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Graphic Design Courses After 12th: A Smart Choice or Not?

Graphic Design Courses After 12th

Are you interested in advanced graphic design courses after 12th grade to kick-start your career in 2024? Then look no further! This blog post is the right one for you to guide you on the correct career path and help you achieve future success! A Graphic designer is responsible for conveying the stories with creative designs like posters, creatives, logos, or ads to grab the attention of target audiences and keep them highly engaged! 

Graphic design is not a new name for offering job-guarantee courses that you can always opt for once you complete your 12th grade. A wide range of employers are looking for expert professionals in this graphic design field. This has enhanced the rate of job openings for graphic designer posts in the last few years. 

If you look for the statistical data, you can find out that the rate of graphic designer jobs has increased by 3% over the period of 2022 to 2023. The job market of 2024 is highly praising graphic designers with robust skill sets and years of experience. This blog post will cover eligibility criteria, career scope, additional perks, alternative career opportunities, and things to remember while registering for graphic design courses after 12th grade.

What Graphic Design Courses Covers?

The different types of graphic design courses after 12th and cover concepts of visual design setting and type anatomy, communication through color, visual vocabularies, modeling using CAD, 2D & 3D Animation, digital portfolio development, color theory for computer, design for digital-storyboarding, combining type, design for social, designs for print- types, grid systems, printing techniques. 

You can also master the latest graphic design tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Typography, InDesign, Canva, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, HTML, and Figma, if you choose the graphic design courses after 12th grade. Moreover, you can also enhance your hands-on experience with live client projects. 

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Why Opt for Graphic Design Courses After 12th

You can notice that graphic design has gained popularity over the last few years! You can also find out that a large number of graphic design schools are offering global certifications along with updated course features! 

You can learn highly demanding skills with this course and design more creatives to engage huge audiences! 

You can also choose between online and offline modes, as most graphic design schools provide flexible graphic design courses. You can also see the course usually takes up to 6 months, which matches your vacation time after the board exams on the 12th. 

Let’s now find out the additional perks of graphic designing courses after 12th grade!

Huge Career Options: You can get additional skills once you complete a graphic design course and open the doors to huge career opportunities in this highly competitive field. The career options include Graphic Designer, 2D Animator, illustrator, Layout Artist, Advertising Art Director, Packaging Designer, and freelance graphic designer.

Boosts Industry-led knowledge: You can also get a successful career in graphic design with hands-on experience and live client project facilities. You can gain industry-led knowledge with graphic design courses by assisting students with in-demand skills.

Opens the door to creativity: This graphic design skills will uplocks the paths to creativity by different live client projects, the latest industry trends, and techniques.

Improves brand visibility: A highly creative design enhances the popularity of a brand, grabbing the attention of target audiences and improving the rate of user engagement by boosting brand presence within its target users. 

In-demand skill: One major reason for choosing graphic design courses after 12th grade is that it is an in-demand skill nowadays. The virtual world is looking for visually attractive content that conveys proper messages to the target audience and keeps them highly engaged. 

Higher freelancing options: You can also get higher freelancing job opportunities if you join graphic design courses after 12th grade. Graphic designers can get the chance to work under a flexible schedule and offer robust creative services to a huge number of clients.

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Skills needed for graphic design courses after the 12th

Do you want to join a graphic design course and flourish your professional career once you finish 12th? You should have some essential skills such as coding skills, creativity skills, typography skills, communication skills, and collaboration skills to continue your learning journey and get 100% assured success!

Coding skills: You should have good coding skills, as this is the basic feature of making creative designs on a website! You can also learn how to apply some popular graphic design tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Canva, Figma, and CorelDRAW after completing the course.

Attention to detail skills: You must be able to pay attention to small details such as colour scheme, project quality, and catchy designs with this course.

Typography skills: You should have an understanding of spacing, font styles, and selection which improves the readability features of your robust design.

Higher communication skills: You must have better communication power to understand the needs and demands of your clients with high audience engagement. This helps you to generate visually attractive creatives and drive a higher audience engagement rate. 

Creativity skills: You must have the superpower of creativity and generate innovative visual designs to have a lasting impact on your audience. 

Collaboration skills: You should have great collaboration skills to build a sense of teamwork in projects and get a 100% success rate in the graphic design industry.

Graphic Design Courses After 12th: Eligibility & Career Scopes

One must think about some minimum eligibility criteria for enrolling into graphic design courses after 12th to get better career options once they have finished their course!

Eligibility Criteria

The minimum eligibility criteria to start your learning journey in graphic designing is 10+2 qualified. For graduate candidates, these graphic design courses will offer them the opportunity to get and boost their graphic design profession. This graphic designing course will be highly recommended for students who are studying in college after 12th and working professionals who want to get more knowledge on the trending graphic designing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Abode Illustrator, Figma, Canva, Sketch, CorelDRAW, Pixlr, and other latest strategies.

Career Scopes

You can get the chance to choose from a wide variety of career options if you complete the graphic design course!

Graphic Designer: Graphic designers are assigned to the duties of collaborating with different teams and brainstorming ideas, making attractive presentations, designing web pages, creating wise moves in making high-quality designs, developing designs with software, and determining fonts, colors, layouts, size, color, and imagery, maintaining the designs and managing the visual uploading process. 

2D Animator:  2D animators are the expert professionals of motion graphics who add liveliness and motion to still pictures. They design animations for online websites, message explainer ads, and videos. They infuse dynamic features into designs to make them visually captivating and enable them to convey concepts properly.

Advertising Art Director: Art directors have the responsibility of creating the campaign’s visual elements in the advertising industry. They coordinate with the creative team to match the visual elements with the campaign objectives. They manage a team of designers to produce visually attractive ads for highly engaging audiences.

