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We help you to develop your career. W3webschool Kolkata offers a PHP Course in Kolkata, one of the best Online and Offline PHP courses to ensure a successful career in the Web Development and IT industry.

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Top PHP Course In Kolkata

Instructor - Bidyut Hazra, Shaheel Khan
PHP Course in Kolkata
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Looking for a booming career in programming? Do you want to upskill your programming skills by learning PHP or MySQL? W3 Web School has the finest PHP course in Kolkata to guide you in this journey.

PHP is a server-side programming language used to create robust websites and manage customer relationships. W3 Web School's PHP course in Kolkata teaches you the essential toolsets to build your interactive website.

PHP is crucial to building responsive websites such as Wikipedia, WordPress, and more! Boost your programming skills through the 3+ live client projects experience. Do what millions of people do in their programming careers and join the PHP course in W3 Web School.

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Career Opportunity after doing PHP Course In Kolkata

PHP developer: Robust website building, designing web applications using frameworks such as Laravel and Symfony, database integration, scalable and clean writing, detailed specification production, testing the databases and core software products, and troubleshooting the databases.

Web Developer: Managing and uploading the contents of a website, developing and testing web applications, code generation, debugging and testing, creating and maintaining a website, website traffic tracking, and maintenance.

CMS Developer: Developing and customizing CMS such as Wikipedia, WordPress, and Drupal, custom plugin development, using extensions like GWT to improve the performance of the CMS frontend, managing AWS technologies, collaboration with UI/UX designers, DevOps, CMS optimization to boost SEO and overall functionality, and third-party API integration.

Back-End Developer: Debugging applications, developing API, UI tests execution, performing optimization, creating and performing data storage solutions, designing and maintaining databases, handling version control, application development, and product planning.

PHP Course Fee In Kolkata
The PHP course fee usually differs in Kolkata because of its exclusivity and complexity. W3 Web School offers online and offline PHP courses as per student demand.

Course Duration: W3 Web School's PHP course will usually take 3 months. We designed the latest PHP course module, which helps students gain the basics of C programming and databases within 3 months.

Course Fee: The fee for this 3-month PHP course by W3 Web School is 20,000/-.

We are super excited to introduce you to our 100% placement assistance program of W3 Web School. Avail a huge range of career opportunities with our finest PHP course in Kolkata! Our dedicated team not only gives you placement support but also offers you help in solving various course-related queries!

Enrol in our PHP course to take advantage of resume building, mock interview sessions and interview preparation. Join us to get a flourishing and successful career in PHP development!

Resume Building: Our support team guides you to make an attractive resume to catch the attention of top employers and stand out among the competitive crowd!

Interview Preparation: Our highly qualified placement team provide you with detailed and latest interview preparation classes to enhance your self-esteem and job readiness for interviews.

Mock Interviews: We believe in the term “practice makes a human perfect”! Our specially arranged mock interview classes create practical-world situations, guiding you to modify your PHP programming skills by overcoming nervousness!

Send Your CVs to Recruiters: Our team actively forwards your resume to top recruiters under our network once you are ready for real interviews. This enhances your chances of getting recruited by popular employers!

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PHP salaries in Kolkata are not only influenced by certification or accreditation. They depend heavily on two significant factors such as expertise level and major skill sets.

For Freshers: A PHP developer can earn up to 17,000 to 20,000 per month as a fresher in Kolkata.

Experienced: An experienced professional with more than 3 years of IT field experience gets up to 5L to 7L per annum.
Our 24*7 student support and placement assistance team guided our ex-learners through their job placement procedure. The companies in which our students are placed include Purpleno Inc., Cogent Hub, Code Clouds, Digital Piloto, and more!

Scroll and check out what our students say about our PHP course in Kolkata below!

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Why Choose W3 Web School’s PHP Course in Kolkata?

We are the leading institute in offering the best and finest PHP courses in Kolkata with some additional facilities with our 100% job assistance program. Reveal the major facts which make W3 Web School the leading one among others in this highly competitive market.

Certified Faculty

Our highly skilled and experienced faculties of PHP development help you get top-notch job-ready skill development training and accurate education.

Flexible Learning

At W3 Web School, you are offered a flexible learning environment which boosts your power of learning. This allows you to choose between online and online mode classes as per your schedule.

Doubt-Clearing sessions

Our team of experts understands the challenging journey of learning. Hence, we offer doubt-clearing sessions to resolve all your course-related queries whenever you need help!

Backup Classes

If you miss any of our classes on PHP development, our team arranges backup classes to keep you on the right track of the PHP learning journey.

100% Placement Support

Our main motto is to get you success! With W3 Web School’s job assistance team, we guarantee you to offer guidance in getting your dream job once you complete the PHP course.

1:1 Mentoring

You can get personalized mentoring and assistance from your certified professionals to guide you through your approaching social media marketing career.

3+ live Client Projects

Get practical experience with 3+ hands-on real-client projects to boost your job portfolio and practical skills.

Global Certification

Get global certification once the course is completed, enhancing the chances for you to get selected by recruiters globally.

Offline & Online Classes

You can choose to attend online and offline classes according to your timings and preferences.

