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20 Most Underrated Lead Generation Tools You Must Use in 2024

Lead generation tools

Constantly struggling to generate high-quality leads? Tired of seeing not-so-profitable outcomes from your marketing efforts? Don’t fear; you are not alone here. Many brands invest their time and money only in lead generation. The failure to reach potential customers or leads can be frustrating sometimes. 

But if you have a tool that can put life into your blunt lead generation process, making it more profitable and full of conversions without a considerable investment! The lead generation tools boost your lead acquisitions while nurturing them according to your goals and business objectives. 

In this blog post, I will cover the most underrated lead-generation tools you need to create your marketing funnel, from lead identification & segmentation to conversion. These hidden lead weapons will help marketers streamline their business, engage efficiently, and boost the rate of conversions. 

Are you ready to transform your lead generation strategies with the help of these robust tools? Let’s unfold the exclusive features of these tools with me and learn how to use these lead-generation tools at their full potential.

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Table of Contents

What are Lead Generation Tools?

Lead generation tools are web applications that help brands grab the attention and nurture the targeted clients, generally known as potential leads. These are the game-changers for the businesses of this digital realm. Lead generation tools help companies streamline & automate the overall lead generation process, saving time & effort and boosting conversion rates. 

These power tools are specially crafted to help you reach potential customer, get their insights, and nurture them through the marketing funnel until they convert. Usually, lead generation tools offer a wide variety of unique functionalities and features such as email marketing automation, valuable content distribution, lead segmentation, and landing page creation, landing page customization to guide businesses in their effective lead generation process. 

So, let’s explore how you can take your business to the next level with the formulation of these powerful lead-generation tools.

Benefits Of Using Lead Generation Tools?

Lead generation tools provide a range of advantages for all businesses, whether small or big. Below, I will explain the four significant advantages that can positively influence any business or brand.

More Qualified Sales Leads: Having huge numbers of sales leads is not always profitable. If the majority of your leads are cold, then you must put more effort into the lead generation process. Here you can take the help of some lead generation tools to get more numbers of qualified leads that increase the rate of conversion and higher business returns. 

Increased Conversion Rates: These lead generation tools optimize marketing strategies and performances by attracting and reaching qualified leads. This enhances the possibility of converting those potential leads and higher conversion rates. 

Improved Client Relationships: Businesses can form loyal and engaging relationships with targeted clients, boosting brand loyalty with the help of exclusive features like customized content and communication with different lead generation tools.

Clear Customer Insights: This lead generation software offers deeper insights and valuable analytics on client behavior, enabling brands to choose the most effective marketing and sales strategies for profitable outcomes. 

I have curated a list of the best lead generation tools in 2024 below.

Top 20 Lead Generation Tools in 2024

I am going to discuss some of the best lead-generation tools that are often overlooked but are essential in 2024.

1. HubSpot


One of the best Customer relation management tools, HubSpot is a real game changer for businesses in 2024. The user-friendly interface of this software is specially designed to assist businesses in managing their potential clients and leads. It also easily integrates with platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads for better inbound marketing results. 

Pricing Plans: HubSpot’s free trial lets you start your lead generation journey with basic features like email sequencing, lead scoring, and more for only 14 days. In addition to the free version, HubSpot also offers three other pricing plans, including a Starter plan, $45 a month; the Professional plan, $800 a month; and the Enterprise plan, $3600 a month. 

Standout Features

  • Lead qualification
  • Lead nurturing
  • Pipeline management
  • Email campaigns
  • Performance metrics
  • Sales Automation
  • High-converting Lead forms
  • Customizable landing pages
  • Lead capture templates
  • Analytics dashboards
  • Real-time Live chat support
  • Integration with a free HubSpot CRM

2. Sprout Social


A popular SMM tool, Sprout Social, is also an effective tool for generating valuable and qualified leads for business. This lead generation tool also allows brands to monitor their online visibility over different social media channels like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. 

