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Importance of SEO Training for Corporate People or Small Business

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seo training

SEO says, Search Engine Optimization a bunch of techniques that are used to boost one’s website’s search engine rank, commonly called SERP. Though, this is a very common thing that most of the small business organizations know, but hardly a few of them apply. If you are running a small business and much worried about your business website, blog, social media presence, online reputation and other important matters then you must learn SEO. Oh! You may think you are a businessman and what is the need of learning SEO? Here we will discuss about that. SEO and its importance for small businesses and importantly the benefits of learning SEO from a SEO institute in Kolkata if online or offline. Let us see the reason to choose SEO course for corporate or small business people.

  • Learning from a Professional and& Experienced industry SEO Professionals.
  • Complete On-page, Off-page, Blogging, content Marketing training in Kolkata.
  • Authentic advanced ethical white-hat SEO training.
  • Customized SEO and SMO course content in accordance with small business requirements.
  • Learning from fundamental SEO to step-by-step advanced procedures.
  • Build expertise and take up specialization according to the personal requirement, including technical and soft core SEO.
  • SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM all are included in one course.
  • SEO for professional, corporate and especially for small business owners.

This is no doubt a normal situation for the majority of small business organizations which do not have know-how search engine optimization. The situation should be changed. A reliable survey said SEO is not for fresher or experienced people only. It is for small businesses and especially for those business organizations, which do not have that much investment option in promotion or advertising their products and or services. They can easily build strong online presence with the help of search engine optimization and social media marketing. There are many SEO institutes in Kolkata offering customized courses for corporate people and small business owners. If you are one among them, you can choose the best one you like for your business promotion. The course has been conducted by the institute as per the students demand, but more the less the course structure is same, which is here mentioned below.

SEO for Both Tech and Non-Tech Background People

SEO is for technical and non-technical people both. For SEO training it does not need any specific educational qualification or technical backgrounds or any prerequisite skills or education. Anyone can take part in this SEO training in Kolkata, but if you are coming from technical background with a prior knowledge of HTML, CSS and a bit of CMS then it would be good and easy to grasp the techniques of SEO.

Let us see who can attend this corporate or small business SEO course.

  • Small business organizations owner as well as entrepreneurs.
  • Internet companies or startup ecommerce companies.
  • Consultant in Web Technology.
  • People who are Internet geeks.
  • Professionals working in Business Development domain.
  • Managers who are working in Customer Relationship.

If you are in the city, Kolkata then you must have seen there are hundreds of thousands of SEO training institute in Kolkata offering a bunch of digital marketing courses, including SEO, one of the important topics for internet or digital marketing, but before choosing judge the few things that are relevant to choose the best one, like courseware, online or offline course, weekend classes, one to one doubt clearing sessions etc.

How to Make Money Online with the Help of Digital Marketing

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digital marketing training

Do you want to learn how to earn money online? People believe, there is not shortcut to riches. Yes, it is true somehow and in some situation, but if you follow, the ways that can give you the smart cut then you can make money easily or less effort that is quite hard in days. If you are thinking how to do it or which is the way, then we must say you can do it online with the help of digital marketing. Career in digital marketing is booming these days, you must consider this can be the future of IT in India.

Digital Marketing in the Major IT Hub in Kolkata

If you are a beginner and looking for digital marketing as a career this is the right time for you. Here we will discuss how digital marketing training in Kolkata one of the major IT hubs in India offer courses on digital or internet marketing that helping students, fresher, experienced and IT professionals thinking it a full or part time money making career. Do you read blogs? Yes! Great then how many blogs have you read till date to know how to earn money online? May be 100 or more for sure? How many blogs are there told you earning $1000 and more a day is easy and so on? May be 99 percent of the blogs you have read.

Do Not Fall on Trap or Make Yourself Fool

Here in this blog we will tell you making money online is not a difficult task with the help of digital marketing and a digital marketing training in Kolkata can help you to learn that, but it is not that much easy if anyone tells you, you can learn and earn from the very first day and as much as you wish; if anyone said you this, then you must be rest assured that he is lying and making you fool. Only a professional training can tell you how to do that and that is surely a long term process, but assured. It is not a single day job.

