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How To Make Money Through blogging?

Are you looking to make money online from the comfort of your place? You don’t want a boss to bother you ,or a fixed schedule to follow. Blogging can be your best option as it shows the fastest and easiest way to earn money on the internet and give you that freedom. So, you can start your own blog and find ways to monetize it.

Once your blog gets monetized, you can earn as much money that can support your family and help you make a good future. Now you must be wondering how can I start making money from my blog.

Blogging definitely shows the most rewarding path to earn a good amount of money, but at the same time, it is very challenging and requires good patience.

The first mistake most bloggers make is in selecting the right niche for the blog. Through the different tools like Google Trends, you can easily find out which niche or which keyword is mostly searched nowadays and can bring you more traffic. You also need to know a bit of the marketing techniques to attract online traffic to your blog.

How passionate you are about your niche really decides how well you can write on it and how much you can touch the mind of your blog readers. When you first start a blog, you have to first select a niche and start writing on it. Many blogs die within a quick span of time because they don’t sound that much informative and appealing to the people. To be a successful blogger, you first need to

Know about your niche: It is good to have enough knowledge about the niche so that you can write confidently and relate that to your blog readers.

Selecting the right niche: You might be writing a good blog on your niche, but if your topic does not interest the major traffic, you might end up making no or very little money.

Never go for a broader sized niche

It has been seen that niches like health and fitness attract a good amount of traffic. Now if you start writing on it, you will find good competition from other bloggers, and eventually, your blog will fail. So it is wiser to target a narrow sized niche like “health and fitness for a woman above 30”, where you target a specific group of traffic and face lesser competition.

When you start a blog it is very important to understand what the majority of traffic wants to read. Selecting the right topic which can mainly interest people, and also on which you can write well is the biggest challenge you face in starting a blog.

Once you have completed writing your blog, you must be wondering how to monetize your blog. There are definitely several ways to do it:

As per the Statistics, we have seen the blogs that attract major traffic are mainly of the niche:

1. Health and Fitness.

2. Personal Finance.

3. Fashion.

4. Lifestyle.

5. Business and Marketing.

6. Technology and Gaming.

7. Travel.

There are other niches which can attract good traffic like

Crafts Blog

1. DIY Blog

2. Parenting Blog

3. Educational Blog

4. and Food Blog

Putting ads on your blog

One of the easiest ways to monetize your blog is through  ads and it is  commonly used by most bloggers. All you need to do to get more and more visitors to your blog and the advertisers will be interested to work with you.

Provided you have a good amount of traffic coming to your blog, you can start up using the Google AdSense Program, which is a free program. You just need to put the ad on the side or the bottom of the blog, and you can start getting paid from google. There are two ways Google pays the blog:

CPC(i.e. Cost per Click): Out here, google pays the blog each time anyone clicks the banner ad.

CPM(i.e. Cost per Million impressions): You get paid an amount depending on the number of people that viewed your ad.

There are plenty of other Ad-programs, which are really good and you can also try out like:

1. Amazon Associates

2. Adversal.

3. Taboola Native Advertising

4. Media.net.

5. PopAds.

6. Adcash.

7. Infolinks.

8. Propeller Ads.

What are the ways bloggers make money (Various Income streams)

1. Ad Networks like AdSense, Media.net.
2. Direct Advertisements.
3. Affiliate marketing.
4. Native Advertising.
5. Paid reviews/Sponsored posts.
6. Sell Digital products (eBooks, Blueprints)
7. Launch an Online Course.
8. Offer Online consulting.

Putting Affiliate Links on your blog

It is the easiest way to earn money for blogs that mainly speak about or advertise a certain category of service or product. Say, for example, a health and a fitness blog can have an affiliate link of a health product, a fashion blog can have an affiliate link of a clothing product, etc. Once anyone clicks on that link of your blog and makes a purchase, that can make you to earn a certain commission.

 You can earn money by promoting other peoples’ product on your blog and the different affiliate programs are

1. Amazon Associates

 2. ShareASale

 3. Commission Junction

Selling an AD space on your blog

As you get paid for the number of clicks you get on your blog, you can sell an AD  space on your blog. Provided your blog is attracting a lot of traffic, there should be businesses interested to advertise on your blog to draw the attention of that traffic to their brand. Out here you get paid a set amount of fee from the advertiser.

Writing blog posts of other businesses on your blog

Once your blog starts earning a good amount of traffic, you can get businesses paying you to write a blog post of their product or service on your blog. This will be a great way for any business to advertise their brand and a wonderful way for you, as a blogger to earn good money.

Giving reviews of other businesses on your blog

To get paid for the reviews, you first need to use the product and write a review of the product on your blog. Once you post the review, you can get paid by the company advertising the product.

Selling Digital products

Selling Digital products on your blog can be another way to earn a good income from your blog. You can create your own eBook and sell it on your blog. You can even sell any other digital product on which you have got that skill. That might be audio, video, images, themes, printable, or anything you are pro in. You can also sell online courses on your blog as that is something of great demand nowadays. However, before planning to design these products and to sell them on your blog, it is wiser to do a detailed study on what the majority of traffic or mainly your blog readers want to get.

Sell your own services

If you are running a business or providing any kind of service like photography, painting, cleaning, etc. you can definitely promote your own service through your blog.

Blogging is anyways a wonderful way where your passion and knowledge can earn a profit for you. There  been heart touching stories of many people who have earned their luck that way ,and you can also do. All you need to do is to share your thoughts to the world in a wonderful way, where you can promote some service or product ,and you will see that your persistence will definitely show you the way to success.

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