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Get a Kick Start for your Career as a Angular developer with our in-depth Angular JS Course In kolkata

W3webschool Angular JS Course In Kolkata covers the Angular framework as well as Front-End Technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript, & TypeScript.

This Trainer-Led course will train you to build robust Front-End Web Applications with Angular. It also helps with 100% Placement & Project Development in the real world. This course covers client-side security topics like two-way data binding, templates, directives, dependency injection, testing Angular applications, and routing. This Angular Certification Course will assist you to make your career as a Front End Developer or Angular Developer.

The syllabus is based on practical training modules, designed by the veterans of the industry. A hands-on learning experience gives the students the confidence to face the interviews and crack them successfully. We provide placement assistance after the completion of the course.

What is Angular?

Angular is a popular platform for making single-page applications SPA for mobile and desktop. It is created by Google and is composed in TypeScript. Angular applications are developed to be high-speed applications supported by almost all platforms.

Explore Angular JS Course Curriculum

MVC Architecture

A. Model
B. View
C. Controller

Conceptual Overview

A. ng-app
B. ng-init
C. ng-bind
D. ng-model
E. ng-controller
F. ng-cloak
G. ng-disabled

Angular Js Directives (Inbuilt)

Setting up the Environment

First Application

Understanding module, controller, $scope

Error Handling

Handling errors using try catch


A. $http
B. $location
C. $log
D. $timeout
E. $interval

Inbuilt Services

A. ng-valid
B. ng-invalid
C. ng-dirty
D. ng-pristine
E. ng-touched
F. ng-untouched
A. $on
B. $Emit
C. $Broadcast

Custom Directive

A. Template
B. Template URL,
C. Restrict Keyword in custom directive
D. Link Function
A. Shared
B. Inherited
C. Isolated
26. Scope of Directive
27. Routing and view
28. CRUD Operation
29. Simple SPA
30. Interview Questions

Learning Methodology

Live Practical Classes
3+ Live Projects
Theory+Practical Examination
Interview Preparation
1:1 Mentoring
Placement Assistance
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FAQs Related To Angular JS Course In Kolkata
AngularJS is a JavaScript structure utilized for making single site page applications. It permits you to utilize HTML as your format language and empowers you to stretch out HTML’s


The key highlights of AngularJS are: Extension Controller Model View Administrations Information Binding Mandates Channels Testable

You must have a good knowledge of HTML5, CSS & JavaScript, and a little experience in developing Web Apps would be an added advantage.

Of Course, At the end of this course our trainers will guide you to start as a Freelancer.

Yes, W3webschool offers certification and placement assistance to the candidates so that they can choose the career path of their choice and achieve new heights of success.

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Web Developer With React & Professional Trainer
Bidyut Hazra is a Web Developer and React Developer who loves to teach. He has been teaching online and offline to people for more than 8+ years now, and he has helped more than 100’s people setup their own businesses.