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Career in Digital Marketing 2019

digital marketing career 2019

If you want to create a good career in the current phase, then you can be successful by getting knowledge in the field of digital marketing. To move forward in this field, first, you have to develop your interest in technology.

Today our world is gradually getting digitized, but with a very small step. Most texts and Vedas were taken by our ancestors are being digitized today. Speeches of top leaders given in Parliament and Constituent Assembly are also digitized. We can capture all the information with just one click and mouse jerk.

Obviously, there is a lot of hard work behind this work. They are working day and night to do these things. In this digital era, you too can find your career. At the same time, we can tell you that it can also give you a very good package. Everyday mobile apps and websites give at least this same message. Here we are introducing you to various job profiles.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Pay per click advertising
  4. Mobile Marketing
  5. Email marketing specialist
  6. Designer
  7. Data Analyst/Web analytics
  8. Content Writer
  9. Consumer relation management
  10. Affiliate Marketing.

As all the above job profiles can be seen. These job profiles are the digital age. If you understand basic work and also know how to market your work then this career is for you.

The best part of this sequence and digital marketing is that it is an emerging business. No one can claim such that he knows everything. You can go ahead by looking at your interests and earn big money. It has to keep updating itself regularly.

Benefits Of Digital Marketing

The field of digital marketing is not limited to any one job and there are many opportunities in it. This selection should be done by keeping the candidate in line with his qualification. Given the growing impact of digital marketing, it can say that its demand is very high and this large difference in demand-supply will definitely affect their pay.

How To Start Digital Marketing Begins

Read the blog in digital marketing.

Attend the city’s Digital Marketing Program, Workshop.

Participate in Digital Marketing and New Media Conferences

Start writing your own blog.

Learn Digital Marketing in Institute.

Work Profile in Digital Marketing

Today, a digital marketing specialist in bigger companies is of great importance. These are important members of the digital marketing team. It is the responsibility of preparing and maintaining digital marketing materials. They make their branding by creating web banner ads, emails and websites for the company. Prepare marketing campaigns for internet and digital technologies, which are delivered to people through mobile phones and social media.

Digital Marketing Job Profile

The scope of digital marketing is huge. Here you can find jobs in these positions: Digital Marketing Manager, Content Marketing Manager, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Web Designer, App Developer, Content Writer, Search Engineer Marketer, Inbound Marketing Manager, SEO Executive, Conversion Rate Optimizer etc.


It is necessary to have a graduate to work in this field. Students who are graduating in Marketing, Communication or Graphic Design, they can make a career in digital marketing.


There is no limit on salary in digital marketing. As soon as training and experience get, the income goes up. In the period of training, there can be income between 15 thousand and 40 thousand rupees. After some years you can also start your own office.


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