If your business has strong online visibility, it enables it to get more exposed on different social media platforms, gain customers’ trust, boost client engagement, and reach and capture potential business leads. Sprout Social provides various standout features such as automated post scheduling, social media conversion tracking, audience engagement, and more to expand business reach.

Pricing Plans: SproutSocial offers a free trial plan for 30 days only. If you want to get more exclusive features to boost your lead generation process, you can choose among their Standard plan, Professional plan, Advanced plan, or Enterprise plan. 

The Standard Plan costs around  $249 a month, whereas the Professional Plan costs $399, and the Advanced Plan costs $499 a month. The Enterprise plan charges according to customization. 

Standout Features

  • Advanced social listing
  • Premium Analytics
  • Employee advocacy
  • Customized reporting
  • Easy CRM integration
  • Automated Social Listening
  • Post Scheduling and Publishing
  • Social media campaign management
  • Smart Chatbox
  • Multi-account management

3. Leadfeeder


Leadfeeder is the most magical among other lead generation tools that leverage businesses to comprehend and highly engage with clients who visit their websites frequently. With this robust lead generation tool, businesses can track customer behavior, get deeper insights, and utilize that client data to optimize their website for higher audience engagement, lead generation, and conversions. 

Leadfeeder also has a simple integration with diverse platforms such as Google Chat, Google Looker Studio, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Slack, Salesforce, Zoho, and Pipedrive for better understanding of lead insights. It’s high time to take your business to experience the next level of success with one of the best lead generation tools, Leadfeeder. 

Pricing Plans: Leadfeeder comes with a free trial plan of 7 days only where it can allow free visitors’ data storage and 100 company identification. The Paid plan of Leadfeeder charges only $139 a month with exclusive features like unlimited visitor data storage, users, activity tracking, custom feeds, and more.

Standout Features

  • Buyer Intent signals 
  • Easy CRM integration
  • Data accessibility 
  • Tracks web visitors
  • Simple lead filtering
  • Multiple Account-based Marketing tools
  • Lead Scoring
  • Custom feeds
  • Email notifications
  • Sales triggers

4. Calendly


Calendly helps clients to choose an open time slot and schedule a meeting with just a click. This tool, among other lead generation tools, is very easy to access and simple to set up. By automatically scheduling appointments and sales calls, Calendly improves the productivity of the business and boosts the lead-generation process.

Pricing Plans: Calendly offers a free trial plan of 30 days in addition to its paid plans which charge around $8 a month. The reasonable pricing plans make it the most used lead-generation tool for small businesses with limited budgets. The standard plan charges around $12, and the Teams plan charges $20 a month. The Enterprise plan costs around $15k yearly.

Standout Features

  • Automated Call and meeting scheduling
  • Customizable booking links
  • Calendar syncing
  • Automated reminders
  • Automated follow-ups

5. OptinMonster


Another way to reach, capture, convert, and monetize your business’s online presence is with the use of the popular lead generation tool OptinMonster. You can boost your email list, enhance your sales rate, and get quality leads with this most effective conversion optimization tool. Incorporating OptinMonster into your sales strategy will help you achieve your targeted lead generation without breaking the bank. 

OptinMonster also has easy integration with a variety of platforms, including ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Salesforce Pardot, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and Keap, for better customizable lead campaigns to capture potential leads.

Pricing Plans: OptinMonster does not offer any free trial plan. It offers four different pricing plans: the Basic plan, charging $9 a month; the Plus plan, $19 a month; the Pro plan, $29 a month; and the Growth plan, $49 a month. 

Standout Features

  • Segmented leads
  • Playbooks
  • Drag-and-drop editor and pop-up builder
  • 500+ templates
  • Lead capture 
  • Email integration
  • Simple and easy A/B testing
  • Onsite retargeting
  • Exit-intent popups

6. MailChimp


MailChimp is one of the popular lead-generation tools that are widely used in email marketing these days. It offers the exclusive feature of email automation. MailChimp also provides different pre-designed email templates and advanced analytics features to enable users to design catchy emails along with tracking CTR, open rates, and campaign functionality. 

