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10 Creative Email Marketing Examples & Tips [2024 Edition]

Email Marketing Examples

Are you seeking the best email marketing examples to match your creative goals? Look no further! This blog post will highlight some of my collection’s best email marketing examples and tips to motivate you. A survey has shown that more than 4 billion users have been using emails worldwide, and this has become a major key to daily communication.

I will start by giving you a brief idea of the types of email marketing campaigns and then discuss ten creative email marketing examples. This blog will also illustrate the steps through which email marketing campaigns are created at the end. Before starting your creative campaign journey, just go through these ten best email marketing campaign examples in this blog post to get some ideas for success!

Table of Contents

What is an Email Marketing?

Email marketing serves as a magical tool to reach, connect, and engage audiences. These creative emails nurture leads and drive high rates of conversion and sales. Email marketing is the type of marketing that can make your customers or subscribers aware of the products, services, or discounts. 

You need to set a clear goal to create an email marketing campaign. You must know the different types of email marketing campaigns before setting the campaign goals for each one to ensure success. There is nothing random in email marketing; you have to segment the audiences first and then personalize the emails to give each subscriber the experience of being heard and seen. I have highlighted some of the major email marketing examples below so that you can enhance your email marketing knowledge and apply those in real situations to achieve success. 

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

Here, I am going to discuss the various major types of email marketing campaigns to give you a better understanding of the goals, benefits, and drawbacks of each one. You can choose the most suitable ones for your email campaigns and make creative ones by reading the different types of email marketing campaigns below!


Newsletters are highly used by business organizations nowadays to keep their recipients or subscribers informed. Email newsletters are the form of emails that inform your recipients about your business prospects, highlighting the profiles of employees, updates, tips, and major company projects. These can be sent periodically to keep the audience updated about your company’s details and the latest news. 

If you run a blog or a website, then email newsletters are the best for you! You must send the newsletters to your segmented audiences at regular intervals, like once a week or once a month. You can use images paired up with a catchy heading as a CTA to make a creative newsletter and attract the attention of recipients. You will get these specific types under the list of 10 best email marketing examples to get an idea of how to apply them.

Promotional Emails

Promotional emails are the form of emails that are sent to subscribers to give them the latest information regarding existing or new products or services of your business. These are specially designed with the intention of offering the company details, such as limited-time deals, discounts, special coupons, or special content. 

If you want to generate more website traffic, social media traffic, and reach, then promotional emails are the one for you! You can promote a variety of things, such as webinars, special deals, blog posts, and eBooks with creative promotional campaigns. You can also use AI tools to automate your promotional email campaigns and reduce your time and effort. 

Welcome Email

Welcome emails are the ones that build the first impression of your brand or business on your subscribers. If you customize your emails with a touch of creativity, welcome emails perform better to generate more CTR. The first and foremost way to build a relationship with your customers or subscribers is through welcome emails. The CTR and open rates of a welcome email are higher than others. 

Welcome emails offer more information on product trials, services, and other special deals to users who have already subscribed. New users will get an idea of what they are going to do next with the welcome emails. Therefore, if you want to leave a long-lasting impression on your recipients, then you have to make highly creative welcome emails with a personal touch. Learn more about welcome emails just by going through the list of 10 creative email marketing examples below!

Lead Nurturing Emails

Do you want to boost the engagement of your segmented audiences and build relationships with customized messages? Then, lead nurturing emails are the cost-effective ones for you! These special forms of emails not only boost your brand awareness but also enhance the rate of sales conversions. Lead nurturing emails build higher brand loyalty before the user is ready even to buy anything. 

You must explain the reasons for sending those emails to recipients, which is essential in lead-nurturing email campaigns. You should define the buyer persona before segmenting audiences for making an email list to enhance the open rates of those emails. The prime features of a lead nurturing email are that it is automated, timely, and targeted for potential audiences to get a higher opening rate and conversions. 

Seasonal Marketing Emails

These are a specific form of promotional email marketing campaigns and are sent to recipients only at the time of any special holiday or season. The majority of shoppers have pointed out that their shopping decisions are highly influenced by promotional activities at the time of those special seasons of the year. Retail industries are using these special forms of email marketing campaigns to engage customers with the brand and motivate them to make purchasing decisions. 

