to Create a YouTube Channel.

  What is YouTube Studio?

  Channel Customization.

  How to create a Playlist

  What is Monetization?

  What are Copyrights?

  How to upload videos

  How to Optimize Title, Description and Hashtags.

  How to Create Video Chapters.

  Know how to add different types of cards to your videos.

  Know how to add a thumbnail.

  Know how to add an End Screen.

  YouTube Analytics.

  Introduction to Video Marketing

  Understanding Video Campaign

  Youtube Ads Types

  Bumper Ads

  Skippable Ads

  Non-Skippable Ads

  Infeed Video Ads

  Outstream Ads

  Drive Conversion Ads

  Ad Sequence Ads

  Understanding Bid Strategy

  How to Select the Right Budget for Your Campaign.

  How to Select the Correct Network for Video Campaign.

  Video Ad Groups

  Targeting Options

  Bringing Visitors to Your Website Through YouTube Videos.

  Introduction to Twitter

  How to set up a Twitter account and optimize it.

  How to come up with ideas on what to tweet about

  How to get Twitter followers

  How to generate more likes and engagement on your posts

  Hashtag Research

  Get Started with Twitter Ads

  Campaign Objective.

  Twitter Ad Formats


  Ads Best Practices.

  Twitter Analytics.


  Introduction to LinkedIn Optimization

  Individual Page Vs Company Page



  My Network



  Creating Company Page

  Types of Campaigns

  Audience Targeting

  Bidding Strategies

  Advertising in LinkedIn


  Pinterest Introduction

  Pinterest Profile Optimization

  Pinterest Board Creation

  Pins Posted

  Pinterest Increase Followers

  Website Verification

  Business Account

  Pinterest Analytics

Learning Methodology

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Social Media Marketing Course in Kolkata FAQ's

The social media optimization course duration is 1 Months. Depending on your convenience, you can select the timing.

Many businesses have lots of job openings for SMM, SMO Analyst. Social media sites – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest all have thousands of customers waiting for you to explore.

  • Graduates or Postgraduates
  • Professionals
  • Freelancer
  • Blogger
  • Content Writer
  • Developer / Designer
  • SEO Expert
  • Company Owner

Of Course, our trainers will guide you to start as a Freelancer at the end of this course.

Yes, W3webschool offers certification and placement assistance to the candidates so that they can choose the career path of their choice and achieve new heights of success.

No prior experience or knowledge is required to learn social media marketing, only basic internet acquaintance and social media awareness is required.

We offer both classroom training and online social media marketing classes. You need a computer/laptop and an uninterrupted internet connection if you want online training.

Our trainers are industry experts. They have 8+ years of experience in digital marketing and are working on current projects.