Beware of Fraud Business Campaigns

In India, hundreds of thousands of online business campaigns are launching every day, and most of them are doing fraudulent to the people. Many people are buying their software and tools to earning money and the majority of them are cheated. One thing you should bear in mind, you will never get something for nothing, you pay and you get, may be less or more, but a true training – online marketing training or digital marketing training in Kolkata can help you find the way to earn money online. You need to know some important things prior to start a career in digital marketing or earning money online.

  • To earn money online you need lots of effort in building your website, optimizing and building reputation for the website through which you like to earn money online.
  • You can do freelancing for making money online, one of the best ways that millions of people these days are applying.
  • You might have noticed placing or displaying advertisement in different websites, which is called Google AdSense, is one of the best ways by which you can earn money online.
  • A good digital marketing institute in Kolkata can tell you how to make money online making with YouTube. They can teach you the techniques to earn money from YouTube as well.

You need to know the techniques or methods of making money online and only a digital marketing training in Kolkata can help you to learn and apply the methods or techniques successfully.

This can be your killer tips to make money online using digital marketing, if you like to share it to others you can sure it, because this would be good for those people who like to earn money online and do not know who digital marketing helps them making money online.

Custom Digital Marketing Training Program for Corporate People

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Digital marketing training

Digital marketing training is a big word, not to mention a lucrative industry these days. This is the one and only and most strong reason fresher and experienced, even corporate people also running after digital marketing courses. You believe it or not this is true and one of the most powerful tools that helps one’s business grow online where more than 70% searchers are coming from mobile devices and especially for B2B or Business-to-Business customers, for instance the e-commerce website. If you want to kick-start your career, you must need training in digital marketing, though you can choose your specialized course like –

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Pay Per Click or Google AdWords
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Adsense

However, the above-mentioned specialized courses can be available if you get in touch with a highly professional and experienced digital marketing company. Suppose you are from a metro city in India, for example Kolkata, a reliable city offers various courses and see many digital marketing training in Kolkata offer a variety of specialized courses in digital marketing, the demanding one is Search Engine Optimization training. Many people question these days about custom digital marketing training. Let us see at a glance what the custom digital marketing training in Kolkata is and the lessons you will have in this customized course.

Training for Organizations: –

  • Customized to each organization needs
  • Complete experiential training and learning with end-to-end live hands on international project
  • All aspects covered of online/internet/digital marketing
  • Curriculum developed by industry experts
  • Learning will be delivered by way of local or global cases studies on digital marketing

Training for Educational Institutions: –

  • Training customized to educational institutions need
  • End-to-end live hands on project with complete experiential training
  • Training program caters for fresher differently, for corporate experienced differently, for educational institution people differently and for IT professional differently
  • Curriculum developed by industry experts
  • Customized to your organization or business need
  • Learning will be delivered by way of local or global cases studies on digital marketing

Who Should Join this Custom Digital Marketing Training in Kolkata?

Generally, there is no hard and fast eligibility criteria needed for obtaining a certificate of digital marketing or learning the digital marketing courses, but the basic is HS or Senior Secondary qualification, a mature persona who can take the course seriously and apply easily. Let us see at a glance.

  • HS / Senior Secondary
  • Students – Graduate, Engineer or MBAs
  • Fresher or Experienced in IT

Digital marketing Training are available in different forms, some forms are sound good, but ultimately depends on the training institute provides you training and the lessons they provide to you. Most importantly, whether they are industry faculties or trainers running the institute and provide you hands on experience. You can study at home the necessary lessons but the most part is practical training, so you need apply them a lot to get the possible results that you will do in job after completing the course.

Before Your Dive Into Web Design and Development Course Read This!!

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web design institute

Web design courses are sought these days, by the majority of candidates and it is a versatile subject no doubt that is related with the design of web pages or a entire website. These days, almost all small, medium and large companies have their own websites that run to advertise and sometimes use for promotional purposes their products and or services. So the basic things here you can understand if there is or are one or more websites for a business or millions of blogs are there, thousands of ecommerce websites in the world the opportunity is much bigger in this web design sector.

