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How to Make Money on Instagram in 2024 (8 Effective Ways)

How to Make Money on Instagram

Are you all set to start earning from Instagram? Generate more business revenue from this buzzing and popular social media platform! Then look no further! This blog post is going to resolve all your doubts regarding ‘How to make money on Instagram?’. 

This blog post is highlighting you 8 best ways to monetize as well as promote your Instagram account!

Have you noticed any change in Instagram revenue these days? A survey by Business of Apps has shown that the revenue has increased drastically in the last 3 years due to growing users and brands. Also, they have shown that Instagram generated an average revenue of $60.3 billion last year. 

You can also see there is a noticeable growth of influencer marketers and their estimated marketing value is 21.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2023.

Learn the 8 effective ways to make money on Instagram in 2024!

How to Make Money on Instagram: 8 Effective Ways

Make money on Instagram

In this blog post, you can discover and get a detailed idea of the most successful 8 ways how to make money on Instagram with expert guidance! You must follow these ways for more sponsorship programs, income from collaborations, earn commissions, and boost sales by enabling shopping features to make huge amounts of money on your Instagram account.

You have heard of the phrase ‘working hard and making money’, but you can still make money by working smartly with Instagram! But you have to follow some major social media terms and ways to make some amount of good money. 

Keep reading this post, which is inspired by 8 successful examples by Instagram creators, and search for ways to make money on Instagram which is applicable to everyone!

Table of Contents

01: Partner with brands on sponsored content

Make money on Instagram

This is the most popular and one of the best ways in which creators may gain profit through collaborating with brands. 

Step 1: Brand identification

Always seek small or big brands that match your goals, niche, and beliefs. 

Step 2: Pitch your partnership

You should now make a robust pitch for a brand collaboration proposal and then promote your brand to your target niche and demographics. 

Step 3: Term negotiation

You must discuss the content needs, payment rates, and deliverables with the business to guarantee a successful collaboration. 

Step 4: Develop engaging content

Create engaging sponsored Instagram posts that easily collaborate with the brand’s service and products while offering appropriate value to followers and maintaining originality.

Step 5: Publish & promote 

You can now publish your sponsored content for Instagram and promote it using catchy hashtags, relevant keywords, and captions to grab the attention of audiences. This also helps you in boosting the engagement and reach of your current Instagram followers.

Step 6: Keep track of results

Monitor the real-time performance of sponsored posts, such as conversions, engagement, and other key performance metrics, to determine the value of trustworthy collaboration and brands.

02: Join an affiliate program

Affiliate banner consumer 1

You can also sign up with an affiliate program to earn money on Instagram! If your Instagram followers are lower in number but still showing higher engagement, you must begin investing in affiliate programs. You can still earn as an affiliate if you have less than 1000 followers but loyal and engaging ones.

You can immediately invite your followers to go and check the brand, shop from them or take their services, and then you can get a specific amount of commission or percentage from the revenue while they shop by clicking on your affiliate partnership links. 

You can receive a commission if your followers buy things by using particular links or discounted codes through your Instagram account. 

Tag your affiliate products on your Insta feed, stories, and reels to earn the commission from an affiliate partnership.

03: Enable Instagram shopping features

new instagram features 1

Enabling Instagram shopping features allows you to showcase your products and services with your Instagram account. This allows you to promote some specific products and services directly to Instagram followers through feeds, reels, stories, and posts. 

You can avail of this money-making way through the Shop tab and Explore tab on your Instagram account. This feature also enables you to connect with your Instagram account with affiliate partner programs. 

This will make you a successful way to earn a specific amount of commission when someone buys the products or services. 

You can also personalize your Instagram shop by creating special collections or selecting products for gifting purposes. You can also activate the features through ads with shopping tags, shoppable posts and stories, and live shopping. 

You can also link your Instagram account with Shopify to track orders, services, and products.

04: Start Merch for personal brand


You can make money on Instagram by using it as an effective marketing tool for huge revenue! You have to follow some major steps to sell your Merch for your own brand which will add an extra feather to your Instagram marketing hat. 

Make money by creating and selling your own Merch now!

Step 1: Start creating branded products or services

You can start by designing custom merch like hoodies, coffee mugs, bags, totes, tees, and accessories that reflect your own personal brand and match the intent of your followers. 

Emma Chamberlin, MrBeast, and Hannah Meloche are some popular names that sell their own branded Merch and create buzz over Instagram!

