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How to Make Money on Google in 2024?

How to Make Money on Google

Did you ever think about earning money on Google? Then, this blog post is your perfect place. This blog post highlights how to make money on Google with some finest and most trending as well as successful ways to reinforce and monetize your money-making journey!

Google is transforming the world of marketing and advertising along with offering a huge range of successful money-making strategies. Google is dominating the world with the highest revenue of more than 85.5 billion US dollars in 2023. 

You can also witness a rapid shift in the global advertising revenue of 6% than past years. A report has highlighted that Google has already reached a total earning of 10.000 $ from Google Adsense. So, advertising revenue is the most successful and trading way to make money on Google, along with other effective ways! 

Check out the 8 most successful and proven ways on how to Make Money on Google!

How to Make Money on Google: 8 Successful Ways

Master the 8 most successful and popular ways how to make money on Google in this extremely informative blog post! Get expert guidance on reinforcing your money-making via Google Adsense, using Google Ads, joining Google’s Affiliate network, joining the Youtube Premium Program, using Google Opinion Reward, joining Google Remote Careers, and more!

You can turn your unique efforts into some profitable outcomes using these 8 effective and smart ways to get the solution on how to make money on Google! You have to follow the various strict guidelines and norms of Google to earn a profit from there.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to work on a digital platform and earn money on Google! Just go through this post to enhance your money-making skills today!

Table of Contents

#1. Start with Google Adsense

Google Adsense

This is the most popular and best way for digital platform users on their frequently asked query on how to make money on Google and get a sizable amount of profit from starting your journey with Google Adsense.

Google AdSense is the major digital platform of Google which allows website owners or bloggers to make a substantial amount of profit by running customized ads on the websites. An owner gets an amount of money whenever a user clicks on the ads. 

Adsense can make your website or blog a profitable one, once you apply various monetization strategies strictly.

Step 1: Register to a Google Adsense account 

First, you must register for a Google Adsense account followed by installing the code on the website to start using Google Adsense. 

Step 2: Start your keyword research 

Then, start conducting your keyword research with the help of various popular keyword research tools such as SEMrush or Google Keyword Planner. 

You can then make a list of different high-intent, low-competition, and low-volume keywords that are relevant to your target niche to drive more traffic and optimize campaign performance.

Step 3: Design appealing Ad Copies

You must make attention-grabbing ad copies that match the desires and pain points of your target niche. You must use engaging language, relevant keywords, and attractive CTAs to enhance the CTR and conversion rate.

Step 4: Start landing page optimization

Make and optimize landing pages that match your Google ad copies. Make sure to offer clear and transparent messaging, attractive deals and offers, and responsive navigation to encourage page conversion and boost user engagement rate. 

Step 5: Performance analysis and monitoring

Lastly, you can monitor the performance of your Ad campaign with the application of Google Analytics regularly. Monitor the key performance metrics like CTR, ROI, and conversion rate for enhancement and modify your money-making strategies as needed.

The more visitors come to your website, the more amount of money you can make on Google using AdSense.

#2. Use Google Ads

Google Ads

You can consider Google Ads as another major way how to make money on Google through enabling businesses to make and display their ads on YouTube channels as well as search engine results pages.

Step 1: Audience targeting and defining clear business goals

You must define your business goals clearly by recognizing the interests and demographics of your niche audience. This basic step guarantees that your ad campaigns are aligned particularly with your entire marketing goals and reach your high-intended viewers effectively.

Step 2: Conducting keyword research

You can now perform thorough keyword research to point out our relevant search phrases and terms that match your business deliverables. You must use terms such as SEMrush, Ubersuggest, and Google Keyword Planner to explore relevant keywords with trending strategies and practices.

You must use these keywords in your Google Ad copy and niche targeting process to enhance visibility and ad relevancy.

Step 3: Engaging and attractive Ad creative development

You must develop engaging and attractive ad creatives that match your niche audience and grab their attention by making them take profitable action. You should make your ad copy compelling by showcasing your USPs and additional bonus points.

Use the alluring visuals, attractive and catchy headlines, and straight-forward CTA to navigate users to click on your Google Ads and learn about the deliverables more!

Step 4: Formulating advanced audience and niche targeting options 

You can use the Advanced targeting options of Google Ads to reach a wide number of audience depending on your niche demographics, preferences, and remarketing aspects. 

Customize your ad campaigns to target audiences that are highly interested in your services or products, boosting the chances of more ROI and conversions.

Step 5: Campaign performance tracking and optimizing

You can now track the performance of your ad campaigns with the key performance matrices such as conversion rate, ROI, CTR, and CPA. You can also analyze the end data to recognize the areas of improvement and then apply optimization strategies to boost the performance of ads. 

