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What is Web Design

Web design is the process of planning, collecting idea, conceptualizing, and arranging content online for a specific purpose. Web design is a similar process of creation, intending to present the content on electronic web pages, and feels when you are using a website which the end-users can access through the internet. There are two types of web design are present in this course one is user interface design and other is user experience design.

Web designing tools:

There are various types of coding tools like HTML CSS and JAVASCRIPT available which helps to build a website.
Why web design course is the best platform for you:

Every Fresher/Student who wish to make their career in a creative field then web designing course is the best platform for them. If you want to create web pages which like more creative and attractive for all of us then web design courses can be a good option for you, because it serves programming languages to create dynamic web pages. This web design course is very helpful for all candidates who want to get a good start in MNC Company and earn a handsome salary.

In this day everyone shifts their business offline to online so it’s very much essential to have their website. That’s why every business owner needs a web designer to create their web site. Two most common things for designing websites that work well both on desktop and mobile are responsible are adaptive design

The responsibility of the web designer:

1. Web designer is responsible for creating designs and layout of a website or web pages
2. Researching current design trends and work on it
3. Meeting with clients to discuss their requirement
4. Keeping up to date with software and the technologies
5. Working with another web specialist including web developer and graphic designer
6. Testing the website to ensure it is working or not

Reasons Why you need to join us :

Now, W3webschool is one of the leading and professional institutes, where diploma and short term advance web designing course are offered taking the latest technologies and its practice into consideration. It is one of the most trusted and professional web designs training institutes in Kolkata. We cover up all modules to design a dynamic and static website in this web design courses and provide live project training all our students which help when they move to works professionally.

W3webschool has the best environment to explore various types of designing courses in one place. Our every faculty who always show their support and concerning the students. Our all faculty members always encourage us to work on new designs and help to achieve your dreams. You get hands-on practical training with high-quality study materials which help you to clear the concepts of your course.

Every faculty of each web design course are a minimum of 6-8 years of experience. W3webschool is one of the leading Web Design Training institute in Kolkata. we do not train for placements only, our vision to grow your overall understanding of the web design to boost your career in web designing.