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Web Designing Course After 12th: Worth it or Not?

Web Designing Course After 12th

Are you looking to start your career in a web designing course after 12th? Then, this blog post will help you resolve all your doubts regarding skill development and career success! While choosing the right course that guarantees you upskilling your career, higher salaries and vast opportunities can also confuse you!

If you look at the statistics of the web design industry, you can notice the rapid growth there! The digital world is witnessing a massive positive transformation there. The number of job opportunities as web designers is increasing rapidly and is projected to grow by 16% within the next 10 years. 

In this blog post, you can get a brief coverage of the web design course, eligibility criteria to join the course, career scope after course completion, benefits, alternative career options, and factors to remember while joining a web designing course after 12th. 

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What a Web Designing Course Covers?

The huge range of topics covered in this skill-development course includes web technologies, Bootstrap, HTML, Animation techniques, JavaScript, WordPress, CSS, web page layout designing, and web applications. This course will take up to 6 months to fully complete and become a certified web designing expert. 

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Benefits of Joining Web Designing Course After 12th

Benefits of Joining Web Designing Course After 12th

Over the last decade, web design has obtained remarkable popularity. There are a plethora of web designing institutes delivering web designing certification courses with industry-led training features. 

You can also take online and offline classes, as most institutes offer flexible web design courses. You can also notice the course duration usually takes 6 months, which you can complete during your vacation time after the 12th. 

The essential skills developed with this course can be used to build robust websites, applications, and more! Utilizing these beneficial skills, you can become a professional web designer, UX designer, frontend designer, or backend designer, or you can also start freelancing and become a self-paced freelancer in this highly competitive job market!

Let’s explore the perks of joining the web designing course after 12th below!

Boosts creativity skills: Improves creative skills through real-client projects and knowledge to apply original as well as industry-ready web design techniques.

Huge Career Opportunities: The skills you get after completing a web designing course unlock the door to vast job roles in web designing, UI/UX design, e-commerce, web development, and more, with diverse career options in this highly competitive market.

Amazing salary options: Highly experienced web designers earn higher salaries, with more options for salary growth and additional perks depending on years of expertise, field knowledge, and the latest demand for web designing skills in this highly competitive job industry.

Vast Freelance opportunities: Web designing professionals can apply their skills to work in self-paced areas as freelancers, delivering designing services to global customers, and enjoying the flexible mode of working and work rate setting. 

Networking with diverse sectors: You can get the opportunity to interact with clients from diverse industrial backgrounds with live-client web design projects. You will get the chance to build networks which will result in better networking opportunities and better career options with higher salary packages.

Enhance Brand Reputation: A robustly designed website boosts the reputation and popularity of the brand, enhancing user engagement rate, grabbing the attention of huge audiences, and promoting a positive brand image within its niche audience.

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Skills needed for web designing course after 12th

Skills needed for web designing course

If you want to pursue your professional career in a web designing course after 12th grade, you must hold some major skills such as creativity, technical skills, tools management, robust communication skills, and a basic knowledge of designing principles. 

Look at the key skills you should prioritize:

Strong technical skills: You must have strong technical skills in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, as these are the basic elements for generating a highly functional, interactive, and visually attractive website. Once you finish the course, you will be able to apply popular designing tools like Adobe XD, Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator to maintain the updated industry standards. 

SEO basics: You must have the basic idea of fundamentals of Search engine optimization or SEO like on-page optimization, keyword research, and how to build links to boost the online visibility and search engine ranking of a website.

Typography: You can be able to gain web designing expertise if you have the basic ideas on different typefaces, fonts, and principles of typography to convey vital information successfully and improve the readability of your web content.

Attention to detail: Skills to pay attention to small details like alignment, design spacing, and design consistency to offer a professional as well as stunning look for a web project.

Communication skills: You must have skills to communicate well with the team as well as clients to generate the idea of the project needs, deliver necessary project updates, and resolve the issues for successful project completion.

Teamworking skills: You must be able to collaborate effectively with developers, graphic designers, and other experts to get creative ideas, share knowledge, and work collaboratively to achieve the objectives of projects within a deadline and limited budget. 

Web Designing Course After the 12th: Eligibility & Career Scopes

Web Design Career

You must consider some minimum eligibility criteria for joining this web designing course after 12th to get tremendous career opportunities after course completion.

Eligibility Criteria

If you are a student who has just completed 12th with any educational streams or is going to sit in the board exams, you are eligible for this web designing course. 

Career Scopes

You can avail a variety of career opportunities once you finish your web designing course with higher salary packages. 

Web designer: The web designers are the individuals who are responsible for making the best website appearance. All the students need to do is complete the web designing course in order to design the website. 

The responsibilities of a web designer include designing layouts, making responsive designs, designing simple pages, making visually stunning designs, digital retouching, website testing, registering into web domains, and more! Some of the web designers are working under various reputable organizations as a full-time employee. 

UX/UI designer: The UX/UI designer job profile is another major thriving career option in today’s highly competitive job industry. With the assistance of a certified mentor and an advanced web designing course after 12th, you can master the skills of User Interface (UI) and user experience (UX) and guide in shaping the modern digital industry.

Multimedia specialist: Multimedia specialist is another popular job field in web design, and you can get higher salary options from top recruiters in this job role. The job responsibilities cover creating engaging content using illustrations, video, graphics, photography, and sound. 

The main function of a multimedia specialist is to plan, make, design, and offer aesthetically appealing and engaging multimedia packages.