In this way, you can also drive profitable conversions. You can take a fee as a charge from other businesses for your deliverables like products or services with the help of Ads management services. You can also test and boost your ad campaigns regularly to gain the most successful outcomes from using Google Ads. 

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Way 3: Join Youtube Premium Program


You can consider Ads as the best and most successful way how to make money on Google nowadays. You can start your money-making journey by just joining the YouTube Premium Program and start monetizing!

You have to know about the monetization policies of Google and YouTube! Once you cross the 4000 watched hours with 1000+ YouTube subscribers, you are eligible to join YouTube monetization!

Step 1: YouTube account creation

You have to sign into your Google account first by setting a relevant display picture to your YouTube channel. You must follow some simple steps to set up your YouTube Premium account and personalize it with an appealing name, profile picture, and attractive banner.

Step 2: Creating catchy and attractive video content 

You can start your monetization journey just by creating attractive and top-quality videos that match the interests and preferences of your niche audiences. You must place your focus on content creation which offers entertainment, solutions to various problems, educational information, and value to guarantee the theme of your Youtube channel and grab the attention of your audiences.

Step 3: Following the necessary eligibility criteria of the YouTube Channel

You should now cross 1000+ YouTube subscribers along with watched hours of 4000 within the last 12 months to join the money-making YouTube Partner Program. 

Step 4: Enroll into a Partner Program

Proceed with YoutTube studio and click on the YouTube monetization tab. Then Sign up with the YouTube Partner program by admitting the guidelines and terms. Now, you need to relax and wait for the YouTube channel’s review on eligibility.

Step 5: Set up an Adsense account

Begin with setting your Adsense account with your own Google account if you still do not have any! Now, connect your Adsense account to your YouTube channel in the YouTube Studio.

Step 6: Explore various features of monetization and set preferences accordingly

You can explore various monetization features on the YouTube Channel for various eligibility criteria and set your preferences as per those. Some of the monetization ways include Ad revenue, channel membership, and YouTube premium revenue.

Step 7: Start making money

Once you meet the eligibility criteria on YouTube, you can then activate the monetization feature on your channel. Now, begin your mone-making journey with specific preference settings and ad placements in your channel videos.

You can make money from Premium memberships and channel subscriptions also! You can monitor the channels’s performance and revenue with the successful content optimization strategy to reinforce the revenue and the rate of conversion. 

#4. Join Google’s Affiliate network

amazon affiliates create account start 1

Google Workspace Affiliate program is another prominent answer to the question of how to make money on Google. You must sign up for the affiliate program along with promoting the merchandise products on the website to earn a specific amount of commission once a user buys a product or service by clicking on the affiliate link! 

Amazon Associates are the top affiliate in India and you can earn a commission of 10% if you join the affiliate program of Amazon. 

To join the affiliate network and get a commission, you have to sign up on a Google Affiliate Network publisher account with the same name as a Google AdSense account. 

You can sign up for this affiliate program by pushing services or products on your website, which boosts the website traffic. This strategically monitors your performance and progress.

Step 1: Choose trending products and niche

The first and foremost step to earning money from affiliate marketing is to pick a trending and profitable product and niche under Google’s Affiliate Network that matches your preferences, years of experience, niche audience, and interests. 

You must conduct in-depth market research to evaluate market competition, demand, and possible profitability which guarantees you pick possible options with higher money-making ways.

Step 2: Joining Google’s Affiliate Network

Then you can sign up for Google’s Affiliate Network and conduct the application method to get accessibility over a huge range of promotional opportunities and affiliate programs. You can now pick a robust affiliate program with the best tracking systems, competitive commissions, and top-quality products that match your niche audience.   

Step 3: Form a high-engaging blog/ website 

You can now develop an engaging blog or website for your target industry or niche audience. You must develop attention-grabbing content that offers the required value to your niche audience and place the affiliate links very strategically.

You can now conduct website optimization on search engines to drive organic traffic and boost online visibility.

Step 4: Effectively promote affiliate offers and deals

You can place a multichannel marketing strategy to effectively promote Google’s affiliate offers and deals followed by driving conversion rates.

You can also use different marketing platforms like email marketing, paid advertising, social media, and content marketing to reach your niche audience as well as promote your affiliate services and products strategically.

Step 5: Campaign performance analysis and optimization

Lastly, you can track the performance of your own affiliate campaigns using the platform of Google Analytics and monitoring tools. You can also make an analysis of different key performance metrics like conversions, clicks, and rate of commissions to examine the effectiveness of your promotions.