Illustrator: Illustrators are unique storytellers who offer life to ideas through illustrations. They generate artwork like sketches, paintings, or digital images that tell stories artistically. Illustrators are major in editorial designs, children’s books, and other visual storytelling methods.

Packaging Designer: 

Layout Artist: Layout artists are expert planners who put visual elements in the correct places to design visually attractive creatives. They ensure that each design element is in the proper place, grabbing the attention of the audience with a visually appealing layout for everything from marketing elements to poster spreads.

Freelancing: You can also pick this career option to work freely with the freelancing work facility. With this freelance work opportunity, you can also provide innovative and creative designing services by offering your own design rates.

Graphic Design Course Fees & duration in India

Usually, the overall course fee depends on two major factors and those are course duration and how much the course covers within that specific duration! A certification graphic designing course generally takes up to 6 months, but the course duration varies if you opt for a customized curriculum. 

Most of the graphic design institutes are offering the course within the range of 30,000 to 85,000. If you want to know more about graphic design courses after the 12th, then you can just make a call at +91 801 72 70 445 and get career guidance from W3 Web School’s student counsellor. 

Graphic Designer Salary

This course will offer you higher career opportunities with the dream job role as a graphic designer in this demanding job market of 2024. You can earn up to 2.5L to 4.5L pa as a fresher. If you are a semi-experienced graphic designer, you can earn up to 5 LPA to 8 LPA. Once you gain more than three years of expertise in this domain, you can earn more than 10L pa as a graphic designer. 

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Things to Look for Before Joining Graphic Designing Courses After the 12th

If you register for graphic design courses after 12th, then you should look for some major things to get your desired professional career!

Institutional Accreditation & Reputation: Go and check the reputation and accreditation of your chosen institution. You should do proper market research on the institutional reputation and the success rate of students while enrolling in a graphic design course. 

Certified Trainers: Look for highly qualified and globally certified trainers first. You should always ask for their years of experience. Certified and highly experienced trainers with industry-specific teaching who can give you premium teaching experience. 

Course Fees & Duration: You should always look for the course fees and then compare it with a variety of institutions. Then, you must assess them based on their level of education and deliverables. You should also consider the course duration and whether it is according to your timing and joining the workforce!

Course Syllabus: You should always check the course coverings first to see whether they fit the latest industry demands or not! You must be sure that it covers the essential and advanced modules of typography, Animation, colour theory, motion graphics, and the application of premium graphic design tools. 

Industry networking: You will enhance your chances of networking with these courses in graphic design. You must check whether the institution of your choice offers internship and networking opportunities or not! 

Project and Internship Facilities: One major thing you should not miss is the number of live client projects and internship opportunities an institution offers. This will improve your hands-on learning experience so that you can handle the challenges of the visually creative field of graphic design.

Placement Support Program: You must not miss the opportunity to check if the institution offers you a 100% placement support program to guide you in your career-making journey. 

Graphic Design Courses After 12th: A Smart Choice or Not?

You must consider graphic design courses after 12th grade as this can be a smart choice for aspiring career professionals. These programs help you in designing robust creatives through innovative posters, logos, and images. You will get an in-depth knowledge of features such as typography, colour theory, shapes, fonts, and more! This makes images or designs look visually attractive and conveys the message of the creator to audiences. Once you complete the course, you can get popular job roles like logo designer, illustrator, layout designer, graphic designer, 2D Animator, and more! Therefore, this can be a smart choice for anyone who wants to thrive in this design industry.

FAQs on Graphic Design Courses After 12th

  1. How much salary does a graphic designer get?
  2. As a graphic designer, you can earn up to 3.5 LPA as a fresher. If you have 3 years of experience as a graphic designer, you can earn up to 7 LPA. 
  3. What are the perks of joining graphic design courses after the 12th?
  4. The additional perks of joining a graphic 
  5. Do you think graphic design is a tough and challenging job?
  6. Yes, the job of a graphic designer is very challenging, as it needs the latest and trending design features while creating visually attractive designs with higher levels of creativity skills.
  7. What are the job roles I can choose once I complete the graphic design course?
  8. Once you complete a graphic design course, you can get huge career options like Graphic designer, 2D Animator, advertising art director, illustrator, packaging designer, layout artist, and freelance graphic designer. 
  9. What are the bare minimum eligibility criteria for joining graphic design courses after 12th?
  10. You should have minimum eligibility criteria like completing 12th grade or an undergraduate degree with any specializations. Undergraduate students are always the better learners for this course. 
  11. What skills should a graphic designer have to become successful in this industry?
  12. The skills you should have to join a graphic design course involve strong coding skills, attention to detail skills, typography skills, effective communication skills, creativity skills, and collaboration skills. 
  13. Will I get internship facilities with the graphic design courses?
  14. Yes, of course, you can get internship facilities as an additional bonus with a graphic designing course as the majority of institutes are delivering this facility to have practical industrial experience. You can also go through the advanced graphic designing course at W3 Web School to learn more about their latest course details and internship facilities.
  15. Do institutes offer certifications after completing graphic design courses after 12th grade?
  16. Yes, most of the institutions offer you global certifications after completion of your graphic design course. W3 Web School provides global certification with its graphic design course!
  17. What will a graphic designer do?
  18. A graphic designer is assigned duties or tasks such as collaborating with different teams and brainstorming ideas, making attractive presentations, developing designs with software, designing web pages, determining fonts, colours, layouts, sizes, colour, and imagery, creating wise moves in making high-quality designs, maintaining the designs and managing the visual uploading process.