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Web Designer interview questions 2017

web designer interview questions

When an interviewer asks you to design a blog or website, what would be the first question you answer?

Ans: Is the website a dynamic or static one. Is it a new or existing website? If both are ‘yes’ then ask will it build in CMS or general HTML.

How do you manage pressure & tight deadlines?

Ans: A good designer is entirely thoughtful and thorough, so he or she will not feel any issue maintaining or managing the pressure and tight deadlines.

  1. What are the design processes you need to take to start and finish a design project?

Ans: You need to plan, start the project with full enthusiasm, design and implementation. You can also start revamping the project and bit by bit finish the project with client’s consultation.

  1. How do you incorporate current design trends in your work?

Ans: This question should help you see how thoughtful a designer is. Good prospects should be up-to-date on the latest design trends and able to articulate how they’ve used those trends in their recent work while putting their own spin on them.

  1. What milestone you can suggest for your first web design project?

Ans: A good designer must cross all the hurdles and milestones of the domain of design, and the first milestone should be creative and innovative design.

  1. When you receive negative feedback from a client, will be able to handle it? If so, who do you manage it for your web design project?

Ans: Your objective should give or provide best possible output or service to your clients. If anyone will dissatisfy you will have to manage the situation, thus you should know what would be the outcome and according to that you have to manage him or her.

  1. Describe the process of working remotely? What do you think is important for this respect?

Ans: This question generally reveals a web designer’s job and style. You should know the perfect professional and according to that you should give the answer. Though, good communication and accountability is important.

  1. How do you make it sure that a web designer know or understand your design things and formats?

Ans: You should ask your client the way he or she needs and the way you work and complete the project for all you need.

  1. What is HTML and the advantage of using it for web design?

Ans: HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, which is the key scripting language to design a static and dynamic website.

  1. What is CSS and the advantages of using it for web design?

Ans: CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet, which is one of the most important things for designing and given a beautiful look of a website.

  1. Is JavaScript needed to use for web design?

Ans: JavaScript is one of the most important elements for web design, if you want to know more about it, you need to understand the HTML, CSS and other things to make it master in it.

  1. What are the advantages of using CMS (Content Management System), i.e. WordPress, Magento etc. for building websites?

Ans: CMS or Content Management System is easy and quick to use, one needs not to have any technical knowledge to use it, easy to handle and manage at the same time.

  1. Do you think to become a web designer you need to be a creative person?

Ans: As a web designer, you need to be a creative thinker, not in that high in sense, but a designer point of view. Without creativity in design, how would be able to get success in web design?

  1. What are the things need to have to become a successful web designer?

Ans: Zeal to learn new designing concepts, update the knowledge, technology and skills required.

  1. Where do you want to see yourself after 5 years as a web designer?

Ans: I want to see myself as a successful, highly creative and senior most web designer after 5 years.

  1. Do you think web designer can become a web developer?

Ans: Yes, One can be a web designer and developer at the same time, but for that reason you need to have creativity and patience to learn new things, especially technologies to become a good designer and developer.

  1. Do you know about SEO, do you think it is important for a good designer?

Ans: Yes, SEO stands for search engine optimization. A web designer does not need to understand the fundamentals of SEO, but if he or she knows about search engine optimization it would be an added advantage of him or her no doubt.

  1. What is responsive web design?

Ans: A responsive website design is very important these days. A responsive website is nothing but a website that fits all devices, small, medium or large one. It built in such a ways that can fit for all such devices available in the market.

  1. What are the languages you need to know to create a responsive website?

Ans: You need to know the HTML, CCS, JavaScript and a bit of PHP a server side language to understand about the responsive website. A responsive website is nothing but a website which fits almost all devices, it automatically fits according the size of the devices. If you are good at HTML, CSS and JavaScript it would be good for you to understand the responsive design process.

  1. Is a non-creative designer can become a web designer or a graphic designer?

Ans: It is hard to say whether a person is creative or not, but I believe all people are creative in this earth and we need to brush up our skills and creativity to make it more resourceful. Though, all people cannot do that, but still, if a person is less and very less creative, it is quite difficult to become a web designer, because web design is a creative profession and one needs to have creative blend of mind and solid grasp of latest technologies that are required to develop and design a website.