Web Design in Ecommerce Industry

Now-a-days, online shopping, better to say the ecommerce websites have gained a lot of popularity and they offer students with the technical as well as creative knowledge and skills to design websites. At the point, you are becoming a digital designer and a developer. With the help of a professional web design company in Kolkata you will learn the coding things like, HTML, CSS, JavaScrip, PHP, MySQl, Ajax and the designing parts like, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Coral Draw, Bootstrap and other important tools and software to help you become a professional website designer.

Is Web Design and Development Course Profitable in India

  • The answer is simple, it depends on your several things. Let us have a look.
  • The course you pursue for a short term or long term training in web design.
  • The Web design training institute in Kolkata, India you have choose.
  • The training institute’s faculties and courseware which will help you learn the pros and cons of website design.
  • The placement assistance of the institute after completing the course.
  • The hands on training you get from the institute you have chosen and lot more.

The above mentioned things are few not more when you decided to purse for a course to become a web designer and wish to work as a professional web designer in this highly competitive and lucrative IT industry, but before you choose a web design institute in Kolkata try to bear in mind these things that would help you choose the best institute for sure.

What to Look to Choose a Web Design Institute?

We W3 Web School are in this field for a long time, the filed web design and development is growing day by day and the skilled candidates are in need for various small and medium scale business organizations. If you learn the web design course properly with dedication and perseverance then you will surely get good job. Moreover, you decided to look other things while choosing a web design instate in India. You should see whether the instate offering the basic or web design and development skills that would be an added advantage for sure, because your course will ensure you start your business and to do the job, whatsoever you like to.

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Reasons to Consider Web Design for a Lucrative Professional Career in IT

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web design training

People say the job is raining in major metro cities in India. Have you see any advertisement? Have you gone through any posters or ads that are telling that the jobs are raining? Hopefully not, but hope you know that today’s IT is a big industry as it was in previous time and wanting a large pool of candidates in various software and internet marketing domain. You must be very creative for sure, but have you applied your creativity through digital way? If you have not done that or looking for a course that can help you pursue for a creative career that is for sure web design.

Things to Consider for Choosing a Web Design Course

You can do a professional web design training in Kolkata and pursue for a creative career in this IT industry, good pay scale, lucrative job and better future. Web design training course in Kolkata offers instruction in basic and advanced methodologies in website design, creating website pages using HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and other high end latest software that help you design and build web pages. Web design courses are equipped for student with the technical expertise and knowledge, so nicely that they can understand and apply the skills in real world. The web design course is for people who are:

  • Creative bled of mind
  • Who want to create something new and unique things
  • Passion for learning new things technical and creative perspectives
  • Methodological in mind and thoughts and like color to dream
  • Like computer programming, coding and designing for building websites
  • Want to pursue for a full time or part time career in IT industry
  • Having love for IT industry providing creative thoughts
  • Having the capabilities and flexibility of thoughts to understand the mechanical and artistic elements at the same time

There are many things you need to have to become a successful designer, because your are designing for the web, so your technical knowledge and expertise would be an advantages. You need to know coding as well as to prove that you are a mechanical as well as creative person as well.

Website Design a Growing Industry in India

The Essential things to Know when you have decided to opt for a training course in web design from a professional web design institute in Kolkata. This is a growing industry in India. It is roughly estimated that in coming few years, before or end of the year of 2020 the website design industry will grow double than it is today. More than 10,000 jobs would be vacant in various small and medium IT industry in India in website design, website development and digital marketing domain, so learn website design, website development and digital marketing would be an advantage for sure. Before you choose a web design training in Kolkata, you should make sure about their live project, quality courseware and placement assistance from the very first time. So boost your career in the highly lucrative IT industry as a web design and color the world digitally.

Discover Top 5 Tips to Kick-Start the Lucrative Career in Digital Marketing

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digital marketing

Are you looking for a lucrative career? Are you thinking or a salary hike to start with a great career in digital marketing industry? If you have answer ‘yes’ of either of the questions asked then this is the perfect place for you to get all your answers for digital marketing career. In accordance with the latest India government update, the digital marketing industry is expected to grow 20 times higher than past few years. So, the better the growth the better the opportunity to boost your career in this digital marketing.

