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10 Types of Facebook Advertising: Tips & Tricks to Win Customers

Types of Facebook Advertising

If you have expertise in handling Facebook or are a newbie, knowing the tips and tricks on how to make different types of Facebook advertising in grabbing customers’ attention is always considered a powerful marketing skill. 

Facebook is always a booming field, with more than 3 billion emerging active users per month. Over the past years, different types of Facebook advertising have transformed to serve its millions of active users in a better way. Also, social media marketers had to keep themselves updated with the latest trends and practices to ensure they still make outstanding Facebook Ad types to win customers. 

In this blog, I will discuss some significant types of Facebook Advertising that you can use to make a winning move and get the desired results. Moreover, I will also talk about some tools for Facebook Ads, which will do some extra magic.

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What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Advertising is one of the most vital factors for business which offers a substantial competitive advantage if you place it accurately. Facebook advertisements are posts that companies are paying for to display their services and products to Facebook users. Facebook ads come in different formats, like videos, slideshows, images, and carousels. 

You must have seen different types of Facebook ads in User’s stories, feeds, Facebook Marketplace, and Messenger. If you look carefully, you can see that Facebook ads are much cheaper than other social media advertisements, such as Instagram ads, Twitter ads, and LinkedIn ads. Based on different factors like location, preferences, demographics, and online user activity, you can target your Facebook ads and run ad campaigns effectively. 

Best Types of Facebook Advertising

Before building a successful Facebook Advertising campaign, you need to know what different types of Facebook Advertising are present on Facebook and what more they offer!

You are offered a wide range of Facebook Ad types by the Facebook Ad Manager, and I have demonstrated some of the best of them below.

Image Ads.

Image Ads are viewed as Facebook’s most popular as well as primary forms of ads. These types of Facebook advertising help businesses in promoting their services or products with the use of just an image. Image ads are used for diverse kinds of Facebook advertising, aspect ratios, and placements to ensure higher success rates. 

You can place an alluring image with a catchy headline and well-written description to grab the attention of your target users. They also contain a link and a CTA (Call-to-action) button. 

Ad Objectives for Image Ads:

  • Local awareness
  • Reach
  • Website Traffic
  • Brand awareness
  • App installs
  • User Engagement 
  • Product catalog sales
  • Higher rates of conversions
  • Lead generation

Video Ads

Businesses nowadays are using single videos as video ad formal to market their unique offerings such as services or products. The primary goal of these types of Facebook advertising is to drive higher audience engagement and win the ads game. 

To keep your audience engaged, you must follow a few central practices of video advertising and they are keeping your videos short and trying not to make their length more than 15 seconds, beginning with a bang, and thoroughly reading the complete guide to make successful video advertising on Facebook. Video advertising adds movement to the feed of users and higher rates of engagement.

The majority of the users have been spending half of their time on Facebook watching videos. 

Ad Objectives for Video Ads:

  • Higher traffic
  • Engagement
  • Lead generation
  • Brand awareness
  • Audience reach
  • Conversions
  • App installs

Carousel Ads.

Do you want to say more but have limited space? Give Carousal Ads a try! You will get the opportunity to display the entire bunch of your services or products in the same space and price that you would be using for just one ad. 

You can add up to 10 images or videos within your Ad campaign with the help of this type of Facebook ad. When a user notices your carousel ad, they swipe it to discover the contents- this is called carousel, and the ad types are known as Carousel ads. 

Carousal ads are responsive ads that work both on desktop and mobile as they are well-optimized for different mobile User’s behaviors. 

Ad Objectives for Carousal Ads:

  • Brand awareness
  • Higher conversion
  • Improved audience reach
  • Lead generation
  • App installs
  • Local awareness
  • Promote multiple products
  • Product catalog sales
  • Audience engagement

Lead Ads.

Lead ads are the type of ads that come in an instant form and potential customers will add their valuable information to it. Businesses will get a solid understanding of their potential clients from a future business perspective. 

Leas ads are beneficial for collecting vital customer data instantly for further business promotions, conducting thorough market research, or driving more audience engagement. These ads are also available for a wide range of users with mobile devices to enhance their user experience without any issues. These issues are usually associated with the process of asking users about their contact information.

Ad Objectives for Lead Ads:

  • Lead forms.
  • Enhanced lead generation
  • Higher targeting 
  • Boosted user experience
  • Brand awareness 
  • Nurture leads
  • Help in product launches

Slideshow Ads.

Just like carousel ads, slideshow ads also contain approximately 8 to 10 images or single videos to win customers. Slideshow Ads are considered far better and more effective than video Ads as they only require less amount of data as compared to videos. This makes this ad a top pick for industries where users have limited amounts of data or slower internet connection. 

You must put high-quality videos or images in your slideshow ads and also add music to grab the attention of potential users. Slideshow ads are more effective and affordable than other types of Facebook Ads. 

Ad Objectives for Slideshow Ads:

  • Higher customer engagement 
  • Enhanced traffic
  • Higher audience reach
  • Local awareness
  • Brand awareness
  • More lead generation
  • Higher conversion
  • More App installs 
  • Increased views on videos

Dynamic Ads.

The dynamic Facebook ads target a broad audience base depending on their previous purchases on the website. First, you should upload the product catalog and then check whether it matches the right pixels and is installed properly on your website. 

You can target four different types of audiences with Dynamic Facebook ads. Those include products that are already viewed but have yet to initiate purchase, upsell products, cross-sell products, and products that are added to the cart but have yet to be purchased. If you want to use dynamic ads effectively, you must be registered with a Facebook Business Manager account. 