Pricing Plans: MailChimp offers 30 days of free trial with features like automated email campaigns and targeted messaging. You can explore more benefits like custom landing pages, social media ads, lead forms, and more with their paid pricing plans. MailChimp’s Essential plan costs $13 a month, the Standard plan costs $20 a month, and the Premium plan costs $350 a month.

Standout Features

  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • A/B testing
  • Simplified segmentation
  • Automated Email campaigns
  • Custom landing pages
  • Lead forms and pop-ups
  • Social media ads
  • SMS automation
  • Easy CRM integration
  • Drag-and-drop email builder
  • Targeted messaging

7. Intercom


This is another major lead generation tool that allows your business to chat live with your clients and get more quality leads. Intercom assists a business in managing conversations, publishing scheduled articles, and sending targeted messages to clients. 

Pricing Plans: Intercom comes with a 14-day free trial plan to capture quality leads and offer AI-powered customer service plans. In addition to that, Intercom also offers three different types of monthly subscription plans: an Essential plan, which costs around $39 monthly; an Advanced plan, which costs around $99; and around $139 a month. 

Standout Features

  • AI-powered Live chat 
  • Self-service chat
  • Integration with 300+ tools
  • Real-time messaging
  • Custom engagement
  • User-friendly interface
  • A/B testing
  • New lead reports 
  • Live chat CTA buttons

8. Brevo


Brevo is a well-known marketing automation tool that combines SMS and email marketing services to gain better or better quality leads. Previously, Brevo is known as SendinBlue. You can send more than 20,000 emails monthly with the help of this popular email marketing lead-generation tool. 

In addition to this, an unlimited amount of email storage will also be available through this platform. This marketing automation tool also provides a drag-and-drop builder that can allow email marketers to create high-quality quality, engaging, and customized emails to capture qualified leads. 

Pricing Plans: Brevo offers a free trial plan for 30 days only, which allows you to take advantage of unlimited user contact daily. In addition to that, Brevo also provides two different paid plans for a monthly subscription, and they include a Lite package, which costs around $25 a month, and a Premium package, which costs around $65 a month. 

Standout Features

  • Customizable dashboard
  • A/B testing
  • Email heat maps
  • Email marketing automation
  • Easy CRM integration
  • Custom landing pages and lead forms
  • Advanced automated analytics
  • Multichannel campaigns
  • All-in-one marketing suite

9. Unbounce


The most powerful one among the list of lead generation tools, Unbounce, creates robust landing pages and optimizes lead generation efficiently. The drag-and-drop custom landing page builder of this specific lead generation tool is considered an exclusive feature. Unbounce integrates with different platforms like HubSpot, CallRail, Google Analytics, MailChimp, Zapier, Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, LiveChat and more to boost the rate of sales conversion. 

Pricing Plans: Unnounce offers a 14-day free trial plan for testing how a marketer can boost the entire lead generation process. If you want your business to touch the next levels of success, then you must choose from the paid monthly subscription pricing plans of Unbounce. The Build plan charges $99 monthly, the Experiment plan starts at $149, the Optimize plan costs around $249 a month and the Concierge plan is $649 a month. 

Standout Features

  • 100+ customized pre-built templates
  • A/B testing
  • AMP support
  • Page Speed Insights
  • Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR)
  • Custom landing pages
  • Popups & sticky bars
  • Drag-and-drop landing page builder
  • Responsive customer assistance
  • Advanced automated analytics and reporting
  • SEO management
  • Easy 1000+ integrations

10. Hunter.io


Previously known as Email Hunter, Hunter.io is another major lead generation tool that allows users to identify and verify the different email addresses that belong to specific domains. Hunter is widely used to reach, capture, market, and sell efforts rto find out the email addresses of people who are under a specific organization. The key features Hunter.io provides include an email finder, domain search, email verifier, and CRM integration.  