Improve Your Pay Sale Purse for Digital Marketing

The career in digital marketing is no doubt lucrative, due to the reasons, hundreds of thousands of fresher and experienced IT and non-IT professionals are pursuing for a good career. The vacancy in digital marketing – like Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization, PPC (Pay Per Click), Link Builder and SEO content writers will increase of 900,000 vacancies by 2020. Here we have discussed top five tips to kick start a lucrative career and that is digital marketing.

  1. Zeal to Learn – The digital marketing industry is fast growing as well as competitive, so if you are one of the persons who is eager to learn the new things this is the best career path for you.
  2. Stay Up To Date – This is a suitable career for those people who want to be up to date all the time, not only for technical support but also for other trends that help them better to grown in career in this soft core IT domain.
  3. Networking – Networking is nothing but a buzzword in today’s IT industry and no matter which domain you choose, the better you have network or you build the better you have opportunity to build success in this career and does not matter if the domain is digital marketing or something else.
  4. Personal Projects – One of the biggest advantages of pursing in a career like digital marketing is doing job and side by side freelancing of personal project. The more personal projects you handle the more you gather skills and knowledge in this domain.
  5. Create Your Own Brand – Digital marketing is a brand career nowadays. If you have come across some friends or colleagues who are in this field for such a long time or spend a couple of years in digital marketing, or search engine optimization or so forth then you can ask them how digital marketing can be your career stigma.

The majority of fresher who are not in this field or not from IT field do not know how the course digital marketing training in Kolkata help them opt for good career, but when you get in touch with a training institute which already taught hundreds of students in this field and most of them are successful then you come to know how you can be benefitted pursing a course in digital marketing, the better not to waste any more time, if you are a fresher and looking for lucrative career in digital marketing, search engine optimization or social media marketing a course provided by digital marketing training in Kolkata can be your help.

Make Your Developing Skills Up to Date with Popular CMS – WordPress

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wordpress training

WordPress is one of the most popular and highly usable CMS nowadays. WordPress is one of the most powerful and easy to use web applications. It is using almost all parts of the world for building small, medium and large websites. WordPress is using for building blogs and websites both for different types of business websites and personal websites at the same time. WordPress is user-friendly and search engine friendly at the same time, due to the reasons people are building their websites on this excellent platform. To know more about WordPress and its usability continue reading this article.

WordPress is User-Friendly

The majority of web designers and web developers these days are learning WordPress, because there is everywhere using this CMS. To make your skill up to date you need to learn WordPress for a professional WordPress Training Institute in Kolkata. WordPress also contains a variety of design and features that help you make a wonder personal and business website just in a few clicks. It is usable for the purpose of original as well as professional blogs or websites in your existing websites. If you are a student then you must learn WordPress to make your skills up to date.

WordPress Is Easy to Set Up

It is a wonderful CMS, you must know designing and developing WordPress is high in demand these days, and the majority of fresher designer and developer are learning WordPress from professional WordPress Training Institute in Kolkata, if you are from the same city then you must know the greater number of fresher and experienced is going toward learning WordPress. This is a weblog and one of the most popular CMS these days compared to other CMS, because of its easy to use and easy to set up option.

Easy to Set Up and Easy to Update CMS

When you use this CMS, you will come to know that how easy is WordPress to use and update.  It is better than other CMS as well. If you want to build a blog for your personal or business use, or you want a website you can use it just in a minute, just you need to visit and with a few mouse clicks you will be able to do it. Though this is free platform but you cannot run ad on it, if you want to then you need to shift your website into Though, that will we discuss later on.

Hundreds of Themes and Designs

There are hundreds of themes and designs you can found if you want to use WordPress for your personal or business use. But if you want to change or modify then you need to know how to develop and design it, then you need to learn WordPress from a professional WordPress Training Institute in Kolkata which will help you train the advanced tricks and techniques of WordPress and help you become a complete CMS developer including others if you are looking for. So, better not to late and take admission on a professional institute and learn advanced WordPress and be ahead in this IT industry.

