WordPress is the Best Platform for SEO! But Why?

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Who doesn’t know WordPress? It’s one of the most popular Content Management System (CMS). You will see every type of website made on WordPress even small and big business sites as well. Indeed, 35% of all the websites on the internet are made on the WordPress platform. There are numerous reasons behind such enormous popularity of this platform. One of those reasons is, WordPress is very good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Many people even claim it as the best CMS for SEO. But why? Let’s discuss it in this article.

User Experience

User Experience is a very important factor in a website. WordPress has numerous themes and plugins that help to provide a smooth and attractive user experience. It also helps to decrease the bounce rate. Google always remunerate sites with excellent user experience and a low bounce rate.

Loading time

Loading time matters. Google uses its Page Speed algorithm to check your site’s loading time. Google, as well as the users, don’t like slow-loading sites. If your site is slow it can increase the bounce rate as well. However, in WordPress, you have multiple plugins for compressing files, caching the site, and clearing the database. These help the site to load faster on the user-end.


Permalink is the URL of your site. It is very easy to edit your post’s permalink on WordPress. You can add an eye-catching permalink very easily and trust me it helps to boost your SEO by attracting users.


Metadata means your SEO title and the description. Every single page of your site needs metadata. It’s a major ranking factor after all. It’s very easy to edit your metadata on WordPress. You just need to go to the SEO portion to edit it. Google shows those metadata on the search result. Keep that in mind, and edit your metadata carefully.

Mobile Optimization

Nowadays, more and more people are visiting websites from their smartphones. There is a huge chance, if you check your site’s analytics, you will see more than 50% of users of your users are visiting your site from phones. Not only that but also Google takes mobile optimization as a major ranking factor. And surprisingly, there are a huge number of plugins on WordPress to optimize your site phone mobile devices. It boosts your SEO a lot.

Let’s wrap it up

After all, are you thinking of making your new site on WordPress? If you want to rank on the front page of the Google search, then, of course, you should try it out. If you are a beginner and don’t know much about WordPress, check out our WordPress course. It will be really helpful for you.

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Aritra Patra 


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