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How Quora Plays an Important Role in the Digital Marketing Industry

Right now, Quora is the biggest and most popular question-answer forum site in the world. It has around 300 million monthly active users. If you have any questions, you can post it on Quora, and if you know an answer to a given question you can also post it there. Therefore, if you have your brand’s account on Quora, you can easily get a lot of backlinks along with a lot of traffic to your site. In this article, I’m going to describe why Quora is important for the Digital Marketing industry.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is important for your brand’s growth. Quora has a great reputation when it comes to brand awareness. Wondering how? Firstly, find out the questions that are related to your business or your business can solve the problem. Once you find all the questions, answer them one by one in a detailed format, and include one or more links to your business site inside your answer. Never try to exaggerate your brand on Quora. Keep patience, more consumers will know about your brand.

You will Get SEO Boost

Wondering how will you get an SEO boost from Quora? Whenever you search for any question on Google, a lot of times Google shows Quora posts on its SERP. Therefore, if the Quora post gets a lot of traffic, your answer will also get a lot of traffic as well. Post your answer wisely. Always remember, everything depends on your answer.

Content Marketing on Quora

If you have a blog page on your brand’s official website and you post blogs on a regular basis, then Quora is a great platform for marketing your content. Instead of adding a link inside the content, you can also give a link at the end of your answer.

You will Get more Content Ideas

Quora is not only good for digital marketing, but you can also get new content ideas from Quora. Suppose, your business is based on food and you are finding food questions on Quora. Along with all the questions, you will get a lot of content ideas from those questions. It will help you to create relevant content for the consumers.

Wind Up

Quora is inevitable for Digital Marketers. Do you have a brand account on Quora? If not, make it right now. Also, if you want to learn more about the advanced Digital Marketing book a demo class right now.

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