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Do you want to elevate your website’s user experience? W3 Web School is the best one-stop solution for you to build a website for multiple opportunities! Our highly professional team build client-centric and goal-driven websites for global audiences. With our best and ISO-certified web development company in Kolkata, we allow your business to conquer as leaders in this booming IT world.


Web Development Company In Kolkata

Get Expert Web Solutions From the Best Web Development Company in Kolkata

W3 Web School is the finest and top Web development company in Kolkata. Our purpose is to offer you the most of the web development needs of your website- whether they are WordPress development, CMS development, or E-commerce solutions. We have been in this field since 2012 and are renowned for our 99% client satisfaction rate with 100% assured results.

We are solely responsible for developing not only customized web applications but also designing scalable architecture. To make your website attractive and user-friendly, W3 Web School is the name you can always count on. The top and creative development team at W3 Web School follows a two-way approach – creative and logical, to get your unique website developed precisely.

How is Our Web Development Company in Kolkata Different?

Responsive and creative web applications aid your website as a user-interactive one. This makes your users engage more with your website with ease.

Goal Oriented Web Solutions

Our expert development team is highly focused on developing web solutions matched with your business needs and goals, allowing your website to serve its major purpose to drive maximized results.

Premium Quality Work

W3 Web School assured premium quality work which your business needs the most in generating higher user engagement and maximized leads.

On-Time Delivery

Our motto is to provide timely delivery. We offer on-time website delivery with the help of our expert professionals. We offer you 100% assurance to finish the work before launching.

Ongoing maintenance & Support

We offer thorough support and maintenance so that your website stays updated, optimized & runs smoothly after launch. If you hire us, we will help you with website maintenance & continuous improvement.

Budget-friendly Packages

We are delivering the most budget-friendly web development service packages that aim to match your development goals and business budget.

99% Work Satisfaction

Get 99% work satisfaction with our best development services. Choose our expert web development solutions to explore the premium-quality exclusive development solutions!


We offer specially crafted web development services only for your business needs. The service package price varies as per the level of customization.

24*7 Customer Support

Avail the benefits of our 24*7 customer support team, which helps you in providing many helpful web development recommendations at your finger tip on dealing with challenging web application problems.

Our Web Development Services

We highly prioritize the services that give your business ease of navigation so that users don’t receive a bad experience.

CMS Web Development

Our experts have thorough knowledge and skills in different open-source CMS such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and More!

WordPress Web Development

Our highly dedicated team have expertise in WordPress, delivering customized development solutions to develop active and functional websites.

SEO-optimized Websites

Optimize your website with our best SEO-friendly web development services. Hire us for uniqueness in outstanding web development solutions in Kolkata.

E-Commerce Solutions

Business firms of today want to set off their digital journey with a remarkable and responsive eCommerce website. They come to W3 Web School to get expert-led solutions and services.


You must keep your website the latest, eye-catching, and innovative with our leading web development company in Kolkata. Businesses sign up for W3 Web School to keep their website fresh and trendy.


Our professional development team are experts in incorporating a re-development procedure at your website for your specific website improvements after the website launch.
Would you like to get eCommerce solutions for your website? Are you interested in developing a CMS website or SEO-friendly website? W3 Web School is your professional expert among other web development companies in Kolkata.

Our Exclusive Web Development Service packages in Kolkata

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy web development company in Kolkata, W3 Web School is the popular one you can trust unquestioningly. With a team of expert developers, we offer advanced web solutions that help your business conquer the IT field. Our customized web development packages are delivered by specialists to help you with your website requirements!

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FAQs on Web Development Company in Kolkata

We stand out in the market for our high dedication, work excellence, on-time delivery, goal-driven web solutions, top-quality work, continuous improvement and maintenance, assured client satisfaction, affordable packages, customization and round-the-clock client support.
Our highly professional team delivers a variety of web development services, such as WordPress development, customized web solutions, e-commerce solutions, continuous maintenance and Support, CMS development, responsive design, re-development, and SEO optimization.
Our leading web development company in Kolkata differs itself with its high dedication to client-oriented solutions, top-quality work, on-time delivery, affordable packages, client satisfaction rates, tailored options, and advanced technologies.
Our highly qualified team use a variety of different types of technologies such as HTML, Angular JS, PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, CSS, WordPress, and React JS, guaranteeing that our development solutions are 100% results-driven, the latest and customized to match your business needs.
Yes, we deliver personalized and customized web development services, guaranteeing that each customer gets expert solutions customized to their special demands, interests and business requirements, offering personalized and unique exposure.
At W3 Web School, our eCommerce development team uses the latest technologies like Shopify and WooCommerce for personalized solutions, security, and scalability to drive maximized results.
The most updated web development trends in 2024 include responsive web apps, voice search optimization, Artificial Intelligence, progressive web apps, chatbots, machine learning, virtual reality, augmented reality, and motion UI.
Yes, we offer clients the accessibility of websites to monitor the work progress throughout the process of development. This will assure trust, collaboratio and transparency with business objectives and expectations.
Our experienced web developers often utilize programming languages like HTML, Python, JavaScript, CSS, and PHP, along with frameworks such as React JS, Angular JS, and Node.JS, to design and develop robust and responsive websites.
The choice of CMS heavily relies on the particular needs and demands of the web development project. Popular choices involve WordPress for its ease of navigation and flexibility. At W3 Web School, our team uses WordPress widely. Many web developers also use Drupal and Joomla for their high security and scalability and Joomla for tailormade capabilities and unique features.