WordPress Developer: WordPress Developer is another trending career opportunity you can get after completion of the web designing course from any reputed institution. Open your doors of creativity by understanding the beneficial features of plugins, engaging content, and themes, and making, designing, and personalized websites.

E-commerce Website Designer: E-commerce Website designers are in huge demand in the rapidly transforming and growing e-commerce market worldwide. You can find out how to design safe, secure, engaging, user-friendly, and visually appealing e-commerce websites with an advanced Web designing course after 12th grade.

Layout designer analyst: Layout designer analyst is another vital career option one can pursue after completing a web design course. The job responsibilities are designing layouts while balancing layout elements, developing mockups for client feedback, conducting editorial tasks, and networking with copywriters. 

Freelancing: You can also choose the option to work flexibly with the freelancing work mode. With this, you can also deliver creative designing services by setting your own design rates.

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Web Designing Course Fees & Duration

The overall course fee generally depends on the course curriculum and duration. Usually, the web designing course takes approximately 6 months to complete, and it changes according to customization or topic addition.

Most web designing institutes charge a minimum of 30,000 and a maximum of 60,000 for web designing courses.

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Web Designer Salary

Once you finish the web designing course after 12th, you can get higher salary job opportunities in this competitive field. The average salary of a web designer is 2 LPA on the starting days. Once you gain the experience of 3 years in this web designing field, you can get up to 3.5 LPA.

Factors to Consider Before Joining Web Designing Course After the 12th

Before joining a web designing course after 12th grade, you must consider various major factors carefully to achieve effective course experience and a successful professional career!

Course coverage: You must carefully assess the course curriculum and make sure that it includes the essential and advanced topics of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, UX/UI concepts, responsive design principles, and popular graphic design tools. Always seek courses that offer updated training in both creative and technical elements of web designing.

Course Fees: You can always consider the course fees according to your course budget. First, you must compare the course fees and payment structure of different institutions and evaluate them based on the educational quality and offerings.

Certified Faculty: Find out the qualifications of the trainers, their certifications, and years of expertise first. Highly qualified and experienced mentors with industry-led teaching can offer exclusive mentorship and insights to learners. 

Project and Internship opportunities: You must find web design courses that offer the chance to work on live client projects and internships under top employers. Practical exposure is valuable for making a robust profile and boosting your job-ready skills.

Placement assistance facility: Check out if the academy offers placement support or career guidance to assist learners in getting their dream career opportunities after course completion. A successful placement assistance can increase your demand in this highly competitive job landscape. 

Reputation & Accreditation of the Institute: Go and conduct detailed market research on the accreditation and reputation of the institutes you shortlisted. Choose the one with a successful track record of making certified web designers and accreditations from reputable organizations.

Course Duration: You must look for the course duration and whether it matches your timing for completing the program and joining the job market. 

Industry networking: You should also investigate whether your shortlisted institutes are in collaboration with other big organizations, which can enhance your chances of getting internship and networking opportunities. This will also help you to boost your industrial knowledge. 

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Web Designing Course After 12th: Worth it or Not?

The web designing course after 12th is worth doing for a number of reasons. It prepares you with industry-ready knowledge of CSS, JavaScript, HTML, UX/UI design principles, and responsive design principles, unlocking the opportunities for a successful professional career. With the growing demand for web designers, this exclusive course provides various job roles and chances to ask for high salary packages. Moreover, the freelancing opportunities offer you flexibility in working. If you are interested in visually appealing creativity, technology, and a smooth online experience, a web designing course is your perfect career choice!

FAQs on Web Designing Course After 12th

Q. What are the job responsibilities of a web designer?

The job responsibilities of a web designer include creating visually appealing elements on a website, such as typography, graphics, layouts, and color schemes. The web designers also guarantee the smooth performance of the website and a robust user interface.

Q. What is the salary of a web designer?

The salary of a web designer varies on different factors, such as skill sets and years of expertise. The average salary of a web designer is 2 LPA on the starting days. Once you get a minimum experience of 3 years in this web designing field, you can get up to 3.5 LPA.

Q. What benefits can I get from joining the web designing course after 12th?

You can get a number of additional benefits apart from an updated course curriculum, and they include the development of creative skills, higher career options, amazing salary options, vast freelance opportunities, networking opportunities in diverse sectors, and an enhanced brand reputation.

Q. What skills should one have to enroll in a web design course?

The skills one must possess to join a web design course include strong technical skills, SEO basics, attention to detail, typography, teamwork skills, and effective communication skills.

Q. What career options can I get after completing the web designing course?

If you want to start your professional journey in the demanding field of digital marketing, you can get plenty of career options there! The career options include web designer, E-commerce Website Designer, UX/UI designer, layout designer analyst, multimedia specialist, WordPress developer, and freelancer.

Q. What is the minimum qualification or eligibility criteria to join a web design career?

You must have the minimum educational qualification, like completing an undergraduate degree with any of the specializations. The students who have just graduated are always preferred for this course.

Q. Is it challenging to work as a web designer?

Yes, the job of a web designer is quite challenging, as it demands updated and latest technological features while managing the website’s performance with robust creativity.

Q. Will internship opportunities be offered through a web designing course?

Yes, you can get internship opportunities with a web designing course as most of institutes are offering this chance to have hands-on experience. You can also check out the advanced web designing course at W3 Web School to learn about their latest course modules and internship opportunities.

Q. Will I get certification once I complete a web designing course after 12th?

Yes, of course, you can get certifications once you complete the web designing course after 12th grade. W3 Web School offers global certifications for completing their advanced web designing course.


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