Custom WordPress Design: A Focus on Specific Needs for Target Visitors

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wordpress training

Business organizations need to ensure that their congenital business and its philosophies can line up easily with the importance and requirements of their target visitors, sometimes called traffic. If they do not work properly with their business needs as well as expectations according to the needs of their target visitors, they may face the hurdle to get the sales and bound to lose potential visitors who could possible turn into potential consumers. This is way; customization of website is one of the most important tasks. Website customization can be of two types, one is customization of design and the other is customization of development.

Get Trained from an Expert Professional

Here in this article we will discuss custom WordPress design, which is essential that suits your small or medium business requirements as well as customers need. Much before a WordPress website generally starts to undergo the basic procedure of web design and development, most of the web designer and web developers require gathering the perfect understanding of the target traffic or visitors of their website from the customers’ or clients’ end, now this time they can only do it if they get trained from a reliable WordPress Training Institute in Kolkata.

WordPress Training for Custom WordPress Development

When the WordPress developers come to know or understand who the target visitors are or who can be their clients’ potential customers, they conduct an end-to-end study on the requirements, their clients’ needs, and interests, so that they can certainly meet the expectations as well as preferences. To do these things possible a WordPress developers these days need a proper WordPress training So, when you thinking of hiring a WordPress developer think why you are hiring the developer and most importantly he got a training from a good WordPress Training Institute in Kolkata, so that he can build your website to target your audience.

 Your WordPress Website Can Bring More Traffic

The objective of taking training designing website or developing website was bit different before, now the objective has been changed dramatically. Now when you are building a website, your client will ask you to build it in a way that can be user-friendly and search engine friendly at the same time. So that they can get more visitors and those visitors can turn into potential customers at the same time. This is not an easy job if you do not take any hands-on training from a professional and experienced WordPress Training Institute in Kolkata.

Best WordPress Development Training in Kolkata

In the highly competitive online business world, it is not only companies but also individuals who use tailor-made solutions do survive in this web. There is no such half measure or there is no short cut can be applicable if you do not have any hands on training. If you are a hardcore designer or a developer then you have already aware of the fact. So only a professional WordPress Training Institute in Kolkata can help you to build a professional website on WordPress platform.

Improve Your Database Application with MySQL Database Programming Skills

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php training

A certification in MySQL and training in this database language helps you learn the pros and cons of this database language that will help you build database and maintenance easily. If you want to become a database developer then you need to learn MySQL from a good professional PHP  training institute in Kolkata, though if you are from Kolkata, but these days Kolkata is a IT hub and many institutes are there in the city offers first track IT courses at affordable cost. If you have just completed your graduation and looking forward to build a successful career in IT, or want to see yourself as a PHP or MySQL developer then this can be your perfect destination.

Choose Your Career in IT Choose PHP and MySQL

The growing demand of PHP and MySQL training institute in Kolkata has proved that the need of PHP and MySQL courses and how people like fresher and experienced are running after these two languages, one is server side language and other is database language. There are millions of website today building with the help of CMS and most of the CMS are hosted and building with the help of PHP and MySQL. Therefore it is highly important for companies to recruit people who are expert in this two languages. These two languages have been the corner stone of your IT career including other languages.

Things You Learn in a Professional Institute

There are many important things that you should learn from a professional PHP training institute in Kolkata. As you know it is a Microsoft’s remarkable program which will help you grow your company’s value, so if you are a MySQL programmer or PHP developer your first and foremost responsibility would be a developer and a improver of your company’s value. So a professional institute only can help you fulfill your dream. They train you or teach you so many things like –

  • Using the correct syntax
  • Using the SQL classes
  • Sorting the codes as per the need
  • Grouping, deleted and update the requested information
  • Using command prompt
  • Analyzing and implementing codes for real life application.

A professional institute will help you in diverse ways, such as helping you know the pros and cons of the application in real life issues and finding out the issues to cope up the situation better for your company.

How To Choose a Best Institute in your City?

Choosing an institute in your city can be an easy task, but finding the best one can be a daunting task sometimes, because you do not know which institutes can give you the best course in a limited time frame and how this course will help you to cope or grasp the real life problem of PHP and MySQL, though, these two languages are not same, but if you learn two that would be good for you. So, better you choose an institute that offers PHP and MySQL at the same time in a single course.

