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Ideal Digital Marketing Course Duration-1year or 6 Month?

Ideal Digital Marketing Course Duration

Finding the ideal digital marketing course duration is a common concern when searching for digital marketing courses. While there is no strict rule on this matter, it ultimately depends on individual circumstances and goals. Extensive research spanning over a decade suggests that a three-month digital Marketing duration may be suitable for experienced individuals. At the same time, beginners might benefit from a six-month digital marketing course duration

In this article, you’ll be able to explore benefits & differences between various digital marketing course durations.

Considering different requirements of the learners, institutes offer a variety in digital marketing courses in terms of duration, mode of training & the fee structure. Most of the learners get confused in choosing the right duration for them & it can affect their learning. You can get offered with 3 months, 6 months & even 1 year long digital marketing courses.

For experienced marketers seeking to enhance their existing knowledge, a three-month digital marketing course can allow them to refine their skills. It acknowledges that digital marketing is an ongoing process and that even seasoned professionals can continuously improve their expertise.

On the other side, beginners who are new to digital marketing typically require a longer digital marketing course duration to learn foundational skills and implement effective strategies. A six-month digital marketing course allows time to gain knowledge and experiment with different tactics.

It’s important to remember that digital marketing is a diverse field with numerous approaches and techniques. Therefore, the time period for digital marketing courses should be tailored to specific goals and available resources. At W3 Web School, we understand this need for customization, so we offer both three-month and six-month courses. Additionally, our courses include doubt-clearing sessions to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

In summary, while the ideal digital marketing course duration can vary, considering the experience level and goals of the individual, it’s crucial to approach each course or campaign with flexibility and a focus on customization. By doing so, individuals can maximize their learning and achieve their desired outcomes.

Eligibility  for Digital Marketing Course

The eligibility criteria for a digital marketing course are as follows:

  1. Basis Computer knowledge is preferable 
  2. Candidates having (10+2) experience can also apply for digital marketing 
  3. An individual who wants to get a diploma in digital marketing can opt for digital marketing with 50% marks in (10+2)
  4. An individual who wants to get MBA in Digital Marketing can do from a reputed institute 

Digital Marketing Course Duration and Fees

Course price and digital marketing go hand in hand, so what is the best digital marketing course duration and fees? Therefore, digital marketing course duration and fees depend on various factors, such as the institute or platform you select or the course level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) or the method of learning you choose (online or offline).

Factor affecting Digital Marketing Course and Fee


Duration is one of the important factors affecting digital marketing courses and fees. Short term Duration is for the experience which is mainly two to three months and costs fifteen to twenty thousand and where Long term duration for beginners which requires 4 to 6 months and costs between twenty-five to fifty thousand rupees or even more

Customized and specialized digital marketing course and fees: Customize course affect the price and duration so this course duration of two to three months and cost between twenty thousand to twenty-five thousand or even more

Mode of training

The mode of training can also affect the course duration and price. Generally, there are two modes of training online and offline mode 

Offline digital marketing Course and Fee: Offline Course requires a  long time as it includes practical classes. So it is for four months to six months and costs between twenty-five to fifty thousand rupees and even more

Online digital marketing Course and Fee: Online course is much more affordable than offline course and has flexible timing. So it is mainly for a few months and costs twenty thousand or even more. It affects the fees and duration

Institution and Education faculty

Price and Duration vary from institution to institution and their teaching pattern.So it is also an important factor that affects digital marketing courses and fees 

Before going for any course it is essential to compare course timing, institution, and review from past students to know the best digital marketing course duration and fee.

The salary for the digital marketer is as follows 

Fresher: Digital Marketing Fresher salary is starting from 1.2 LPA to 2LPA it can vary from company to company and also the knowledge 

Experience: Salary depends on the year of experience the candidate are having for 1 to 2 years of experience salary is between 2.5LPA to 3LPA. Candidates who are having experience of more than 2 years to 3 years can have a salary between 4LPA to 6 LPA and with more than 3 years of experience salary can go up to 7 LPA and go up to 9 LPA even more

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