 You must recognize the top-performing marketing strategies and do campaign optimization strategically to boost profitability and revenue over a long period of time. You can now assess and modify your approach to guarantee continuous success on Google’s Affiliate Network.

#5. Earn by using Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

Are you looking to make money by just conducting surveys on Google? Then, joining the Google Opinion Rewards is the best option for you! 

Simply downloading the app, reviewing some things, and answering a few questions can make you a huge profit. You can earn up to $1.00 per survey once you complete one! The surveys involve user reviews and opinions on the chosen topic of a particular vendor.

Step 1: Install and Sign up to Google Opinion Rewards App

Start your money-making journey by just downloading the Google Opinion App from the App Store for iOS users and Play Store for Android users. You can then start installing this app on your phone or tab to make a profit by submitting opinion-based reviews and surveys.

Step 2: Finish the Profile set up

Once you install the app, launch the app and then set up your account by mentioning the necessary demographical details on yourself such as gender, age, location, and preferences. This personal information guide Google suits your relevant opinion-depending tasks and surveys customized to your account.

Step 3: Take part in various tasks and surveys 

Next, you must check the survey notifications on the Google Opinion Rewards App and then participate in surveys and tasks once you get notified. You must share your opinions on tasks on various topics related to services and products. You get notified and take part in surveys. 

You must be assured of responding to those surveys and tasks honestly to generate more profit and boost the earning possibilities.

Step 4: Earn the Google Play credits now!

Once you complete the surveys on products and services within the App, you can get monetary rewards such as Google Play Credits. You can redeem these Google Play Credits for a huge range of digital services or content that are present in the Google Play Store, such as games, books, apps, movies, and more!

#6. Google’s Search Engine Evaluator

You can also earn money through Google’s Search Engine Evaluator program to assess the relevance and quality of search engine pages of Google. You can assess the search engine results via following training and registration and provide opinions on their quality and relevance.

This effective way solves the most frequently asked query on how to make money on Google.

Step 1: Conduct research and opt for Search Engine Evaluator Positions 

You can start by conducting research on various popular companies that provide search engine evaluator positions, like Google’s contracted partners.

Discover various job listings and opt for positions that align with your qualifications, skills, and availability. You can also showcase your skills and expertise in internet research, data analysis, or digital marketing to boost your opportunities to gain a secured position.

Step 2: Finish Onboarding and Training 

Once you choose the role of a search engine evaluator, you can go through the onboarding and thorough training procedure offered by the contractual business partner. Get yourself accustomed to the rules, guidelines, and regulations of the used tools and rating system of search engines. 

Get a detailed knowledge of Google’s search engine algorithms and the intent of users to assess search results strategically.

Step 3: Performing Search Engine Assessments

You must engage yourself in the daily activities given by the contractors, which generally include tasks such as assessing the accuracy, relevance, and quality of search engine results depending on pre-set criteria and norms. 

Use your specific attention to detail and analytical skills to evaluate the effectiveness of the queries of search engine result pages offering vital information and reviews to boost user experience.

Step 4: Consistency and quality maintenance 

You must maintain the pre-determined quality standards and performance metrics of Google or the contractual business partner. Then, you should re-modify your assessment strategies and implement search algorithms and trends to guarantee reliable as well as precise results. As a search engine evaluator, you must maintain professionalism and privacy in your work.  

Step 5: Earn Rewards and Commissions

Once you successfully finish the assessment tasks, you can get compensation and rewards in the form of daily incentives or payments from the contractual business company. 

You can now enjoy the perks of remote working and get satisfied with your work of participating in the improvement of user experience as well as Google’s search engine algorithms. 

You can use your skills and knowledge to make money on Google on Google’s Platform by just strictly following some actionable steps. This successful strategy is seen as another major way how to make money on Google.

#7. Joining Google Remote Careers

Google Remote Careers

Joining Google’s Remote Career is considered a major way through which you can earn profit on Google. This is the largest company in the world that hires and offers a large number of people the opportunity to work remotely. 

A diverse range of attractive and high-paying job opportunities are available in Google Remote Careers, which offers you the chance to work with this multinational platform from the comfort of your home.

Step 1: Discover Google’s Remote Career opportunities 

You can start your journey to earn money on Google by investigating the various range of remote career opportunities on Google. 

You must visit Google’s official career website to search remote job listings over diverse job roles and departments such as engineering, customer service,m marketing, and more!

Step 2: Customize your application and resume

You can personalize your cover letter and resume to match with your particular needs and qualifications stated in the job posting for remote jobs at Google. You must show your skills and expertise that highlight your abilities and job suitability to conquer the remote working landscape. 