Ad Objectives for Dynamic Ads:

  • Product catalog sales
  • Boost conversions
  • Improved engagement
  • Automate ad creation
  • Mobile app engagement
  • Boost online sales
  • Higher CTR
  • Ad spend optimization

Stories Ads.

Stories ads are viewed as the most fun ways to share and grasp the essence of the content. The major reason for the popularity of story ads is their faster message delivery feature. The natural exposure the User generally gets with a high-definition vertical & full-screen view is through story ads.

Usually, stories are available for only 24 hours and disappear just after the specific time given. On the other hand, you can display your story ads as long as you want to run your Facebook Advertising campaign to your potential clients. 

Ad Objectives for Stories Ads:

  • Higher reach
  • Increased app installs
  • More website traffic
  • Lead generation
  • Brand awareness
  • More video views
  • Boost conversion

Instant Experience Ads.

Instant Experience Ads are another form of video ads. Instant Experience ads are formerly known as Canvas Ads. The prime attraction of these ads is their capability to fully engage the audiences in the appealing story you are telling. When you click on the instant experience ad, you can get a full-screen video. 

These types of Facebook Advertising load ten times faster than a usual mobile application. Target audiences can view photos & videos, and swipe the carousels, and view products that are tagged in the single advertising with the instant experience ads. 

Ad Objectives for Instant Experience Ads:

  • Increased website traffic 
  • Improved brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Event promotion
  • Get thorough Customer insights 
  • Product launches
  • Higher conversions

Collection Ads.

Collection ads are a new type of mobile-only ad format that are specially curated for users while they view and purchase your offerings from their mobiles. It offers you the opportunity to engage and retain your customers while browsing without leaving the application.

You can also consider three templates while running collection ads: instant lookbook, instant storefront, and instant customer acquisition. This hybrid ad format is a mix of images, videos, and slideshows into one. These types of Facebook Advertising allow users to shop for products right there on Facebook.

Ad Objectives for Collection Ads:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Increased Store visits
  • Higher rates of conversions
  • App installs
  • Product catalog sales
  • Increased website traffic 

Augmented Reality Ads.

Augmented Reality ads are creating hype over Facebook as they enable brands to utilize features such as animations and different visually appealing filters and grab the attention of people in a fresh and new way. These ads have shareability features and people who are using these customized filters are also allowed to share them. The audience reach will also be enhanced through these Facebook ad types which is viewed as augmented word of mouth. 

Ad Objectives for Augmented Reality Ads:

  • Increases brand awareness
  • Boosts read and audience engagement
  • Lead generation
  • Higher rates of conversions

Still, have doubts? Want to learn more about different types of Facebook advertising? 

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Tools for Using Different Types of Facebook Advertising



AdEspresso is the popular Facebook Ad ad-building tool used by a huge number of marketers these days. You can use this marketing tool to get help with your complex media accounts. If you have a limited amount of time for your small business to generate unique advertising, then AdEspresso is the one for you to boost your knowledge and manage your ads. 

The features of this Facebook Ad building tool are scheduling, analysis, performance tracking, ad management, and more. This tool also integrates easily with various platforms such as Adwords, Mailchimp, and others.



Canva is an image builder tool that helps in the smooth performance of image Ads. It also helps businesses to design different variations of images to test. It usually is a general ad builder that doesn’t have specific Facebook ad templates. 

The user-friendly interface and template library of Canva help users create visually appealing Facebook ads and increase audience engagement, reach, and conversions.

Facebook Ad Manager


Facebook Ads Manager allows businesses to access to all other marketing tools and create targeted Facebook Ads to reach and engage with their audiences. For your small business, this is the most basic and effective tool to create ads as a part of your robust marketing strategy. 

To get started with Facebook Ad Manager, you begin by creating a page on Facebook, offering information on the promotion, selecting a targeted audience, setting a budget, and ending up tracking the results.

Tips to Create Robust Content for Diverse Types of Facebook Ads

I have curated a list of the best tips to create quality content to guarantee you are on the right path to winning at Facebook advertisements. Knowing what types of Facebook advertising you can pick up only ensures you have half success. To begin your Facebook campaign, you must know who your target audiences are, what your campaign goal is, what formats you should use, and more!

Tip#1: Pick the right goal for your Facebook Advertising campaign

It would help if you chose a goal for your ad campaign that matches your business objectives. What does your brand really need? Want to boost event responses or drive more traffic to your landing page? More video views? Want to generate more leads? 

You should pick an appropriate campaign objective for your business demands. 

Tip#2: Choose the potential audience 

The major aspect you should notice is the target audience segmentation. This is the most important ability of Facebook ads to boost its effectiveness. You can segment your audience by their language, age, gender, location, city, employment, interests, and previously bought experiences with the help of Facebook. 

Tip#3: Choose the proper Facebook ad placements 

Ad placement is a vital part of your Facebook advertising strategy, and it can lead to huge success. The options you get while placing your ads on Facebook might vary depending on the ad objectives. You also opt for Facebook’s Automatic Placement feature to plaster your ads where they can offer maximum results. 

Tip#4: Collaborate with content creators

Another effective tip for successful Facebook advertising is to collaborate with content creators and let them design unique and appealing high-quality content for you. It’s easier to trust a content creator who can manage the social media ad creatives of a business. There are several platforms that connect social media ads with influential content creators.

The Final Word,

More than 3 billion users have been using Facebook each month to connect with their near and dear ones & with their favorite brands. Businesses nowadays are getting several perks and also take advantage of pre-existing relationships with clients with the appropriate application of different types of Facebook Advertising. A wide range of businesses are building creative and unique advertising campaigns to effectively engage with their potential customers and boost conversion.

I am Poulami Dalal. I have more than 3 years of Digital Marketing Experience. I work with my team to create best and simple ways to Teach Digital Marketing Online.