Seasonal emails often use themed promotions, periodic messaging, and holiday visuals to keep the audience engaged and excited about the season. These types of emails create a feeling of excitement to motivate subscribers to take advantage of these special deals or discounts. 

Product Update Email

Product update emails are a bit different from all of the above email marketing types, as recipients usually do not receive those on a regular basis. These are the special types of emails that inform users about the changes, new features, and additional perks to the offered services and products. You will get to know more about this specific type of email from the below list of best email marketing examples & tips. 

The major goal of this kind of email is to keep audiences highly engaged, informed, and updated with the latest product features and deals. You have to make sure that the product update emails are made using simple features and images. These should be very straightforward to convey the simple purpose of email marketing. Many businesses are sending these product update emails to their targeted recipients weekly or monthly to keep them informed about the latest products or service details. 

Membership Email

Membership emails are the ones that are sent to recipients who are applying for the membership program for membership renewal with your company. This kind of email boosts the acceptance of membership and enhances the opportunity to establish meaningful relationships. They also play a role in increasing the number of members. Through the customized membership emails, you members feel special and empowered. This feels like a virtual handshake after welcoming your potential members to dig into the benefits and exclusive discounts. Remind them about their motto for joining the membership and what perks they can avail of from this one. 

Re-engagement Email

These are the targeted emails that are specially designed to reconnect old subscribers and bring back their interest in specific products or services. Sometimes, you must notice that subscribers become silent and inactive. These re-engagement emails act like a revival spell for them. 

First, you have to address their absence and then offer them the exclusive benefits they can get from you. Ask for their valuable feedback and offer them the opportunity to reconnect with you again to take advantage of the special deals or coupons. If you want to enhance your brand reputation and revenue, then you should definitely give it a try. 

Thank You Email

Is your business struggling to say thank you to a client? Thank-you emails are the ones through which your business can appreciate the time, effort, and support of your potential clients. This professional step leaves a long-standing impression on your clients. These can show your gratitude to your recipients for their engagement and unconditional support. 

You must make your Thank-you email in the way so that it looks genuine but professional. You use these emails to offer extra benefits or special deals as a token of gratitude. Therefore, if you want to form a two-way smooth communication with your clients, then you must give this Thank-you email a try. These specially curated email marketing examples & tips from my collection (what content writers these days have) will offer you a brief idea of how to create and customize your email marketing campaigns.

Call-to-action Email

Are you tired of failing to engage your audiences with your business through email marketing? Call-to-action emails are the ones that engage your targeted readers with a call-to-action button in your email. You can place the CTA buttons like ‘Learn More’, ‘Download Now’, ‘Buy Now’, ‘Enroll Now’, and ‘Sign Up’ within the email. 

These CTA buttons act as a guide to assist the reader on the things that should be done in the next steps. You must use action-oriented texts to make your audience highly engaged with your products and services through specially customized Call-to-action emails. These emails motivate visitors to take membership or subscriptions while nurturing the leads. 

Event Invitation Email

These types of emails are specially designed to give reminders or offer invitations to forthcoming webinars or events. In order to promote an event or webinar, emails serve as active agents. You have to convey the major purpose of inviting your potential audience to your event clearly to let them register willingly. 

You can make creative and visually appealing images to attract the attention of your recipients so that they can register for the events immediately. Mention the essential details like event date, venue, time, and joining fee in your event invitation email to look more professional. 

Announcement Email

This is the form of an email that is specially designed to convey a marketing message regarding some new features of a product or any changes or modifications to your company. You must create this announcement email in a way that publicizes things using powerful words. 

Make these emails simple and to the point so that you only deliver the message or announcement you want to convey. This will not distract your audience. You can use creative and appealing visuals to grab the attention of your recipients and keep them updated with the latest offerings. Companies generally make announcements on their next product launch, sales, eBook, upcoming deals, and coupons through this mail. 

Survey & Feedback Email

These are the types of emails that are generally used to collect the opinions or feedback of the customers. Survey & feedback emails are the ones that serve as a vital way of collecting customer reviews and important data. You can enhance the rate of conversion through the survey emails just by offering additional perks like special discounts, special deals, or gift cards. 

