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Figma Course in Kolkata

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Course Overview:

Figma Course in Kolkata: Step-by-step Guide for Designers

Instructor - Bholanath Hore
Figma Course in Kolkata

Are you looking for the opportunity to learn the highly demanding web design skills with Figma? Our Figma course in Kolkata is specially crafted for beginners who want to start their careers in design and web designers looking to upskill their professional careers.

This exclusive course covers UI/UX design principles, and basic to advanced Figma techniques like creating menu pages, workflow management, wireframing, product designing, and building prototypes! Learn the difference between scale and selection tools, object editing, creating a mood board, and applying Plugins in Figma with our Figma Course.
We offer 100% guaranteed practical classes rather than just theoretical knowledge, which include the most advanced design techniques and real industrial projects to guide you in managing tasks in the future design landscape.
Join us and learn about the opportunities you can get in this design world!

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Course Highlights:

What Does Our Best Figma Course in Kolkata Offer?

Who Can Attend this Course?

Want to start your learning journey in this highly demanding design domain? W3 Web School provides the most updated and industry-relevant Figma course in Kolkata for students who have just graduated from college or passed the board exam.
Working Professionals
Working professionals like designers who want to learn advanced design techniques with Figma and upskill their professional careers can benefit from this course.
Design Enthusiasts
Are you a Design enthusiast like an online marketer or social media creator? Then, you can get an advantage with this course by creating attractive visuals with colors on various social media platforms.

Career Scopes

Discover the huge range of career opportunities with the best Figma Course in Kolkata. The career prospects are:
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FAQs on Figma Course in Kolkata

What topics are covered in this Figma Course?
This short-span Figma course covers various industry-relevant topics that can equip web designers with advanced techniques to conquer this demanding world. The topics include creating designs such as styles, menu pages, text, groups, frames, grids, margins, auto layouts, building prototypes, making layering properties, and creating various shapes.
How long does this Figma course in Kolkata take to learn?
The length and duration of the Figma course depend on the course syllabus and on the institution. The duration of W3 Web School’s Figma Course is 30 days, and you can master advanced design skills with Figma within that short period.
What are the benefits one can get from doing this course?
Once you complete this course, you can actively use the advanced Figma techniques to handle design tasks such as making responsive designs, creating animations, building prototypes, and more. This unfolds the door to highlight demanding job opportunities.
How much do I have to pay for this Figma course?
According to different institutions, this short-span Figma course usually charges 10,000 to 30,000. If you are interested in gaining web designing skills with advanced Figma techniques, then you can talk to our experts to learn about the course fees.
Is the Figma course high in demand?
Yes, the advanced skills one can learn from this Figma course are highly in demand. You can stay at the forefront of the competition with the collaborative features of this course.
Is Figma enough for Web design?
Figma is the most advanced tool for web designing which offers useful features for building prototypes, making responsive designs, creating product designs, and managing workflows for customized web design projects.
What kind of tool is Figma?
Figma is a cloud-based UI design tool that helps designers make animations, responsive designs, and effective collaborations.
Which is better in web design: Figma or Canva?
In the battle of superiority and performance, Figma wins! Figma is highly recommended for performing responsive UI designs with its advanced features, while Canva only does simple graphic designs. Figma creates new designs from scratch, while Canva has ready-made templates for redesigning.
Can I get the certificate after completing this Figma Course?
Upon completion of this course, you will be able to get the certificate, which plays as an add-on to your resume. The certificate will highlight the skills you have learned during the course and boost your chances of getting recruited by top employers.
Can I export my creative designs from Figma to other formats or platforms?
Upon completion of this course, you will be able to get the certificate, which plays as an add-on to your resume. The certificate will highlight the skills you have learned during the course and boost your chances of getting recruited by top employers.

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