Step 2: Setting up your online store

You can now set up your online store by making your account a creator account or business account! Buyers from your followers can browse your merchandise products through product catalogs, check and compare prices, and know more about the products.

Finally, they make a purchasing decision directly from Instagram or from your own website!

Step 3: Merch promotion

You can now promote your custom merch products by using popular social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. This shows your own Merch and inspires your followers to shop!

Step 4: Offering special deals and coupons

You can offer special deals, limited-time discounts, and coupons to inspire your potential followers to shop from your merchandise!

Step 5: Community engagement

You can engage your followers and audiences by promoting a feeling of loyalty and community through chat and adding their feedback to your offerings of Merch.

05: Earn Live badges

Instagram Badges

Live badges are the special feature of Instagram through which you can get feedback or helpful tips for generating informative content they resonate with and like. You are already well-versed with the tip-based features of TikTok. 

If you have more than 10k followers on Instagram and your age is above 18, then you can set your earnings from live badges now! You must follow the Instagram policies and guidelines, too! 

You just have to enable the badges on Instagram and then they will be activated while you’re on live streaming. Start your money-making journey on Instagram?’ now!

Step 1: Form a loyal and high-intent audience

You can build high-intent and loyal followers by just sharing valuable and engaging content. This will encourage loyal followers to support you while you are hosting a live stream. 

Step 2: Start hosting live streams

You must schedule and start hosting live streaming on your Instagram account to link with your loyal followers and offer information through valuable content or entertaining ones! Whenever an audience buys a badge, you can spot a heart next to their Instagram usernames! Price of badges: 

  • One heart costs 99¢
  • Two hearts costs $1.99
  • Three Hearts costs $4.99

Step 3: Inspire badge purchases

You must inspire audiences to support you by buying badges during live streaming. You must thank the buyer with a shoutout during the live stream or with a sticker to inspire the buyer of the badges! You can also offer exclusive additional benefits to badge purchasers.

Step 4: Live streaming promotion 

You can promote your upcoming live streaming through Instagram posts, reels, stories and attention-grabbing captions and inspire viewers to take part in badge purchasing to reflect support and loyalty.

As per a survey on Instagram, creators make 100% of revenue by the act of badge selling during live streams!

06: Offer paid subscriptions

One major way to make money on Instagram is by providing paid subscriptions! You must follow some simple, actionable steps to earn. Offer your followers the opportunity to engage with informative content after your loyal followers resonate with your content!

If you have 10K+ subscribers, you can avail the opportunity to join Instagram’s own subscription program.

Step 1: Generate and publish all-inclusive content 

You must generate and publish top-notch content that offers exclusive value to your loyal subscribers. You must include features like BTS (behind-the-scenes) content, unique offers or deals, step-by-step tutorials, and customized interactions.

Step 2: Subscription price setting 

Now set your price for paid subscriptions depending on the intent of the offered content, the willingness of your followers, and market trends. You can also take into account the tired pricing subscriptions with different accessibility levels and additional benefits.

Step 3: Promoting & marketing

Finally, you must promote your paid subscriptions using Instagram reels, videos, stories, and posts. Highlight the bonus and additional perks of inspiring and subscribing to the Instagram subscription plan. 

You must make informative content to encourage your loyal audience by engaging them in subscribing and easily accessing high-quality videos, reels as well as feed posts.

Instagram creator and blogger Nomadic Matt promotes his paid community subscription, “The Nomadic Network”, on his popular travel page on Instagram. This will help his followers and subscribers to access the unique travel community, resources, and forums easily. 

Also, you have seen the reals and videos of Fitness trainer Jenna Kutches, she also offers a paid subscription program known as ‘The Gold Digger Inner Circle’. The subscribers get exclusive access to resources and support for their fitness journey.

07: Blog/ Vlog linking


You can also consider linking blogs or Vlogs to gain profit from Instagram! You must follow some steps to sell your ad space on the website and those are highlighted below!

You can also utilize Instagram to redirect your loyal followers or viewers to some other website to make monetary gains.

One major example is W3 Web School @w3webschoolkolkata [Link of Insta account], which offers the best digital marketing course in Kolkata. They post short and informative videos on its course offering and have a blog page, “W3WebSchool Blog”, to share the full video of course-related trending & relevant blog posts. 

Step 1: Produce & publish compelling content 

Create and publish compelling Vlogs and Blogs offering trending and informative content as well as entertaining videos to committed followers.

