YouTube Video Marketing Course In Kolkata

Our YouTube marketing course in Kolkata will teach you specialized set of skills to work as a successful youtuber. 

YouTube marketing is a very popular method of digital marketing. You will be given a practical business-oriented YouTube videos marketing training.

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YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform in the world. It has gained massive traffic and it holds millions of active users. It is expected to make great changes in the marketing of any business.

Thanks to its simple interface, anyone can upload and share video content on the platform. However, it takes a lot of talent and dedication to build a successful channel on YouTube. That’s why many creators work hard to develop their YouTube content creation

It is very clear that digital audiences are shifting themselves to videos. We cannot think about digital marketing without YouTube marketing. YouTube has the real essence in the marketing strategy of any business.

YouTube has become an important source of income for many content creators. People use YouTube to promote their latest projects- such as songs, movies, games and more. Many also use it to promote existing or new businesses. For example, a business can create a promotional video for itself by highlighting its services, products, or slogans. Other uses for YouTube include instructional videos, comedy shows, and social media campaigns. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Explore YouTube Marketing Course In Kolkata Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction

  • YouTube Overview
  • Creating a Channel
  • Channel Customization : Channel Name, Channel Description, Language, Channel URL, Channel External Links
  • Branding the Channel : Logo and Profile Picture for the Channel, Banner Image, Video Watermark
  • Channel Layout: Channel Trailers, 7 Types of Featured sections

Module 2: Channel Dash Board

  • Overview of Channel Analytics
  • Channel Content Analytics
  • Channel Audience Analysis
  • How to do Research on YouTube Searches
  • Video Analytics Overview
  • Video Reach Analytics
  • Video Engagement Metrics
  • Micro Level YouTube Audience Research

Module 3: YouTube Video Content Creation

  • Types of Video Content
  • Selecting Topics to Create YouTube Videos
  • How to Write Content for YouTube Video Scripts
  • How to Write YouTube Video Titles
  • How to Craft Video Descriptions
  • Designing Video Thumbnails

Module 4: Creating and Editing Tools for Your YouTube Videos

  • How to Upload Videos To YouTube
  • Video Upload Settings
  • Choosing the Video Categories
  • Managing Comments and Ratings
  • Tools to Create YouTube Videos
  • Editing and Publishing Videos
  • Types of Videos and Privacy
  • How to Optimize Videos to Increase View Duration

Module 5: YouTube SEO

  • Research on Video Tags and Optimizing
  • Keyword Research
  • Writing Video Chapters
  • Video Channel Growth Secrets

Module 6: YouTube Partner Program

  • How to Make Money by becoming a YouTuber
  • Creating YouTube Money Funnel
  • Monetization of YouTube Videos

Module 7: YouTube Analytics

  • Understand your Audience
  • Metrics and Dimensions
  • How is my channel doing?
  • How is my channel doing?
  • Understanding your video reach on YouTube
  • How engaged is my audience?

Our YouTube Marketing Course In Kolkata will teach you a specialized set of skills to work as a successful YouTuber. YouTube marketing is a very popular method of digital marketing. You will be given practical business-oriented YouTube video marketing training.

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FAQs Related To YouTube Marketing Course In Kolkata

The duration of each video course is 20+ hours and to know more about our class timings you can directly contact with  us and get to know the batch details.

There is no restriction to join this training programme. You can be a fresher or a graduate, or a job seeker, or an entrepreneur. Anyone with genuine dedication can join this course.

You can absolutely make money through YouTube. Are you really interested to know about the ways of earning? Then you need to enroll with us. Our whole training will let you know more about the earning part with YouTube .

We don’t expect you to be specialized in any disciplines. Anyone can wish to become an expert with YouTube marketing. Just you need to possess minimum knowledge about internet marketing and all social media platforms.

Obviously, We provide the soft copy of our course materials to all our students. It will be shared to you through Google drive. Even after completing the course, you can make use of it whenever you need any clarification.

We accept Cheques, UPI, and Cash. You can pay us through any of these payment methods. And also you can Pay By Easy Installments.

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Ankit Singh

Instructor (Ankit Singh)

Ankit Singh is a Digital Marketing Trainer and commercial blogger working online since 2017. He will teach you practical skills that you can use to make passive income online on the internet. You'll learn project-based courses on SEO, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and YouTube Marketing by him.