Choosing the Reliable PHP and MySQL Training in Kolkata For a Prospective Career

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php training

PHP and MySQL training would make you a well-known path of successful career. If you love to play with database and codes, the can be your lucrative career. These two languages have several database specifications that help you develop almost all easy affordable CMS and help you connect with database server. In the time of training of MySQL and PHP in Kolkata, you will come to know more about it and certainly, one of the most useful coding language by which you can develop most of the CMS these days. In the time of connecting the server with the help of MySQL and PHP, you will help you develop all things you do.

Best and Affordable PHP Training in Kolkata

During the PHP training in a professional PHP Training Institute in Kolkata, you would learn the pros and cons of programming and how to develop WordPress and other similar CMS with the help of the language. If you are already familiar with the best installation of PHP then you require having a apt with the web server system. In this training, you will come to know all such things of PHP and MySQL that you only can get from a professional institute. You can get many installer CD tutorial and by which you can learn, but a professional institute can help you to find the real life issues of the projects and give you hands-one training. A professional institute can help you to learn the pros and cons of developing language.

PHP Source and Encrypting Language

Day by day, the development language like PHP and server side language that is MySQL is gaining popularity. If you want to pursue your career as a PHP or MySQL developer then a professional PHP training institute in Kolkata can be your destination. They can help you get trained with all new technologies that are required to become a successful PHP and MySQL developer. Most of the PHP training institute in Kolkata offer same time same type of courses but when you are choosing an institute in the city try to choose a professional one that can give you best of the best training that is second to none.

Choose the Professional Institute in Kolkata

These two languages have several database specifications that help you develop almost all easy affordable CMS and help you connect with database server. PHP training in a professional PHP Training Institute in Kolkata, you would learn the pros and cons of programming and how to develop WordPress and other similar CMS with the help of the language. Many PHP training institute in Kolkata offer same time same type of courses but when you are choosing an institute, try to choose the best one, that provides quality courseware and training you with hands-on tools and materials that you can apply in your real life situation. A professional PHP and MySQL training institute can give you all new exposure that helps you become a successful developer.


PHP/MySQL Help You to Become a Database Developer

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php mysql training

Do you want to develop web applications using a static data or a dynamic store where data can be easily updated? Are you a developer who wants to learn database software application? Do you need to store as well as manipulate the frequent but cumbersome task? If your answer is ‘yes’ and you agree the above things then you must be at the right way. You are here to know the best PHP/MySQL training in Kolkata that help you to become a database developer or CMS developer. Moreover this article will also help you to know the world of relational database and allow you to know the databases to maximize your data’s potential.


As you know PHP or MySQL is one of the most trusted and highly demanding data base developing platforms at present time that hardly a few platforms provide. So if you want to see yourself a successful database developer, CMS developer, PHP developer or complete web developer then learning PHP/MySQL would be your great advantages no doubt. With this highly competitive and constant expansion of website and web based platforms and its applications as well as user driven websites, it is becoming one of the most essential and the necessity to have the way to store the data in an organized fashion, which can be easily retrieved as well as manipulated on the fly of your platform.

Thing to Know When you Learn PHP/MySQL

When you decided to learn PHP/MySQL database application or software, you must know which PHP/MySQL training in Kolkata can be your choice, that can give you hundred per cent job oriented training with excellent course structure, so that after completing the course you can easily get a good job, and start your journey as a web developer. Beside the web developer platform you can start earning freelance data base developer with a handsome earning. Let us see what you should ask when you decided to learn PHP or MySQL in Kolkata.

  • Ask whether they are providing you online and offline course at the same time.
  • You can ask them whether the course is job oriented and with the course if there is any placement assistance.
  • You should know how many years of experience the institute have in this developing field.
  • Ask if they provide printed or online materials to support the course during the session.
  • If there is any doubt clearing session available including the industry training.
  • Whether one to one machine provided during the course.

In order to attain success as a database developer, a CMS developer or a web developer you must learn PHP and MySQL at the same time, without knowing both the languages you will not be able to cope up the industry standard server side language. You must learn from a renowned and reliable PHP/MySQL training institute in Kolkata, which has all the above things possible.

As you know a database is nothing but a form which collects of the data that should be organized with the fashion if it is utilizing a filling cabinet or a computerized database.