Pricing Plans: The free 30-day trial plan of Hunter allows businesses to perform 25 monthly searches and 50 monthly verifications on emails. It also allows upto 500 recipients per email campaign. If you want to get more advanced features like domain search and more, you must opt for their paid plans like Starter Plan ($49), Growth Plan ($149), and Business Plan ($499). 

Standout Features

  • Domain Search 
  • Email Finder
  • Bulk tasks
  • Email Verifier 
  • Browser and Google Sheets extensions
  • Chrome Extension
  • Email Account rotation
  • Create and manage robust email campaigns
  • API Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Link tracking

11. Zoho CRM


Zoho, being the best inbound and outbound marketing tool, allows you to identify the most suitable lead-generation strategy for your business growth. Zoho, among the other popular lead generation tools from the list, captures leads, nurtures their preferences, and converts quality leads into business. 

Zoho’s CRM integration includes Salesforce Sales Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and HubSpot Sales Hub to offer an easy user interface. In addition to this, Zoho CRM supports multiple languages to function better in generating leads. 

Pricing Plans: Zoho CRM offers a 15-day free trial plan to help businesses in getting high-quality leads. The other paid pricing editions of Zoho CRM are the Professional plan ($23 a month), Enterprise plan ($40 a month), Standard plan ($14 a month), and Ultimate plan ($52 monthly). 

Standout Features

  • Intuitive UX
  • Automated sales cycle
  • Customized web forms
  • Advanced filters
  • Multiple pipelines
  • AI Sales forecasting
  • Webform analytics
  • Conversational AI
  • Email Authentication
  • Auto-responders
  • Field-level security

12. Google Ads

Google ads

Being a popular lead generation tool, Google Ads sets the most suitable bid for your businesses so that your potential clients can view your ads and convert more. The smart bidding feature of Google Ads allows you to reach your targeted audience through the unique searches they make on search engines. 

Automated Ad scheduling is also another major feature of Google Ads. In order to get the insights of campaigns and customers, Google Ads has integrated with Google analytics seamlessly. 

Pricing Plans: Google ads assist you in setting up your ad campaign budget and become the most affordable and flexible choice when it comes to pricing. This most exclusive lead generation tool sets your campaign for free, and you have to pay for advertising only when people click on your ad. 

Standout Features

  • Customized ad formats
  • Advanced campaign management
  • Remarketing
  • Customer Match Feature
  • Visual search ads
  • Flexible budget control
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Keyword targeting 
  • Lead form extensions
  • Dynamic search ads
  • Responsive search ads
  • Automated Bidding
  • Smart audience targeting
  • Advanced conversion tracking
  • Geo-tracking

13. Salesforce


Salesforce is renounced as one of the finest sales and lead generation tools that is popular for working smartly while managing leads. The smooth integration with other major marketing and sales platforms, such as Salesforce, assists businesses in reaching, capturing, and driving more quality leads into business. 

This tool allows businesses to check their spam scores often and offers them suggestions on how to keep the spam scores lowest to send an email successfully. 

Pricing Plans: Salesforce allows users to avail the benefits of these below mentioned exclusive features with their 30-day free trial plan. In addition to this free trial plan, four different types of pricing plans are available there in Salesforce Pardot, and they are the Growth plan ($1250 a month), the Plus plan ($2500 a month), the Advanced Plan ($4000 a month), and the Premium plan ($15,000) a month. 

The Salesforce Cloud also offers four different monthly pricing plans, and they include the Starter plan ($25 monthly), the Professional plan ($75 monthly), the Enterprise plan ($150 monthly), and the Unlimited plan ($300 monthly). 