Through these emails, the subscribers are placed at the top position, and their opinions are highly valued. You must make sure to design these emails short and clear so that subscribers can easily complete them and offer their valuable feedback at the end. You must let them know that their feedback can act as an agent to upgrade your business’s services or products. 

10 Best Email Marketing Examples

Are you searching for creativity and originality for your email marketing campaigns? Check out the ten best email marketing examples below!

I have collected some vital details of many creative email marketing campaigns and highlighted the 10 best email marketing examples in this blog post. These email marketing examples will guide you to create attention-grabbing emails with visually appealing designs and catchy lines to drive traffic.



Type: Promotion Email

Email Objective: Highlight the benefits of the membership program, like special discounts on beverages, to enhance the sales conversion rate. 

What makes it unique: Usually, the emails are boring, and monotonous with a non-catchy heading. But you can see that Starbucks has crafted this email with visually attractive images and a catchy line. This particular positioning has given the subscribers or members the sense of empowerment of being selected for this email so that they can avail the chance to get a 50% discount on any beverages with their membership. 

At the end of the email, Starbucks has stated that this offer is exclusively for the recipient and this can not be transferred or redeemed by anyone! What other ways one brand can offer you exclusiveness better than this? For me, it has done its job perfectly. Hence, this has been chosen by me among other email marketing examples for its exclusivity and visually appealing manner. 

Austrian Airlines

email_marketing-examples_Austrian Airlines

Type: Thank-you Email

Email Objective: Highlighting thanks or appreciation with flyer loyalty program benefits like a 25% discount on the next flight to boost retention rate. 

What makes it unique: The major attention-grabbing feature of this Thank you email from Austrian Airlines is their short and clear personalized message at the start. They have also added a visually appealing image that shows care, gratitude, and compassion. The 25% special discount on their next flight has added value to their thank you email by appreciating their choice of taking Austrian Airlines.

This incentive-giving strategy plays a major role in increasing the customer retention rates. This is the best one among other email marketing examples which shows gratitude to consumers with a special discount. 



Type: Introduction email

Email Objective: Provide the first impression of the brand by letting customers know about services like grocery delivery to keep them informed about the brand.

What makes it unique: These types of emails are a bit different from the welcome emails due to their more business data-containing feature. The brownie points of this email are its personal touch and the messages that show gratitude. The introduction part of this email is very simple and clear, offering assistance on how to start with the brand. Also, they have provided some links so that customers can just make one click and get directed to the page they are looking for.



Type: Promotional Email

Email Objective: Highlights the new product, which is the MacBook Pro, and the details of the feature.

What makes it unique: Apple is famous for its unique marketing strategies and email marketing did not break the path. Apple has continuously highlighted the best features of the MacBook Pro like retina display, super memory, great battery life, and magic keyboard which clearly defines their popular brand image. 

This high brand reputation makes it easier for recipients to identify the brand and make decisions when purchasing. Apple has used catchy images and great headings for each feature of the MacBook Pro to grab the attention of the customers and keep them interested.


Email Marketing Examples Havenly

Type: Announcement Email

Email Objective: Highlights the launching event of the new product by building anticipation to reinforce their desire to shop. 

What makes it unique: This one is unique among other email marketing examples as it highlights the upcoming product launch event to enhance the customer’s anticipation to inspire them to purchase the to-be-launch product. This announcement email requests subscribers to keep their inboxes clean so that they receive more updates on the newly released product. 

The clear call-to-action button clearly states the main purpose of this announcement email. This email marketing example shows how you must approach subscribers in a simple and straightforward way with a highly clickable CTA button.


Grammarly_product update email example

Type: Product Update Email

Email Objective: Highlights the new product updates that will be added to your account, so that you can get the most out of the Grammerly app.

What makes it unique: This is the most exclusive way that this AI-powered writing assistance tool informs its users about the updates. This email marketing example is unique as it offers the features of the new update like Grammerly Premium. They have also grabbed the attention of users with a catchy call-to-action button saying ‘Upgrade Now’ to step into the world of Grammarly Premium and enjoy those exclusive perks.


Sender survey email marketing

Type: Survey Email 

Email Objective: Highlights the purpose of gathering customer reviews or feedback on the services or products to collect vital information on consumer interests and behaviors. 

