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Top 5 Digital Marketing Institute In Patna

Top 5 Best Digital Marketing Training Institutes In Patna

Digital Marketing is promoting products and services digitally on online platforms. It’s as simple as that.

As per Statistics, people nowadays spend most of their time on the internet. They are found either searching on google, surfing social media, watching YouTube, or checking their email. Therefore any advertisement on these digital marketing platforms draws the better attention of the majority public.

The growth of India’s digital advertising industry is at 33.5%. The value of the digital marketing industry will exceed the INR 225 billion marks by 2020. By 2020, in India digital Industry will produce more than 20 lakhs job. In the financial year, 2016–17 digital marketing in India.

Each brand is jumping into the Digital Marketing world. Why? Digital Marketing has changed the world. It has changed the manner in which marketing worked already.

Why Choose a Career in Digital Marketing?

In recent time, innovation has been on the ascent and more individuals depend on the internet to execute business over the world. E-commerce is one of the innovations which have been raised by the progression of the internet. More individuals are depending on the internet to get data.

Additionally, buyers utilize the internet to get information on the accessibility of items on the planet to advertise. That’s why organizations utilize the internet to connect with the objective shoppers continuously and educate them regarding item changes or dispatch on new items. Advanced marketing systems are being utilized over the customary promoting procedures. You will get to know about those advanced marketing tricks in our Digital Marketing course.

Digital Marketing is a procedure utilized by businessmen to connect with an enormous client base on the internet. It includes the advertising of items and administrations over the internet utilizing different digital platforms. It is otherwise called online marketing, internet-based marketing, or internet marketing. You will get to know more about it in our Digital Marketing Course In Kolkata.

How to Choose Best Digital Marketing Training Institute In Patna?

But as there are now several training institutes offering such courses, one should thoroughly evaluate the training institutes before selecting. Some of the most important factors that one should take into consideration are as follows-

  • Faculty – When it comes to digital marketing training, it is very important to ensure that the trainers at the training institute have several years of industry experience. Many of the training institutes also have successful affiliate marketers and even co-founders of companies to offer the best training to the students.
  • Course curriculum- The courses offered by the training institute should be as per the latest digital marketing trends. They should be regularly updated as per the changing needs of the marketing industry.
  • Certifications- Your training is only as good as the certification you receive from your training institute. So, look for training institutes that offer certification from bodies which are reputed and have authority in the digital marketing space. Many of the training institutes are Google Partners and offer Google certification.
  • Duration- If you are looking for a career in this field, avoid crash courses that have a duration of a few weeks. Prefer comprehensive courses which cover all the important aspects of digital marketing and is of at least 3-5 months.
  • Online or offline- Depending on what you are looking for, you can select an training institute that is well-known for online courses and ones that offer in-class lectures. There are several training institutes that offer online as well as offline classes.
  • Fee structure- Digital marketing courses are generally not very expensive. However, it is still very important to check the fee structure of the training institute and compare the fee with other top training institutes to make the right decision.
  • ·Job assistance- Your training institute should definitely offer job assistance too. Make sure that you do discuss this point when you visit the training institute to avoid any kind of inconveniences in the future.

Top 5 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Patna

Given below is a review of the top 5 Digital Marketing courses in Patna with information such as course fees, duration, placement assistance, timings etc.

1. W3webschool

W3webschool Academy is one of the Online Digital Marketing Training Institute in Patna which focused on cultivating creative senses of students. W3webschool provide complete live classroom and Online training to the Industry executives, Students, Working Professionals, and Entrepreneurs.

Modules: 30+ Modules(16 Certification)

Course Type: Classroom & Online

Institute’s Age: 2010

Contact Info: +91-8017270445

Mail Id: enquiry@w3webschool.com


2. Internet and Mobile Research Institute Patna IMRI

IMRI is one of India’s first job ready institutes in the department of online media with analytics, mobile application, and Digital Marketing. They have a premium Digital Marketing Course in Patna along with specialized module training in Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-click, Web Designing, PHP And MySQL Programming, Social Media Analytics, Google Analytics, Mobile Application Development, And Video Marketing. 

3. SEMSOLS Technologies Patna

SEMSOLS Technologies is a well-rated Digital Marketing agency in Patna with more than 10 years of experience in internet marketing, SEO, and search engine marketing. They provide a premium Digital Marketing course along with the complete Digital Marketing solution to organizations and individuals. 


4. Patna Institute of Digital Marketing 

Patna Institute of Digital Marketing is a leading Training Institute that offers a wide array of digital marketing certification programs. These certification courses include various domains such as Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Google Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and others.



ClickBYSEO is one of the best digital marketing Institute in Patna. Their motivation is to provide great success in the digital marketing field to their candidates. ClickBYSEO knows that digital marketing skills are rare to select among the top 10 digital marketing experts in Patna.

ClickBySEO Digital Marketing Training program in Patna will give you advance level digital marketing skills. They provide complete practical course with beginners to advance level course. Their aim is to provide digital marketing education to all candidates who wants to make a better career.

Website: ClickBySEO


There is no specific ranking order of the digital marketing institutes in Patna. The order of numbering is random. We have enlisted the names by doing secondary research from internet. Most of the institutes mentioned in the list also provide online courses An individual can opt for either classroom training course or learn online but the benefit of the dual course is that if you miss any class, you can make up for it with the online recordings of the same.

Students have to decide the best institute for them on the basis of the fee structure, placements, faculty and location that suit them. We hope that the list will help you in choosing the right option for you for better job opportunities.

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