Step 2: Promote the Affiliate marketing links

Add affiliate links to your Vlogs or Blogs to get extra commission from affiliate marketing, if the follower purchases by clicking on the links mentioned in your content. 

Step 3: Drive more traffic 

You can drive more traffic by sharing catchy teasers and attractive snippets on your vlogs or blogs on Instagram, navigating your audiences to your website for detailed content. Incorporate your Instagram stories, reels and IGTV in your Instagram Bio more driving a higher flow of traffic.

08: Open your e-commerce shop on Instagram

Open your e commerce shop on Instagram

Setting up an e-commerce Instagram shop is another popular and direct way you can follow how to make money on Instagram! You can easily set up an Instagram shop and engage users in purchasing the products you are offering through the shop.

The shop icon on Instagram will pop up on the post whenever you post some content with buyable products. This will allow audiences to get detailed information about the products with their price and availability. 

Step 1: Select your buyable products 

First, you have to choose the buyable items that suit the intent of your followers. You can take into account some major factors, including demand, preferences, different quality, and profit margins.

Step 2: Setting up the e-commerce shop

You can now start your Instagram e-commerce shop or connect with the website from your Instagram account. You must make sure of some major factors while setting up your shop on Instagram such as being visually attractive, responsive as well as optimized for mobile devices, and easily accessible. 

Step 3: Product promotion

Finally, you utilize Instagram videos, reels, and posts to highlight your offerings uniquely. Partnering with Instagram Influencers, running specific ads and promotional events, using relevant hashtags and audience engagement to boost the sales and traffic to the website.

FAQs on How to Make Money on Instagram

    1. How do I earn money from Instagram?

You can make money on Instagram via different ways like affiliate marketing, product selling through an e-commerce shop on Instagram, paid promotion offerings, creating sponsored content, taking part in brand collaborations, and selling Merch on a personal brand.

    1. Can I Get paid on Instagram?

Yes, of course! You can get paid by using Instagram monetization ways such as selling products through an e-commerce shop on Instagram, affiliate partnerships, making sponsored content, partnering with brand collaborations, and more! These ways enable you to motivate on the Instagram channel.

    1. How many ways are there to make money on Instagram?

There are plenty of ways to make money on Instagram which this blog post has discussed above. The 7 most effective ways to keep your money-making journey on Instagram include partnering with brands on sponsored content, joining an affiliate program, enabling Instagram shopping features, Starting Merch for personal brand, earning Live badges, offering paid subscriptions, linking Blog/ Vlog, and opening your e-commerce shop on Instagram.

    1. How many followers do I require to make money on Instagram?

You need at least 1000 followers to place effective ways of Instagram monetization. The monetization depends heavily on some factors and those are audience engagement rate, ways of monetization, and follower niche. If you have less number of followers but are highly engaged as well as loyal audiences, you also can start making money on Instagram. 

    1. How do I sign up for an Instagram business account?

First, you go to your “Profile setting”, then click on the “switch to professional account”, and follow the simple steps to set up your business account by choosing the best-suited category. Then, you are ready to start your business account with relatable insights and content. 

    1. Can I get paid for Instagram views?

No, you can not get paid for Instagram views or watched hours unless you enable monetization on Instagram. The various monetization methods include sponsored content, brand-paid partnerships, IGTV ads, and affiliate partnerships. However, the different payment methods and needs can differ depending on the monetization program or partnership program.

    1. Can I get paid for having 1 million views on Instagram?

No, Instagram does not pay you for having 1 million views. The money-making on Instagram depends upon factors like follower count, engagement rate, and utilization of monetization ways. 

    1. How much Can I get paid for reels on Instagram?

You can earn money up to $1000 to $5000 just by making reels on Instagram using the most effective and most suitable monetization method. You must join the ‘Reels Bonus Program’ of Instagram to make money these days.

    1. How much does Instagram pay for reels with 1000 views?

Instagram does not pay any money just for reels with 1000 views. Earlier, it paid $0.01 to $0.05 for every 1000 views on reels once you joined the ‘Instagram Reel Pay Bonus program’.

    1. What is Instagram monetization?

The term ‘Instagram Monetization’ is defined as the method of making money through audience engagement and other activities on Instagram. This involves various methods like Starting Merch for personal brand, partnering with brands on sponsored content, enabling Instagram shopping features, earning Live badges, joining an affiliate program, offering paid subscriptions, opening your e-commerce shop, and linking Blog/ Vlog on Instagram. 


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