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10 Professional Courses After 12th Commerce with High Salary

Courses After 12th Commerce

After completing the 12th, selecting an appropriate career path can be quite difficult, especially for students who just passed 12th with a commerce stream specialization. When choosing a course that guarantees high-salary employment, the number of opportunities available can also be confusing. 

Having a degree from a reputable institution in a specialized field that is in high demand can also increase your chances of getting a profitable job opportunity in today’s ever-changing competitive market.

In this blog post, we are stepping into a range of opportunities with this path. Consider this as a road map to a high-salary profession that offers financial as well as mental incentives in addition to a fulfilling job. Join us as we explore the facts related to the topic ‘Courses After 12th Commerce with High Salary’. 

Let’s choose courses wisely that match your expertise in business and teach you how to reach your objectives of success. Are you ready to join this exciting journey? Let’s get started!

10 High Salary Courses after 12th Commerce

Course #1: Digital Marketing - Courses after 12th Commerce

Digital marketing is one of the most demanding professional courses that one can opt for after completing their 12th. Hence, Digital marketing is proven to be the best course after 12th commerce in India for candidates seeking for high salary. One major reason one is highly interested in this course as the best career option for commerce specialization is its uniqueness and flexibility. 

This professional course contains various topics such as digital marketing fundamentals, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Google Adwords, Advertising, and web analysis. This professional course will take approximately 3 to 9 months to complete depending on the course curriculum and type. 

There is a huge range of job opportunities offered that can give you a high salary in this booming field of digital marketing. The job roles include Digital Marketing manager, social media marketing manager, email marketing manager, search engine optimization specialist, and content marketing manager. A fresher in social media marketing can get up to 3.5 LPA whereas, a digital marketing manager can earn around 6 LPA. 

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Course #2: Retail Management - Courses after 12th Commerce

The Retail Management course is another demanding course in today’s world of increasing retail activity. Retail managers are highly in demand due to the increased rate of daily retail activities in maximizing business profits. This course covers topics such as customer service, retail marketing, store management, customer relationship management, fundamentals of logistics and merchandising, and supply chain management. The duration of the retail management course is 3 years as it is a bachelor’s degree course. 

A broad range of job opportunities is provided which can offer you a high salary in this demanding area of sales and marketing. The job roles include Retail product manager, sales manager, brand manager, store manager, retail sales associate, and merchandiser. A fresher in retail management can get up to 3 LPA whereas, an individual with 3+ years of experience can get around 7 LPA. 

Course #3: Chartered Accountancy - Courses after 12th Commerce

This professional chartered accountancy course is highly recognized among commerce students globally. The levels of activities that a chartered accountant does include managing financial records, offering financial guidance, taxation, corporate laws, and conducting Audits thoroughly. The Institute of Chartered Accounts of India (ICAI) has been conducting this professional degree course after 12th Commerce. This course will take around 3 years to get a certified CA degree. 

The diverse range of job roles offered after completing this course includes Chartered Accountant, Auditors, Tax consultants, Financial Advisors, and Banking officers. The starting salary offered to a Chartered Accountant is 5 to 6 LPA and after experiencing 3 years in this field can offer them the chance to earn up to 8 LPA in India. 

Course #4: Full Stack Web Development - Courses after 12th Commerce

The demand for Full-stack web developers is increasing in 2024 due to its popularity in the tech industry. This course is associated with learning both the front end (client side) and back end (server’s side) to work smoothly on each layer of the web applications. This course will give you the high salary you desire. 

The various topics the course will contain include HTML, CSS, database management, Javascript, Rest API, Git, GitHub, PHP, MongoDB, MYSQL, jQuery, and PostgreSQL. This professional skill-development course will take around 9 months to complete. 

A huge range of career options are available once you complete your 12th with commerce specialization. The various job roles offered are Web Application Developer, Backend Web Developer, Frontend Web Developer, Senior Web Developer, and UX/UI developer. A fresher in this web development field can earn up to 4 LPA at entry-level and one with 3+ years of experience get up to 6  to 8 LPA. 

Course #5: Sports Management - Courses after 12th Commerce

One of the major booming career fields in the sports sector that one can choose after 12th commerce is Sports Management. The first thing that comes to mind when hearing the term Sports management is related to managing sports events and personnel, while originally it is more than just managing those. It is related to managing all the business elements of recreation or sports. 

The huge range of topics covered in sports management courses involves sports laws, sports marketing, sports finance management, event planning, International sports, Sports broadcasting, marketing management, business ethics, sports nutrition, and Business statistics. This is a 3-year UG degree course program. Along with this, students can also opt for a diploma in Sports Management after completing their graduation. 

The range of job roles offered in this specific employment domain involves Sports Manager, Sports Marketing Executive, Sports Agent, Sports Administrator, Sports Event Manager, Sports Lawyer, and Coach. This booming field will offer high salaries. One can get 3 to 5 LPA at entry level while 3 years of experience can offer them the chance to earn 8 LPA. 

Course #6: Graphic Designing - Courses after 12th Commerce

Graphic design is another major job-guarantee course that one can always choose after completing their 12th with commerce specialization. A huge range of companies have increased the rate of job openings for graphic designer positions in the past few years. It is the responsibility of a graphic designer to convey stories with the help of attractive designs such as logos, posters, and ads to engage and captivate the attention of audiences. 

The broad range of topics covered in this professional course includes visual design setting, color theory, 2D and 3D animation, digital portfolio development, printing techniques, grid systems, and print types. You can also master some major graphic design tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Figma, Canva, InDesign, HTML, and Typography. This course will take around 6 months to complete and get certified as a professional graphic designer. 