Easy & Budget-friendly Payment Option

At our institute, we offer the facility of easy and budget-friendly payment with a 0% EMI option, guaranteeing our finest and exclusive PHP course is affordable and easily accessible for all.

Key Highlights of Our PHP / MySQL Course in Kolkata

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Explore PHP Course Curriculum

PHP Introduction and Installation
What is PHP? – The history of PHP – Why choose PHP? – PHP Installation overview
First Steps – PHP
Embedding PHP code on a page – Outputting dynamic text – The operational trail – Inserting code comments
Exploring Data Types
Variables – Strings – String functions – Integers – Floating points – Arrays – Associative arrays – Array functions – Booleans – NULL and empty – Type juggling and casting – Constants
Control Structures – PHP

Logical Expressions – If statements – Else and elseif statements – Logical operators – Switch statements – Loops – While loops – For loops – Foreach loops – Continue – Break – Understanding array pointers

PHP – User-Defined Functions
Defining functions – Function arguments – Returning values from a function – Multiple return values – Scope and global variables – Setting default argument values
PHP – Debugging
Common problems – Warnings and errors – Debugging and troubleshooting
Building Web Pages with PHP
Links and URLs – Using GET values – Encoding GET values – Encoding for HTML – Including and requiring files – Modifying headers – Page redirection – Output Buffering – Working with Forms and Form Data – Building forms – Detecting form submissions – Single-page form processing – Validating form values – Problems with validation logic – Displaying validation errors – Custom validation functions – Single-page form with validations – Working with Cookies and Sessions – Working with cookies – Setting cookie values – Reading cookie values – Unsetting cookie values – Working with sessions
MySQL Basics
MySQL introduction – Creating a database – Creating a database table – CRUD in MySQL – Populating a MySQL database – Relational database tables – Populating the relational table
Using PHP to Access MySQL
Database APIs in PHP – Connecting to MySQL with PHP – Retrieving data from MySQL – Working with retrieved data – Creating records with PHP – Updating and deleting records with PHP – SQL injection – Escaping strings for MySQL – Introducing prepared statements – Regulating Page Access – User authentication overview – Admin CRUD – Encrypting passwords – Salting passwords – Adding password encryption to CMS – New PHP password functions – Creating a login system – Checking for authorization – Creating a logout page
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
Introducing the concept and basics of OOP – Defining classes – Defining class methods – Instantiating a class – Referencing an instance – Defining class properties
Working with Files and Directories
File system basics – Understanding file permissions – Setting file permissions – PHP permissions – Accessing files – Writing to files – Deleting files – Moving the file pointer – Reading files – Examining file details – Working with directories – Viewing directory content
Web Hosting
Web Hosting BasicsTypes of Hosting PackagesRegistering domainsUsing Control PanelCreating Emails in cPanelUsing FTP Client

Learning Methodology

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Why PHP Course Should You Lean?

PHP is a server scripting language and a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages.

PHP is a widely-used, free, and efficient alternative to competitors such as Microsoft’s ASP.

PHP, alongside MySQL database, is widely used to build robust database-driven, dynamic as well as interactive websites. It is used to develop CMS (Content Management Systems) like WordPress and more, where PHP is essential to develop the platform.

As the number of companies grows day-by-day, the job vacancies in PHP technologies are increasing to fulfil this huge demand for countless fresher and more experienced professionals or PHP programmers. If you open the newspaper every day or surf the internet, you must see that PHP developers are regularly employed in small, medium, and large enterprises. If you want to be a part of this journey, W3webschool PHP training in Kolkata can help you.

Online and Offline PHP Course in India

Keeping this growing demand in mind as one of the most trusted PHP training in Kolkata, we at W3webschool offer valued, contemporary as wells result-oriented PHP training to students and IT professionals who want to pursue their further careers as PHP developers. Our PHP training course is conducted in two ways –

  • Online PHP Course in Kolkata
  • Offline PHP Course in Kolkata

We are open to training all students and all backgrounds, fresher and experienced IT professionals, Web designers, graphic designers, SEO and SMO specialist, or others who are keenly interested to learn PHP and looking for a new career or boosting their resume or want to start working as a freelancer.

FAQs Related To PHP Course In Kolkata
  • Basic HTML (Note: If you do not know HTML CSS we will teach you basic HTML/CSS)
  • Basic Knowledge of Computer
    • Graduates and/or Postgraduates
    • Professionals
    • Freelancer
    • Blogger
    • Content Writer
    • Developer / Designer
    • SEO Expert
    • Company Owner
    • Highly Qualified and Certified Trainers.
    • Do course from your home or office.
    • Choose your flexible timings without changing your schedule.
    • One-One Training to provide you with the best understanding of the subject…
    • Group Training to learn online training at low cost.
    • Latest and Updated Curriculum in All Technologies.
    • Understand how the Web really works
    • Understand business value on the Web
    • Install and manage software
    • Customize and extend software
    • Write your own programs
    • Work with others more effectively
    • Decide if server-side programming is for you

    Of Course, At the end of this course our trainers will guide you to start as a Freelancer.

    Yes, W3webschool offers certification and placement assistance to the candidates, so that they can choose the career path of their choice and achieve new heights of success.

    We accept Cheque, UPI, Cash. You can pay us through any of these payment methods. and also you can Pay By Easy Installments.

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