What makes it unique: This email is different from others due to its scorecard feature in recommending this application to your family and friends. You can get the Net Promoter Score with this special feature. This survey feature offers you the opportunity to track customer satisfaction on the current performance of the services. 

One of the major purposes of this survey & feedback email is to get higher customer retention as compared to other email marketing examples on my list. You can also send this survey email as a form of thank-you email to get more information about the customers and how they are perceived through the brand. Net Promotion Scorecard is very easy to understand by customers to gain their insights and this has made this email exclusive among others. 


Animoto Email Marketing Example

Type: Re-engagement Email

Email Objective: The major goal is to reconnect with inactive customers who have not yet responded to emails that Animoto has been sending recently. 

What makes it unique: This re-engagement email from Animoto starts by addressing the customer’s absence and asking them if they want to hear from the company again to know further information. This email aims to boost the customer engagement rate along with reducing the churn rates. 

The prime aim is to trigger customers to take necessary action. The CTA button says ‘update email preferences’ if you want to stay connected with the brand to get the product & service information or if you want to discontinue this service. This email highlights the benefits one user can get by remaining active and this makes this one the most exclusive among the rest of the email marketing examples.


Shopify Newsletter

Type: Newsletter

Email Objective: The prime goal is to share informative content with subscribers who are existing. 

What makes it unique: Shopify has shared its idea of the business with exclusive resources they are going to offer to the customers with this newsletter. The customers can explore the unique offerings of the business to start their journey with the brand as an outcome.

You have to stay focused on a consistent topic with the appropriate application of the best email marketing examples from my collection. The CTA button in this email newsletter shows ‘read more’ to keep the customers informed about the product or service features.


TED Newsletter

Type: Newsletter

Email Objective: The prime goal is to share informative content to obtain more pull. 

What makes it unique: The uniqueness of TED’s email newsletter is to share educational yet awareness content on various trending topics. This keeps subscribers updated regularly on the latest topics on TED Ed@Home with visually stunning images and stories. These emails use attractive illustrations so that audiences keep engaged with them and understand them easily.

How to Create Effective Email Marketing Campaigns?

If you want to make your email campaigns highly successful in reaching audiences, making them engaged, and boosting conversion rates, then you must follow six simple steps. Below are some major features that your email platform needs to follow.

Step 1: Goal setting & building an email marketing list

First, you need to define a clear goal for your email marketing campaign, such as boosting brand awareness, improving customer loyalty, and driving sales. The prime focus should be on building and maintaining relationships with customers. You can achieve long-term success by applying one of the above email marketing examples. You can build the email list carefully by just providing the customers with additional perks such as discounts, deals, and informative content to subscribers.

Step 2: Responsive Email Templates

If you want to make your emails stand out of the crowd then you must make sure that your emails look good on different devices and different screen sizes. For example, the platform you are using should offer you responsive and eye-catching email newsletters or welcome email templates. You can now save your time and effort with these advanced email templates. 

Step 3: Segmentation & Customization

This feature will help you create personalized email campaigns that are specially customized to the needs and preferences of your subscribers. You must segment the audience of your email list by managing email list hygiene and making your emails deliverable easily.

Step 4: Image Utilization & Device Optimization

Another major step is to optimize your device and use visually appealing images. Using visually attractive images can draw the attention of subscribers and increase the value of your message. You must make sure that the images you use can be uploaded quickly and appear the way you want them to appear on different devices. 

Step 5: Drag & Drop Email Builder

You must use the intuitive drag-and-drop builder to make the email creation process simple. You can personalize your email marketing campaigns by adding elements as needed or removing them, getting them previewed with the application of this builder. 

For example, Mail Chimp’s drag-and-drop email builder is responsive and easy to access with less technical knowledge and skills. 

Step 6: Automate Email Campaigns with AI Assistants

You also can use the AI assistants of Mail Chimp or Hubspot to optimize the various features of email campaigns, such as the subject of the mail, delivery time, what the mail body contains, or the images. AI assistants can help you analyze the data of your business to boost the effectiveness and performance of your email campaigns. 

Wrapping up,

Most importantly, you should be making your emails valuable rather than just placing emphasis on the images. You should be more focused on the goals while creating the email campaigns. These ten best email marketing examples will help you make robust email marketing campaigns for your business to attract and reach a huge number of subscribers.


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