Standout Features

  • Clean Interface
  • Einstein AI
  • Advanced Automated Sequences
  • Lead Assignment Rules
  • Real-time notifications
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Easy social media integration
  • Web-to-lead capture
  • Data Quality management
  • Custom lead forms
  • Account-Based Marketing

14. Aeroleads


Aeroleads comes with a Google Chrome extension, which helps businesses find different professional sites, such as Naukri and LinkedIn, for sales lead generation. Here, you will have to put the name of the company only, and the Aeroleads tool will find out the overall details such as contact and email addresses of the businesses. 

This lead generation tool utilizes this vital information to make email lists to begin your lead journey right there. 

Pricing Plans: Aeroleads offers a free trial plan, which is for a limited period of time. After exhaustion of the free trial plan, you can choose from the four different monthly subscription plans of Aeroleads. 

The Take plan costs around $49 a month, whereas the Climb plan charges $149 monthly, and the Cruise plan charges $299 a month. If you want to get the most updated Enterprise plan, you should contact the provider for pricing quotations. 

Standout Features

  • Chrome extensions
  • Exports all data
  • Unlimited search
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Upto 10,000 email verification
  • Valid emails
  • Email campaign support
  • Lead verification
  • Real-time data analytics and reporting

15. Hootsuite


Another major social media management tool, Hootsuite, also offers the functionality of a lead management tool to help a business get improved social media visibility. Now businesses can manage all their profiles under a single dashboard of Hootsuite. 

This lead-generation software connects all your social media accounts together and enables you to auto-schedule your posts to get high-quality leads. In addition to streamlining your social media management, Hootsuite also helps businesses collaborate with teams and manage a smooth workflow. 

Pricing Plans: A 30-day free trial plan is offered through this lead generation platform. Once the free trial plan is over, you can choose the monthly subscription plans: the Starter plan and the Enterprise plan, which cost around $49 and $259 a month, respectively. 

Standout Features

  • Social media post-scheduling and publishing
  • Monitoring and engagement
  • Advanced analytics and reporting 
  • Workflow management
  • Lead capture forms
  • CRM integration
  • Ad campaign management
  • Auto-scheduling
  • Campaign tracking
  • Contest management
  • UTM parameter integration

16. Sumo


You can now reach and capture your targeted leads with Sumo, another vital lead-generation tool buzzing over the marketing industry nowadays. Convert a higher number of leads into sales with Sumo and witness the drastic change in your business ROIs (Return On Investments). 

Sumo allows you to get easy access to the lead dashboard to gain a complete understanding of your potential clients and diverse testing tools. These help in capturing and generating more quality leads in to business with higher conversions.

Pricing Plans: Sumo offers a 14-day free trial plan with a money-back guarantee feature. The free plan only allows 500 emails a month. The three paid pricing plans of Sumo include the Starter plan ($9 monthly), the Plus plan ($19 monthly), and the Pro plan ($29 a month). The Pro plan allows 10,000 emails per month, especially welcome emails. 

Standout Features

  • Smart Bars
  • Slide-in popups
  • Social share buttons
  • Welcome Mat
  • Real-time insights 
  • A/B test designs 
  • Floating Social Share Bar
  • Exit Intent
  • AI-optimization
  • Scroll boxes
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Pre-designed lead form templates

17. Keap


Keep is another crucial automated lead generation tool that keeps your potential clients informed about the business and optimizes their conversations in a single platform. Keap helps you in attracting, reaching, and capturing emails. In addition to this, this lead generation tool also enables businesses to streamline their lead generation and marketing activities. 

Pricing Plans: Keap offers a 14-day free trial plan for marketing individuals. Three paid plans offered by Keap are the Lite plan ($79 a month), the Pro plan ($169 a month), and the Max plan ($199 a month). These pricing plans help in automated follow-ups, lead capturing, and advanced reporting. 