Step 3: Highlight and apply your expertise

Then, you submit your job application for Google’s remote career at Google through specific channels like recruitment sessions and the company’s online application. 

You must use your professional network, online job portfolio, and LinkedIn profile to highlight your years of experience and passion for registering into Google’s remote workforce. 

Step 4: Prepare for evaluation and interviews

Now, you can get yourself ready with interviews, screening processes, and assessments for some specific designation at Google’s remote workplace. 

#8. Start your YouTube Channel

Youtube Channels

YouTube stays on the top of the social media platforms worldwide. Follow some simple steps and get your answer regarding how to make money on Google by just creating your own YouTube channel today!

Step 1: Select your target or niche 

At first, you must recognize a target and niche that matches your expertise, preferences, and audience demands. 

You can then conduct market analysis and research to know the needs and current trends of your selected niche, guaranteeing that it also provides opportunities for huge profit and growth.

Step 2: Develop an engaging and robust content

Generate engaging and top-quality content that matches your niche audience. Apply a variety of reviews, entertainment, Vlogs, and tutorials to keep your niche audience engaged and boost the rate of returning visitors. 

You must put your focus on problem-solving, offering the entertainment and the value your niche audience needs to form a sense of trust and loyalty.

Step 3: Channel Optimization

After this, you must continue with channel optimization to boost user engagement and search visibility. Apply keywords that are relevant to your channel, consisting of playlist, layout, thumbnails, and channel art, to generate a professional and captivating brand image.

Step 4: Grow your audience reach 

Now, you can grow your YouTube channel over various social media platforms to grab the attention of viewers and channel subscribers. Use email marketing, cross-promotion, collaborations, and social media marketing to attract audiences and grow your reach.

You also can collaborate with your niche audience by offering responses to subscriber’s comments, asking for reviews, and promoting collaboration to boost a sense of community across YouTube. 

Step 5: Channel monetization

Once your channel fully follows the eligibility criteria for monetization, you can apply for the YouTube Partner Program. You can also allow for monetization features like channel membership, merchandise shelf, ads, and Super Chat to start making money from your content on Google. 

You must focus on generating adviser-friendly and engaging content to boost your money-making skills.

If you look around, you can notice various popular and successful ways how to make money on Google! The first and foremost thing is to start now, take the necessary actions, and enhance your money-making journey step-by-step. You must use these afore-mentioned 8 successful ways to reinforce your money-making journey on Google for proven and 100% guaranteed profits!

FAQs on How to Make Money on Google in 2024

  1. Is money-making easier on Google?
  2. Yes, of course! Making money on Google is quite easy as this platform offers a diverse range of ways such as affiliate marketing, joining a YouTube channel, Google AdSense, YouTube monetization, and more!
  3. What are the monetization ways on Google?
  4. You can see there are plenty of ways to get monetization on Google, and those include affiliate marketing, AdSense, YouTube Ads, Google Ads, taking part in Google surveys, and joining a Google Remote Careers.
  5. What are some successful ways to grow a YouTube channel and boost ad revenue?
  6. You must put your emphasis on generating top-quality content, video optimization, title and description optimization, and audience engagement on various social media platforms to grow your YouTube channel and boost your revenue. 
  7. What are the different ways to earn money via Google Adsense?
  8. The different ways to earn money via Google AdSense include displaying ads on YouTube or a Website once someone clicks on the ads displayed on your YouTube video.
  9. Can I earn money by making and selling digital products on Google?
  10. Yes, of course! You can make money by developing and selling digital products like courses, e-books, and apps on Google.
  11. How can I make money with the use of Google Opinion Rewards?
  12. You can earn money with the use of Google Opinion Rewards just by participating in surveys and giving opinions on some tasks. Once the Google Credit is received, you can redeem it for digital purchases from the Google Play Store. 
  13. What steps to follow to become a successful Google Ads expert and make money?
  14. You need to follow some steps to become a successful Google Ads Expert and those are learning about keywords, niche targeting, bidding, and campaign optimization via online certifications and courses.
  15. Can I earn money by just taking part in Google Surveys?
  16. Yes, you can! You must participate in Google surveys and offer reviews or opinions on different products or services to make money on Google.
  17. Can I boost ad revenue by just optimizing YouTube videos?
  18. You can optimize your YouTube videos by applying keywords that are relevant to your content, attention-grabbing titles, and engaging and encouraging audiences to view more content to boost ad revenue. 
  19. How can I opt for Google My Business to grab the attention of customers and generate more revenue?
  20. You can also use Google My Business to make a business profile, maintain client feedback, and grab the attention of local clients to enhance the revenue for your business. With this successful monetization way on Google, you can earn huge profits.


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