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Google Page Experience Update: UX is Going to be a Google Ranking Factor

Yep! you read it right. Google is going to roll out its new Page Experience algorithm update. However, this update isn’t going to be launched before 2021. After that update, Google will basically judge your website by user’s experience. If users are having a poor experience, then Google will lower down your ranking, and websites with better user-experience will get a higher ranking.

What is Page Experience according to Google?

Although Google launched a comprehensive document on Page Experience, in a nutshell, this update will find out how a user is experiencing a webpage. And how Google will find out the user-experience? Well, Google will inspect a few factors such as if the website is mobile-friendly or not, running on HTTPS or not, page loading time, and much more. Surprisingly, Page Experience is made up of already existing Google Ranking factors. Few of them are HTTPS connection, Page-Speed, Mobile-friendly update, etc.

What will Matter the Most?

Let’s talk about all the factors that will matter the most after the Page Experience update:

  • LCP (Largest Contentful Paint): It actually measures the loading time of your webpage. It should be less than 2.5 seconds.
  • FID (First Input Delay): FID measures how interactive your website is. If you have an FID less than 100 ms then you are fine.
  • CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift): CLS is for measuring the visual stability of your website. CLS score should be less than 0.1.
  • HTTPS: HTTPS is a must-have thing for modern websites. You just need to install an SSL certificate to make the connection secure with HTTPS. If you don’t know how to install the SSL certificate, check out this step-by-step tutorial.
  • Mobile-friendly: Check out if your website is mobile-friendly or not. Because most people visit websites from their smartphones nowadays. Essentially, it’s a very important ranking factor.

Content is Still the King

Once again, Google announced that content will still be the king. Therefore, if you have great content with substandard page experience, it will still rank higher in the Google search. Google said, ” While all of the components of page experience are important, we will prioritize pages with the best information overall, even if some aspects of page experience are subpar. A good page experience doesn’t override having great, relevant content. However, in cases where there are multiple pages that have similar content, page experience becomes much more important for visibility in Search.”


This page experience update will be live in 2021. Therefore, you have almost a year to prepare for the update. Moreover, if you want to rank your website on Google, check out our Advanced SEO course.


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