The huge ranges of job roles offered in this graphic design field include Graphic designer, 2D animator, illustrator, Advertising Art director, packaging designer, and Layout Artist. The graphic designer salaries in India range from 3 LPA to 4 LPA at the entry level. An experienced Graphic designer with 3+ years of experience can earn up to 8 LPA. 

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Course #7: Journalism and Mass Communication - Courses after 12th Commerce

The growing demand for TV reporters, Anchors, and Digital Marketers has highlighted the emerging growth and opportunities that present in the field of journalism and mass communication. This degree course can bring several career opportunities and a chance to get highly paid after completion. The range of topics that have been covered in this degree course are Editing, Media ethics, News reporting, Radio Journalism, Print Journalism, Media Strategies, Media Research, and Broadcast Journalism. The duration of this degree course is around 3 years. 

The growing range of job roles includes Journalist, Media Executive, News reporter, Content Writer, Communication Specialist, and Media relation specialist. In the initial phase, a fresher in this field can get around 3 LPA, and an experienced one can earn up to 6 to 8 LPA. 

Course #8: Web Designing - Courses after 12th Commerce

Web designing is also considered one of the most desirable career options for the one’s looking for a high salary. A growth of 27% is expected from this Web designing field in 2024 due to increased demand. The broad range of topics covered in this professional course are web technologies, HTML, WordPress, CSS, Bootstrap, Animation techniques, and web applications. The duration of this high-salary course is 6 months. 

The increasing demand for Web design has come up with various job opportunities and those include Web designers, Mobile app developers, UI/UX designers, and front-end developers. A fresher Web designer can get up to 3 LPA whereas, an individual with 3+ years of experience can earn up to 8 LPA. 

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Course #9: Animation and Multimedia - Courses after 12th Commerce

One of the most demanding careers in the entertainment industry is related to the job role in animation and multimedia. The interesting process of Animation and multimedia involves generating animated and interactive content for a range of purposes, such as education and entertainment. The wide range of topics in animation and multimedia covered includes Visual effects, 2D and 3D animation, Cinematography, Interactive multimedia, illustration, Game design, 3D Architecture, Digital Image Processing, and cinematography. This degree course on animation and multimedia will take around 2 years to complete. 

There exists a huge range of career opportunities in the field of animation and multimedia and the job roles include Animator, Video editor, Animation director, Multimedia specialist, Art director, Game designer, and Animation Supervisor. 

A fresher in the Animation and multimedia field can earn around 3 LPA whereas, an individual with 4+ years of experience can get up to 7 to 8 LPA. 

Course #10: Data Science - Courses after 12th Commerce

As information technology and the big data industry are emerging rapidly, thus data science jobs are in huge demand in this 21st century. There is a growth of 36% in data scientists’ jobs is expected to happen between the period of 2021 to 2023. This is one of the hottest careers and one should be eager to grab the opportunity to get enrolled in the data science course after 12th with a commerce specialization.  

A comprehensive course syllabus is provided in this data science course to understand the intricacies of this highly demanding course. The topics that have been covered in this data science course are the basics of machine learning, statistical analysis, data cleaning, statistics, data visualization, and programming. The demanding tools that one can master in this course are PYTHON, R and, SQL for analyzing data. 

The broad range of in-demand job roles in data science includes data scientist, data engineer, data analyst, machine learning engineer, business intelligence analyst, and data architect. This data science field offers one a high salary and a promising career. The starting salary of a data scientist can range from 5 to 6 LPA whereas an experienced data scientist with 3+ years of experience can get up to 10 LPA. 

Courses After 12th Commerce with High Salary: FAQs

Q1. What are the best courses offered after the 12th for commerce students?

There is a huge range of professional courses available for those who want to get high-paying jobs in this ever-changing world. Some of the best courses offered after the 12th are best suitable for commerce students and are Chartered Accountancy, Full stack Web Development, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Retail Management, Data Science, Journalism and Mass Communication, and Animation and M,ultimedia. 

Q2. What are some demanding job prospects like for graduates of these courses?

Graduates after completion of this course will get job opportunities in the demanding industries of finance, technology, entertainment, programming, marketing, sales, accounting,  and consulting. 

Q3. Are there emerging areas with high-salary scope for commerce students?

Yes! There are plenty of career options available which offer a wide range of scopes in this emerging world. The areas include data science, graphic design, digital marketing, chartered accountancy, and animation and multi-media.

Q4. What are some most common software used by graphic designers?

There are plenty of software that graphic designers have been using for a long and are getting success nowadays. Some common and most popular graphic design software are Canva, Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Typography, and Corel Draw. 

Q5. What career opportunities are available after the completion of the Sports management course?

The various career options that are available after finishing the degree course in Sports Management include Sports Manager, Sports Administrator, Sports Marketing Executive, Sports Agent, Sports Lawyer, Coach, and Sports Event Manager.

Q6. Which traditional courses are advised for commerce students looking for high-paying jobs?

Some traditional courses that are advised to commerce students with higher-salary preferences are Chartered Accountancy, Journalism and Mass Communication, and Retail Management.  


After completing their 12th, students have a lot of high-salary job opportunities in the sector of business. A range of industrious can offer profitable job prospects for those who pursue courses in Chartered accountancy, data science, journalism, mass communication, graphic design, retail management, and digital marketing. A flourishing career depends on choosing the right course, therefore before selecting, students should think about their skills, preferences, and professional goals.

Feeling confused by the various options available for you to choose between? Do not panic! W3 Web School is here to guide you in making wise decisions about your career in this rapidly changing digital industry. Just go through the course details offered by W3 Web School today and start your journey towards the path of success!