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The Comprehensive Guide to Become a Successful Web Designer

Web Designing is not all about knowing how to write a lot of codes. Some people think that Web Designing is something very difficult and hard to master. However, it is not that hard. Even, it can be easier than you think. Apart from coding, there are numerous things to know for becoming a successful Web Designer. Therefore, let’s dig into it without wasting any time.

UI or User Interface

If you want to become a master of any field, at first you need to master the basics of that field. When it comes to Web Designing, you need to know how to make a stunning looking website. Therefore, you need to play with the proportion, grid system, colors, and much more. Play with numerous colors and experiment with numerous web fonts. People love to visit attractive looking websites – keep that in mind.


Without coding knowledge, you won’t be able to survive in this industry. However, you might think, ” I will use website builders to design websites, I don’t need to know any coding.” Well, even if you are going to use website builders, you need to know to code because there are a lot of things you need to do manually.

Don’t get scared though! You need to know only 2 languages very well to become a good web designer. HTML and CSS. The HyperText Markup Language or HTML gives the structure to a website. HTML lets you add words, photos, and videos on the header, body, and footer. Fine! What’s CSS then? Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is the assistant of HTML. It basically explains the format and style of the HTML code to the browser. CSS lets you choose different colors, numerous fonts, and eye-catching backgrounds. If you are interested in learning HTML and CSS, check out our HTML and CSS training course.

Additionally, if you can learn JavaScript, you will definitely get an edge over your competitors. JavaScript actually makes all your web content flexible and interactive.

UX or User Experience

A good UI will bring the customer to your site. However, if you don’t have good UX, the user won’t stay on your site for long. User Experience is basically how people feel when they are visiting your website. The bounce rate will start increasing if you have a bad UX. Consequently, you need to see your own website as a visitor while designing your website. Moreover, you need to install a heatmap on your website while hosting it on the live server to find out which portion of your website is more interesting to the users.

Perfect Tools

If you want to build a perfect sculpture, you need the perfect tools. Don’t you? You need to get habituated with all the industry-standard software needed for web-designing.

For designing and editing images, you need to learn Adobe Photoshop well. Image editing is a very important part of web-designing. Being a master at Photoshop is the first step to become a good web-designer. Additionally, you need to be good at prototyping as well. There are a lot of good prototyping tools in the market. For instance, Adobe XD is a good prototyping tool to design interactive prototypes. But what about coding? Well, there are a lot of great tools for coding. You can use Atom which a totally free open-source software, otherwise you can go for Sublime Text that’s another great software for coding. It’s totally up to you.

Become a Good Team Player

Don’t try to be a one-man army in the Web Designing industry. Team-work is the key to success in this industry. Be a good team player and cooperate with your team to move towards a big goal with your web-designing team.


After all, I can say it’s not really hard to be a good web-designer. However, you need your passion, time, and practice. That’s all you need to be a successful web designer. Moreover, if you are interested to learn web designing passionately, check out our Web-Designing course that will definitely make you a successful web designer. I hope all the best for your Web-Designing career!

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