Standout Features

  • Lead Scoring
  • Drop-and-drag landing page builder
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Automated campaigns
  • Lead forms
  • Automated scheduling and lead appointments
  • Campaign builder 
  • Behavioral tracking
  • Custom templates
  • Follow-up automation
  • Lead capture forms
  • Advanced segmentation and tagging

18. TrustPulse


TrustPulse is the finest lead-generation tool that allows marketers and businesses to streamline social media and lead-generation activities. If you want to enhance your website visibility, sales rate, and conversion rates, this tool is perfect for you. 

TrustPulse integrates with different lead generation platforms such as WooCommerce, ClickFunnels, Shopify, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, and more. One major advantage of using TrustPulse is its ability to offer true activity reports regarding purchases or reviews, which most of the other lead generation software offers. 

Pricing Plans: The TrustPulse offers a 14-day free trial pricing plan. Once your free trial is over, you can choose one from the below monthly subscription plans: the Basic plan ($5 a month), the Plus plan ($10 a month), the Pro plan ($19 a month), and the Growth plan ($39 a month). 

Standout Features

  • Advanced smart targeting
  • GA4 Integration
  • Flexible designs 
  • Real-time event tracking
  • Automated analytics and reporting
  • Custom action message
  • AutoMagic
  • Element click
  • Custom layout controls

19. Active Campaign


This is another renowned lead generation tool that helps in managing client relationships to keep long-term customers in the business. ActiveCampaign helps your business enhance referrals and retention rates. 

This lead generation tool integrates with platforms like Salesforce, Shopify, WordPress, Postmark, Zapier, WooCommerce, Unbounce, Clint, and more to capture and reach more high-quality leads. It also manages pipelines, follows leads, and creates targeted email campaigns. 

Pricing Plans: Activecampaign offers a free trial for only 14 days and helps your business in marketing automation. There are paid plans and they include the Plus plan ($19 a month), the Professional plan ($49 a month), and the Enterprise plan ($99 a month). The Professional plan offers automation maps, sentiment analysis, and custom objects. 

Standout Features

  • Site tracking
  • Easy CRM integration
  • Automated sales
  • Custom landing pages
  • Lead scoring
  • Custom lead forms and surveys
  • AI chat and messaging 
  • Accelerated onboarding
  • Build-in contact form
  • Split testing
  • Predictive sending
  • Subscriber management
  • Customized analytics and reposting
  • Multichannel marketing

20. SeedProd


This WordPress landing page builder software also allows a business to generate more qualified leads and build custom landing pages for higher conversion rates. Seedprod offers more than 150 pre-build page templates, which are particularly crafted for lead capturing. A few major features of this tool are the Countdown timer functionality and its revision history offering option, which can help you edit the page at the last minute. 

Pricing Plans: SeedProd offers SeedProd Lite version which is free with some basic functionalities. If you want to get advanced features to generate and manage your leads, then you can upgrade your free plan to the Basic plan ($31.60 a month), the Plus plan ($79.60 month), the Pro plan ( $159.60 a month), and the Elite plan ($239.460 a month).

Standout Features

  • Drag-and-drop page builder
  • Live previews
  • Layout navigation tools
  • Pre-build custom page templates
  • Coming soon mode

Wrapping Up,

A variety of lead generation tools have unique benefits. Choosing the right and most suitable one for your business heavily relies on your lead generation system and what marketing goal you want to achieve. But if you are looking to generate more quality leads, save time and effort, see visible results instantly, and get more from your latest website traffic, you should use one of the lead generation tools from the above list, which perfectly fits your lead gen goals.

Hope I have addressed the usage and standout features of the most underrated lead-generation tools for marketers in a very easy and simple way to enhance your marketing knowledge and lead-generation strategies. From attracting and capturing to nurturing and converting, these significant lead-generation tools for businesses will help you boost the quality of your leads and make profits.

I am Poulami Dalal. I have more than 3 years of Digital Marketing Experience. I work with my team to create best and simple ways to Teach Digital Marketing Online.